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Liam Smith: “Chris Eubank Jr is trading off his family name, not even second best boxer I’ve faced”

Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith. Photo credit: Getty Images

Liam ‘Beefy’ Smith 32-3-1 (19) has delivered a backhanded compliment to Chris Eubank Jr 32-2 (23), praising him for making “stupid money” while stressing he would not have the profile he has if is was not for his famous surname.

Chris Eubank Sr, who retired in 1998, was a superstar of British boxing in his prime with his multi-fight rivalries with compatriots Nigel Benn and Michael Watson.

The 33-year-old Eubank Jr is not without recognisable names on his ledger. He holds victories over former world champions Arthur Abraham and James DeGale and losses to George Groves and Billy Joe Saunders.

But Smith, 34, who will face Eubank Jr at middleweight at the AO Arena in Manchester, England on January 21, says he has face much better opposition than Eubank Jr in his 15 year pro career. Two of his three losses have come in fight for the WBO junior middleweight title against Jaime Munguia and Mexican superstar Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

“Because of the name, his second name, because of his demeanour and his attitude, he’s made himself a big name in British boxing,” Smith said to Sky Sports.

“It is a high profile fight. Do I think he’s a better fighter than Jaime Munguia? No, so I don’t think he’s the second best fighter I’ve fought either. But time will tell.

“He’s somehow developed himself a big name in British boxing. The name he is, the money he’s made in boxing is crazy because I think he’s won a British title.

“He’s never won a world title and he’s made stupid money out of boxing and he’s a big name. So they’ve obviously done something right. But I think the name’s helped that massively.”

Smith says that while Eubank Jr is “not his cup of tea”, he has done well to make the money he has in the most unforgiving of sports.

“Nothing he ever does bothers me. He doesn’t bother me. There’s been better fighters, more dedicated pros so to speak, who have had very, very good careers, tough fights all the way through their careers, who haven’t made an eighth of the money Chris had made,” Smith continued.

“That’s the sport and that’s like the business side to it. He’s played the game perfectly. He’s not my cup of tea but if I didn’t think that of him I’d be thinking you know what, good on you mate. You’ve played the game perfectly. But in the bigger picture, some of the pros who have had top careers over the years who haven’t earned half the money, that’s what I was saying with that.

“There’s been world champions, who have walked out of boxing without a penny and not because they blew the money but because maybe it weren’t there then and they weren’t a big name but they were still world champions.”