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Adrien Broner wins comeback – What next?

Photo Credit David Martin / DKP

Four Division World Champion Adrien Broner returned to the ring Friday, June 9 at Casino Miami in Miami, Florida. Challenging him was William “Hutch” Hutchinson, who had not lost in seven years, and fought valiantly. Broner overwhelmed Hutchinson from start to finish.

The event was promoted by Hall of Fame Promoter Don “Only in America” King.

After the fight, Broner discussed the win with Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini.

Broner: It was everything I wanted but it wasn’t everything I needed. This was my first time on Don King pay per view, so anyone CAN get it – AfriCAN, AmeriCAN, DominiCAN – no disrespect to no live form out there, but an attorney just got it. Anybody can get it.

What’s next?

BRONER: Anybody with a title – I see, what’s his name? Romello? Rolly? I like the winner of Teofimo and Josh Taylor, and whoever has a belt. I want all the belts. I don’t want just a Loui belt or a Gucci belt, I want the WBA belt, the WBC belt the WBO belt and the IBF belt too.

DON KING: Well, you know right now there is this fellow by the name of Oscar De La Hoya. He sent out a waiver and he wants to meet us so we are going to talk about it.

BRONER: Come on over here and we are going to kick whoever’s ass you want to put in the ring.

KING: We are not fooling around; we are going to take care of business. And we got the WBC here who is going to get us a title fight. We are going to win that title, then defend that title, then unify the world, because he can do it. He was a four-time world champion before and now the best is yet to come. It’s Return to Glory.

BRONER: That’s right, I want the WBC – I love the WBC. It’s green baby and that stands for the World Broner’s Championship.

“Return to Glory” took place at the legendary Casino Miami and is brought you exclusively by Don King Productions, Inc.