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Croatian comeback for Arijan Goricki

Archie’ (13-2, 6 KOs) is coming off a loss against Luis Millan from Venezuela at Bilankusa Arena, Solin, Croatia in December 2022. A fight in which he fractured his jaw, which is why the trainer did not let him go in the 6th round.

Arijan Goricki, 25, is ready to fight at the fair – Pavilion 18, Zagreb, Croatia.

Caril Herrera (42-6, 25 KOs) is an experienced boxer, as a professional, he has 48 fights, 42 of which he won. He is extremely strong, as shown by his record of 42 victories, 25 of which did not reach the final bell. Like all boxers from South America, Herrera has the heart and will to win. Herrera is an experienced boxer and an Uruguayan boxing legend.

“This is not the fight I wanted. I wanted to correct my mistakes and make a rematch with Luis Millan right away, unfortunately, they are waiting for a better offer and I can’t wait for them to decide. I want that fight as soon as possible and correct the result.” said Goricki. “We got an experienced and dangerous opponent. From the beginning of my career, I’m not someone who wants easy fights, I want to test myself, that’s the essence of the sport. When I couldn’t box right away with Millan, Herrera was available and accepted the fight.”

“I can’t wait to return to the ring and show the new version of myself, Goricki 2.0,” said Goricki. “I am glad to announce that we have brought 2 experts to the team, Goran Tepsic and physiotherapist Toma Orsanic, I believe that with the current team the sky’s the limit and that my time will only come now. Before I was always overtrained and exhausted from the organization of the fight, with the new team, that won’t happen anymore, and I can just dedicate myself to boxing and not worry about the organization of the fight like I had to until now.”

“I would like to thank my team, friends and sponsors who have been with me through rain and shine. With the current team, only the sun will shine,” wrote Goricki on his Instagram profile.