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Bill Haney wants no excuses from Vasiliy Lomachenko when Devin Haney beats him

Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko

The father and trainer of undisputed lightweight champion Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney 29-0 (15) has demanded Vasiliy Lomachenko 17-2 (11) abandon the excuses when his son beats him at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday night.

“He only has two losses and in both of his two losses, he has an excuse,” said Bill Haney. “We want to put an end to his excuses and put a nail in the coffin of Mr Lomachenko and send him on his way.”

There is no love lost between Devin Haney and Lomachenko either.

“Loma has never been an underdog. This is the first time that Loma is an underdog. This time he’s not a champion,” said Haney.

“He’s fighting a bigger guy, younger guy, stronger guy, faster guy. All odds are stacked against him, and on May 20th, I will show the world why.

“It’s cool having a nice relationship. You hug, you shake hands and you say thank-you and then he goes in there and beats you up. No, I’m different. We don’t got to be friends. We’re not friends.

“I don’t care to have a relationship with Loma. I don’t care to be his friend. I want to beat him bad. I’m mad at Lomachenko. We’re not friends. He made me wait all this time for these belts. We’re not cool. It’s personal.

“On May 20th, we put it all to rest.”

Lomachenko elaborated on his approach to training and what his own father taught him.

“What my father taught me and explained to me is that boxers needs to be like athletes. Not only does he need to know boxing and he needs to use a lot of other sports,” said Lomachenko.

“If you train in a lot of other sports, you grow up like an athlete and it helps you be the best in this game in boxing. It’s all sport where you need to be able to think very fast, like in boxing. But in boxing, it’s faster.

“You need to be prepared for this. You need to be ready for this. That’s why we do all these things. If you’re not learning every time during training and in the gym and don’t want to be the best every day, every time, I think you are a fool.”

Haney became the undisputed 135-pound champion when he defeated George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr 20-2 (10) in June last year, adding the WBA, WBO and IBF titles to his WBC belt. He has defended the titles once in an immediate rematch with Kambosos.

“This wasn’t an overnight thing. The world sees it as a quick success and it happened so fast, but my grandma sees the work that I put in,” said Haney.

Lomachenko’s manager Egis Klimas doesn’t see age as being a factor in the fight.

“Thirty-four, absolutely nothing wrong with the person if you live the right life and you do what you’re supposed to do that age doesn’t really matter,” said Klimas. “I would probably put more danger on a 24-year guy than a 34. A 24 guy isn’t mature enough.

“Loma made three fighters quit on their stool because of his style and they couldn’t see. They couldn’t find him in the ring. Loma is going to wear him down.”

Lomachenko added: “For me, he’s a very talented boxer, a smart boxer with a high boxing IQ and speed. Yeah, it’s dangerous, but it’s our job. We prepare for this. We train for this.

“Nobody brings in the ring something new. We all know about each other.

“It’s about strategy and about how fast you can adapt to your opponent. For this fight, I just do because it’s my job because it was my work.

“But now, you have a big, big motivation. Now, you’re close to your goal and you’re close to your dream. Now I enjoy it because it’s very close to what I want in the boxing.”