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Tyson Fury reportedly baulks at 60/40 purse split to face Oleksandr Usyk due to caveat

Promoter Alexander Krassyuk and Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk is prepared to concede a 60/40 purse split with Tyson Fury – but only on the condition that the winner takes the lion’s share of the pot.

Negotiations for a four-belt heavyweight unification bout between the two champions have dragged on since last year, with Team Usyk demanding a 50/50 split and Team Fury insisting they deserve the bigger slice of the pie as the bigger box office draw.

With the clock ticking on a proposed April 29 bout, the promoter of WBA, WBO and IBF boss Usyk 20-0 (13), Alexander Krassyuk, has presented a proposal designed to break the impasse.

“We initially agreed for 50/50,” Krassyuk said to talkSPORT. “But then Tyson was asking for some bigger money.

“So, [we] made it clear that we are ready to go 60/40, but the winner takes 60. That was our latest offer.”

Krassyuk added that WBC kingpin Fury 33-0-1 (24) was looking for a flat fee for the fight rather than a revenue split, confirming comments made by Fury’s co-promoter Frank Warren yesterday.

“Frank Warren said he’s got a pot and he needs to get the agreement of both parties to participate and if the money in the pot is not enough it won’t happen,” Krassyuk said. “I completely agree with it. On our side, we have nothing more to add.

“We are not asking for a figure, we are asking for a split and probably the split doesn’t work well if someone is asking for a figure, and I can definitely say that it’s not our party. We want this fight as much as possible. We have said that we want this fight to happen as much as possible and we are in the position to share whatever the fight generates. If it generates a lot, then we are happy to share it. If it doesn’t, it is what it is.

“But it’s all about the glory, it’s all about the legacy, it’s all about the huge thing, the fight has never happened before so we are really thirsty to make it happen. But boxing is a sport of two men and if only Usyk gets into the ring, there won’t be a match for undisputed. It will be shadowboxing of the unified champion.

“What can I say? We are open, we are ready to go. Maybe someone wants to avoid the danger and to stay in a comfortable position. I don’t know, and I really don’t care. If Tyson doesn’t show up, okay, we still have the belts and we go our way.”

If Usyk and Fury cannot come to terms it will be just another on a long list of high profile matchups that have failed to materialise recently.

“Normally when a fighter does not want to take a fight, he asks for something impossible, so it doesn’t take place,” Krassyuk said. “On the other side, I’m really optimistic.

“Maybe Tyson is not ready yet. Maybe he is not ready mentally, maybe he’s not ready physically, whatever, I don’t know, and we don’t really care. We want to make it happen. If he doesn’t want it, we can’t make him want it. So what can I say? The fight should happen someday.”