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Boxing Game Preview: ‘Undisputed’

While there appears to still be no news regarding a release date, developer Steel City’s ‘Undisputed’ boxing game is still looking to be full of promise for fight fans. Platforms will include Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PS4, PS5 and PC. It has been many years since we got a great boxing game after Fight Night Champion was released in 2011. Many have wondered why there has not been a boxing game since, but now it seems that the sport is ready to return with a bang for gamers.

A huge roster of approximately 100 fighters from past and present including Saul Alvarez, Muhammad Ali and “Sugar” Ray Robinson will feature as well as a single player campaign. Steel City set the game for a release last year but Undisputed is still in need of some polishing from a team that amazingly only consists of under 30 people! So, one should be able to understand why some patience is needed before it eventually drops. After being announced for development in 2020, it would not surprise me if the covid pandemic had something to do with a delayed release.

Conor Benn is looking mean in this screen cap of the upcoming game, Undisputed.

Judging by what we have seen from video footage so far on Youtube, Undisputed has somewhat captured the fighting styles of each boxer. They are not perfect, though. Nigel Benn does not appear to be boxing with the type of intensity that he actually did, for example. What we should keep in mind, however, is that I am sure that some influence of how Benn looks must surely also come down to whoever was at the controls. Whatever it is, it is no wonder the game is not out yet and I am fine with a delayed release if it means that the boxers in this game will fight like they actually did and do. As for how the boxers look, themselves, graphically it looks pretty good. It is easy to tell who is who and the animation looks smooth. Cuts and wounds look realistic and detailed and you can even see beads of sweat on the boxer’s faces as they pace up and down while the MC announces the upcoming action.

Apart from the combatants, players will get the opportunity to compete for all three of the major title organisations including the WBC, WBA and the WBO crowns. There will be a variety of camera angles in which you can view the fights. You will be able to play and watch from afar or up close and personal. Promoters like Lou DiBella will also feature in Undisputed so you will likely have to consider the financial side of things as you guide your own boxer to world glory. Like in past games, boxers will also come with their own strengths and weaknesses. When you get the opportunity to create your own pugilist, you will be able to adjust their age, fighting stance, height, weight and much more. Maybe this feature isn’t so original but it’s quite necessary in order for you to succeed. The thoroughness goes above and beyond! Even their ear type and size can be adjusted! Too much? Probably. But it’s nice to have it on offer, anyway.

I have been hoping for an ultra realistic boxing game for many years, and this time we may finally get that. I am not expecting a perfect product. Games always come with bugs that usually have to require patches to fix once they are out and available in stores. As long as it  is fun, exciting and contains a decent sense of realism then I don’t know about you, but I’ll be pretty satisfied.