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Adrien Broner: The real problem is they let Adrien Broner and Don King get together

On Friday night, Four Division World Champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner returns to the ring in Casino Miami in Miami, Florida.

Challenging Broner is William “Hutch” Hutchinson, who has not lost in seven years. Hutchinson is also a practising attorney and has offices in his native Pittsburgh and Naples, FL.

“Dealing with lawyers is Broner’s forte,” said Don King.

Featured on the stacked the card is a light heavyweight title fight between World Boxing Association NABA Light Heavyweight Champion Ahmed ElBiali and Rodolfo Gomez. The World Boxing Council NABF title will also be up for the taking in this bout.

Two-Division World Champion and Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux is also fighting.

“Return to Glory” will take place at the legendary Casino Miami and is brought you exclusively by Don King Productions, Inc.

Tickets for Broner-Hutchinson are available at www.playcasinomiami.com

The entire card will be available Live on Pay Per View on FITE.tv, DonKing.com and itube247.com. The pay per view cost is $24.99 and will begin at 6:50 pm ET / 3:50 pm PT

Quotes from yesterday’s press conference and interviews:

BRONER: The real problem is they let Adrien Broner and Don King get together – that’s the real problem. I can tell you right now, I am not looking past this man, but I can tell you this – Adrien Broner will become world champion again. And it will be under Don King.

There is bigger things to come, but the first is to take care of Billy.

Usually when people see Adrien Broner, there is usually something messed up coming behind him. So after I mess (looking at Hutchinson) you up I’m going to hire you because I can always use a good lawyer. Now that I know you’re a fighter, I know you will fight for me, in the courtroom.

HUTCHINSON: As previously stated, I am a licensed attorney. However, first and foremost, I am a fighter, and Adrien Broner is going to see that Friday night, and he’s going to have his hands full. So I appreciate the offer for some work after the fight, and we can talk about that after, but make no mistake, I am going to do everything in the ring to take his head clean off his shoulders.


I am more confident than ever. We put in the preparation. We know what we need to do and we are going to execute on Friday. We want to make sure he remains uncomfortable at all times.

I am going to impose my will on Adrien Broner. I know I will have to deal with his power. He is a four-time world champion and a hall of fame caliber fighter for a reason, and I’m going to have to deal at that level.

I’ve trained and sparred with world champions so I won’t shy away from having to grind it out. I won’t be a deer in headlights. I’ve sparred with Devin Haney and given him everything he can handle. Six-rounds each in back to back days.

I have knockout power with both hands.

It is disrespectful that they are looking for a way to promote me outside of my fighting abilities, so my job on Friday is to make them respect my fighting ability. The reality is that I can fight.

They made a big mistake by allowing me this opportunity. I have scratched and clawed for everything I have achieved in my life.

When I was thirteen / fourteen years old I was having difficulty finding sparring partners. My trainer would go to the clubs and find grown men and ask if they would spar – “hey does anyone want to come and spar with this little white boy” – that how I got my sparring for years. I was sparring grown men. I’ve been fighting for a really long time.

As soon as I saw the photo of Adrien and Don at the table with all the money, I texted my manager and said “Get me that fight” and we got the word to the right people that I am ready and willing to take this fight. Then it happened.

Why did I want this fight? Because I know I could win. Styles make fights and I have the style to beat him. I expect to see a counter-puncher throwing three shots or more at a time. But there are also times when he gets complacent. We’ve studied him. We’ve studied the best Adrien Broner and I am expecting the best Adrien Broner.

Before Covid things seemed to be moving fast for my career. I was working with Mike Acri with some overseas opportunities, then Mike passed, and that was way too soon for him, then Covid, so that momentum that I had got slowed down.


I have been doing this for a long time and at this point in my career I realized I just sit back and focus on everything ahead of me. Fights were dropping and all that did was give me more time to stay in the gym, stay out of trouble and just keep working. That’s what I did and now we are here.

(Regarding this coming Saturday’s Taylor vs Lopez fight) I’m not worried about Taylor or Lopez, even though I love Lopez. I’m not worried about what they got going on.

Right now I am interested in Billy. I’m not going to talk about blanks.

Me and Don? I think everyone can see it but until I kick somebody’s ass, then it will kick in. The sky is the limit with guys like me and Don King. AB and DK – this over with.

Training camp has been crazy. There has been some crazy days. With a coach like my uncle, I call him my uncle, Kevin Cunningham is very militant. No BS – he’s yelling or cussing me out every day. He’s a perfectionist.

I wouldn’t say this is a new beginning, I would say I am just going to reclaim something I already had. If I hit it once I know I can hit it again.

I feel great. Every day I look in the mirror, I have goals and that’s what I am focuses on. Only a fighter can know. It’s a lonely sport. It’s a sport where you have to look in the mirror every day and say f’it. You gotta say f everybody and go out there and do what you gotta do, so secure you. Because if you can’t make sure you are straight, with no shortcuts, and I think that’s why I’m doing good this time around.