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Former Kickboxer Jay Jay Tonks is planning to start as he means to go on

Jay Jay Tonks

Jay Jay Tonks is planning to start as he means to go on after making a transition from kickboxing to the sweet science.
It’s debut time for him when BCB Promotions are once again at the Hangar Events Venue, in Wolverhampton, for another Friday fight night, on April 28.

His pro boxing journey begins after significant success as a kickboxer and in K-1, with seven years of having coach Gavin Burrows leading him into battle.

Burrows has since become a pro boxing coach and is taking Tonks into the sport with him, where he will again feature in the light heavyweight division.

The two have long been preparing for a different discipline, at the Trojan Martial Arts and Boxing Academy in Brownhills.
The 29-year-old, from Beechdale in Walsall, is confident of making a seamless transition and is thinking big about his chances of glory.

He said: “I fancied a change and Gavin (Burrows, coach) has been on at me for about three years to give boxing a go. I haven’t kicked in 18 months now, getting ready for this.

“I’ve achieved everything in kickboxing, since I joined up with Gavin. I won (WKF) English, British, Five Nations, European and world titles, so I’ve been really successful.

“I had 23 pro bouts, in kickboxing, and won all of them. In K-1, I had four fights and won all four of them. I haven’t lost since I was an amateur and that was about 10 years ago!

“I only had six, as an amateur, and won four. The other loss was in my third one. I turned pro in 2014, with my amateur coach (Martin Cope, Eclipse Martial Arts Centre, Walsall).

“I moved over to Gavin in 2016, so we’ve been working together for a long time now. He thinks that I can do well in boxing and I’ve got confidence in my ability.

“It’s different, moving over from kickboxing, such as the positioning of your feet and hands. K1 was all about coming forward, with a high guard, and meeting in the middle of the ring.
“I fought with my hands down, because I couldn’t walk into knees like that, so I’ve changed my style and I’ve enjoyed the process, along with the sparring.

“I’ve got a company (ACG Building Services) that I run with my cousin (Lee Pountain) and we’ve grown so much, to the level we are at now, so I’m able to train more.

“I’ll be coming at light heavyweight, but I also want to try super middle, somewhere down the line. I’m not going to make up the numbers, I want to be in exciting fights.

“I feel like opponents will struggle with my footwork and boxing IQ. It’s coming along quickly. I thrive on pressure, I love the spotlight being on me and a big crowd being there.

“I’m determined to do a demolition job, on my debut, and that means getting a stoppage. If the chance comes along, I won’t hesitate it to take it.”

Tickets for the Hangar bill are available, priced at £40 standard or £75 VIP ringside, directly from the boxers or by visiting myfighttickets.com.