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Promoter believes Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua can still happen on December 3

Tyson Fury with Frank Warren, Andy Lee and SugarHill Steward. Photo credit: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

The co-promoter of Tyson Fury 32-0-1 (23) is still hopeful of getting the deal signed for the WBC heavyweight champion to face former unified titleholder Anthony Joshua 24-3 (22).

On Monday Fury issued a 5pm deadline for Joshua to sign the contract for the fight that would see a 60/40 purse split in favour of the champion.

“Today is D-Day people. Fucking D-Day,” the self-styled ‘Gpysy King’ said on social media. “Are you going to sign the contract, you big pussy? Or are you not going to sign it? When [Deontay] Wilder sent me the contract for Wilder one, I signed it within 24 hours because I wanted to smash his face in.

“You’ve had the contract for 10 days now, bitch, and still ain’t signed it. If it’s not done by 5PM today, GK is moving on!”

Fury followed up with another video on Instagram.

“Well guys, it’s official – D-Day has come and gone,” he said. “It’s gone past 5 o’clock Monday. No contract has been signed. It’s officially over for Joshua. He is now out in the cold, with the wolfpack. Forget about it. Idiot! Coward! Always knew he didn’t have the minerals to fight ‘The Gypsy King’. Good luck with your career and your life. End of. Peace out.”

Frank Warren, who co-promotes Fury alongside Bob Arum, still believes the fight can get made.

“We’re trying to get it done by today. We’re working very hard to get it over the line. If everyone agreed everything, it would be a huge undertaking, but we could do it that way,” Warren told talkSPORT.

“Tyson has told me what he wants. They’ve had the contract for 10 days and he’s lost patience with it. We’re trying to make it work and we had a good meeting today so we’ll see what happens.

“We’re waiting for [the contract] to come back, it’s not come back, the contract, and we’re waiting for it to come back. We’ve agreed certain things, we’re waiting for it to come back and we’ve been waiting for ten days, so I’ve got no idea. There’s nothing as far as we’re concerned. We thought we’d got it over the line, more or less.

“They’ve got the contract, they’ve got to come back to us now. There’s been a lot of conversations, but they’ve not come back. My son, George, spoke to the other side and said they’d get it back, so we’re waiting for it still.

“We’re not that far away from December 3. We’ve got to get it up on sale. The venue’s booked but there’s a lot of organisation involved.”

If the fight can’t be made, it looks likely Fury will face Mahmoud Charr 33-4 (19) instead.

“Anthony Puss-ua. You have the chance to fight the best, WBC heavyweight Tyson Fury. Sign the paper,” Charr said on Instagram. “If not, go out and let real men fight. Tyson Fury, come on. Let’s go.”

“Looking forward to fighting a man who wants to fight and has fire and desire,” Fury said on social media. “Fought some of the best fighters and now stepping up again! Get in there Charr.”