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4 Of The Most Prominent Individuals in Boxing Today

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez. Photo credit: Getty Images

“Boxing is just a sport,” you say? Well, yes in a way. But let us not forget that a lot goes on behind the scenes involving a lot of powerful business figures who are intent to make as much money from the sport as they can. And when it comes to making money, it is important to have a lot of sway and control. So, I got to thinking about who are the most prominent figures in boxing today. Some of my selections may surprise you and there may be some that won’t.

Nevertheless, let me know below if you agree or disagree. And don’t be shy to add your own!

Al Haymon

His name is often mentioned, but he is frequently thought of as a shadow in the background when it comes to boxing. Al Haymon first rose to prominence approximately around 2005 although he first was associated with boxing after promoting the now late and former WBC and WBA champion, Vernon Forrest in 2000. He is the founder of Premier Boxing Champions, although that hasn’t been as successful as he would have liked and has received a lot of criticisms from fans and experts, alike. It seems that business ran, and perhaps maybe even still does, run in Haymon’s family since his mother was an accountant and held a lot of influence over her son in terms of what type of career he wanted to aim for. Intensely private, Haymon is a man of mystery which perhaps adds to his overall appeal to the ones that are in favour of him.

Eddie Hearn

The British promoter took over from his famous father, Barry Hearn, to take their company, Matchroom, and turn it into one of the sport’s world leading promoting organisations today. It contains a good mix of British and World talent including Saul Alvarez, Dmitry Bivol, Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith. Not everybody agrees with the way Eddie goes about his business, and the public have even showed their blatant envy after the circumstances in which Hearn was bought up and raised. But hey, that’s not his fault, right? Hearn rolls with the times and knows how to embrace current technology in order to take full advantage of it to make as much money as possible. Say what you want about him, but Eddie Hearn knows how to do business!

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Yes, I know he is no longer officially campaigning as a professional boxer. But Floyd Mayweather Jr still has a lot of influence in boxing, not just as a promoter for his company, Mayweather Promotions. But the way he used to do business when he used to wear the gloves. He has paved the way for other fighters of this generation to follow in his foot steps and take charge of their own careers in order to maximise financial gain. This writer’s opinion of that isn’t totally positive of all of that considering some of the controversial choices Mayweather made in terms of selecting opposition when he was fighting. And then there was making the unbeaten record seem more important than it really is. But I give credit where it is due and Floyd pulled off more than a few master strokes in his time.

Bob Arum

Now 91 at the time of this writing, Bob Arum has promoted in boxing for over six decades now. Known for his famous rivalry with Don King throughout the 1980’s, Arum is still going strong today and has a wealth of famous boxers in his stable including world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, Artur Beterbiev and Devin Haney. He also recently had welterweight star, Terence Crawford under his wing until his contract expired in 2021. Still, Arum continues to have a lot of success and is still recognised as one of boxing’s most powerful promoters.