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Henry Garcia: “I think Tank Davis is scared”

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia

The father of Ryan Garcia 23-0 (19) says his son is more experienced than Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis 28-0 (26) ahead of the 136-pound catchweight bout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night.

“Do you know how many amateur fights Tank had?” Henry Garcia said to iFL TV.  “I honestly have to disagree because I honestly don’t think anyone that he has fought was better than Luke Campbell. People might say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’, but I’m serious.

“Luke Campbell was a tough fighter and I’ll keep saying that. He was no joke. He wasn’t easy. He was a gold medallist [at the 2012 Olympics]. Tank fought some guys that were champions, but they weren’t gold medalists.

“Gold medalists mean you fought everybody in the entire world. Ryan fought 15 Nationals and he fought guys from all over the world too. So as far as experience, the only thing I can give [Davis] is life experience because he’s older, but don’t say he’s more experienced. No way. There’s no way.

“You call him fighting [Jose] Pedraza, [Francisco] Fonseca, [Yuriorkis] Gamboa – who was injured – as fight experience? Come on, man. They’re either on their way out or coming up in weight. To me, that doesn’t count. This fight counts.

“Come April 22nd, you’re going to see a true lightweight for him to fight… and I think he’s scared.”

The 24-year-old Garcia sees victory over Davis as his destiny.

“This moment is one that we’ve been preparing for for a long time and we’re ready to conquer it,” Garcia said.

“Gervonta, I’ll just say something, he’s a great fighter. I wanna make that very clear. He’s a great fighter. But he cannot stop what’s gonna happen Saturday.

“He’s not gonna stop me. He may be a great fighter, but I’m just gonna have something he cannot defeat.

“Nobody in this room could stop what’s gonna happen April 22nd. Gervonta will be done, but I want him to learn a good lesson after this victory.”

The mentor of southpaw Davis, 28, dismissed talk that Garcia is the more experienced fighter.

“Ryan hasn’t won a title yet,” Floyd Mayweather said to FightHype. “We don’t talk no interim belt – that don’t count. And we’re not taking nothing away from the guy, [Javier] Fortuna], but he was just an opponent.

“I’m gonna have Tank in the best shape of his life. And just know when he hit that boy, he ain’t gonna wake up until next year.”

“I have the full package,” Davis said. “I don’t think he has the full package with his overall ability. He doesn’t bring any concern for me to need to change up my game plan.

“I don’t want to sound cocky. I wouldn’t know until I get in the ring with him – his movement, his hand speed. I’ll feel him out overall, break him down by his mistakes and then we’ll get him out of there.”