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Tyson Fury says Oleksandr Usyk will be easier work than Derek Chisora, unified champion laughs off comments

Tyson Fury. Photo credit: Getty Images

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury 33-0-1 (24) insists a fight against WBA, WBO and IBF counterpart Oleksandr Usyk 20-0 (13) will be easier than facing his last opponent Derek Chisora 33-3 (23), who he stopped in 10 rounds earlier this month.

Fury and Usyk are deep in negotiations for a fight for all the marbles that will likely take place on March 4.

The 34-year-old Brit and the 35-year-old Ukrainian southpaw have a common opponent in veteran Chisora. While Fury dominated in their trilogy bout, Fury had to settle for a close unanimous decision win in just his second fight at heavyweight two years ago.

“I don’t think [the fight with Usyk] is a tough fight,” Fury told iFL TV. “I don’t think it’s nowhere near as tough as old Del Boy. He will not stand up to those punches that Derek did against me. When I watch the fight between him and Derek, whether people want to admit it or not, it was a 50/50 fight. It might have been 55/45, but it wasn’t a landslide. It wasn’t like he didn’t win a round, like he didn’t against me.

“There’s not a man born that can beat me and I’ll stand and prove it against anybody. I’ve proved it time and time again, I’m right there on my own. I’ve seen people like Usyk many times before, smaller man that come up a weight to fight the heavyweight champion and 99 percent of the time they get roughed up.

“You can never underestimate anybody but from where I am in my life at the moment, I would want to take him out quite quickly. I’d like to get him in there in February, make an example out of him, then give him a rematch at Wembley [Stadum]. If the Middle East can deliver like they’ve said, we’ll do it there and if not we’ll do it in England at Wembley because I can deliver in this country.”

Former undisputed cruiserweight champion Usyk has remained largely silent to Fury’s repeated digs at him.

“Someone says it’s better to not understand what Fury’s saying,” Usyk said in a video posted on his YouTube channel USYK17. “But I understand everything. I just don’t pay any attention.

“Such a thing doesn’t motivate me. Fury’s hurling insults at me, but I know what to do in the ring. If I pay attention to anybody who’s trying to offend me I will feed my anger. Rage doesn’t help when fighting, otherwise it worsens the condition.”

Usyk added: “I’m motivated by an opportunity to fight this giant. Though there are some people who are not so optimistic in their assessment of my chances, it has no matter for me. I’m doing my job, I choose my way as a samurai does. The way consists of many objectives, but the essence is your way you have to make.”