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Eric Armit’s The Past Week in Action 13 June 2023 – USA, UK, Canada & more

Jaime Munguia and Sergiy Derevyanchenko. Photo credit: DAZN


-Teo Lopez take a unanimous decision over Josh Taylor to win the WBO super light title and there are wins for Xander Zayas, Henry Lebron, Omar Rosario, Bruce Carrington and Damian Knyba

-Jamie Munguia outpoints Sergey Derevyanchenko in a super middleweight war

-Sunny Edwards outpoints Chilean Andres in IBF flyweight title defence

-Nina Hughes retains the WBA bantam title and Ellie Scotney wins the IBF super bantam title on Edwards vs. Campos undercard

-Adrien Broner returns to the ring with a points win over Bill Hutchinson at welterweight and Guillermo Rigondeaux and Ahmed Elbiali score wins on the same card

-Carlos Canizales wins a technical decision over Daniel Matellon in WBA light fly final eliminator

-Ali Izmailov outpoints Charles Foster in clash of unbeaten light heavyweights

-Mayerlin Rivas remains WBA super bantam champion with a technical draw against Nazarena Romero

-Franck Petietjean wins the vacant European super light title with a majority decision over Samuel Molina

-Connor Butler retains the Commonwealth flyweight title and wins the vacant European title and Marcel Braithwaite wins the vacant Commonwealth super flyweight title

World Title/Major Shows


New York, NY, USA: Super Light: Teo Lopez (19-1) W PTS 12 Josh Taylor (19-1). Super Feather: Henry Lebron (18-0) W PTS 10 Carlos Ramos (17-3). Super Feather: Robson Conceicao (17-2,1ND) ND 2 Nicolas Polanco (20-5-1). Super Light: Omar Rosario (11-0) W PTS 8 Juan Rivera (8-2,1ND). Super Welter: Xander Zayas (16-0) W PTS 8 Ronal Cruz (18-3-1). Feather: Bruce Carrington (8-0) W TKO 8 Luis Porozo (16-7). Heavy: Damian Knyba (12-0) W PTS 8 Helaman Olguin (9-6-1).

Lopez vs. Taylor

Lopez dominates Taylor over the second half of the fight to win a unanimous decision and take Taylor’s WBO title

Round 1

Taylor connected with a good left hook and then moved in and landed a couple of hooks. Lopez replied with a right and Taylor scored with some left hooks

Score: 10-9 Taylor

Round 2

Taylor stabbed home some right jabs but Lopez left fly with some good rights. Both were short with their punches. Lopez landed a left hook but Taylor found then target a couple of times at the end of a close round.

Score: 10-9 Taylor                              Taylor 20-18

Round 3

Taylor almost bundled Lopez through the ropes at the start of the round. Lopez went down but it was a slip. Taylor landed a fast straight left and Lopez a hard right cross. Lopez was looking to counter but not throwing and Taylor’s jabbing just gave him the edge.

Score: 10-9 Taylor                              Taylor 30-27

Round 4

Taylor took the fight to Lopez early and landed a couple of jabs. Taylor then went down but that was judged a push. Lopez landed good right and followed that up with a couple more. A right hook sent Taylor reeling into the ropes and Lopez followed him and landed again.

Score: 10-9 Lopez                               Taylor 39-37

Round 5

Lopez was getting his punches off first and connected with a pair of rights. Taylor was having problems finding then target as Lopez used some clever upper body movement and Taylor switched to orthodox then back to southpaw and landed a strong left hook. Constant movement had Taylor hesitant to throw his jab and Lopez was darting in and landing rights.

Score: 10-9 Lopez                               Taylor 48-47

Round 6

The constant movement and bobbing and weaving of Lopez was taking away Taylor’s confidence in his jab. Lopez was upping his pace and catching Taylor with rights. Taylor was now on the back foot with Lopez doing the scoring.

Score: 10-9 Lopez                               TIED 57-57

Round 7

Taylor made a better start to this round being more positive but again it was Lopez who was finding the target and he drove Taylor back with rights tom the head. Taylor scored with a couple of left hooks but Lopez moved inside and rattled Taylor with right hooks that had Taylor stumbling back. Lopez had a small cut over his left eye.

Score:  10-9 Lopez                              Lopez 67-66

Round 8

Lopez landed some rights at the start of this round and Taylor backed off with Lopez tracking him along the ropes and Lopez was confident enough to do some showboating. Taylor’s jab had disappeared and Lopez was in total control. Lopez had a swelling under his right eye.

Score: 10-9 Lopez                       Lopez 77-75

Round 9

Taylor tried to get his jab working but Lopez was dancing away and then choosing his moment to fire right counters. Lopez banged home a series of rights and Taylor had no answer. Lopez scored with rights sending Taylor reeling back to the ropes and ended the round with more rights.

Score: 10-9 Lopez                       Lopez 87-84

Round 10

A better round from Taylor. He was coming in behind his jab and landing lefts. Lopez was not throwing much and some left hooks from Taylor were enough to make the difference in a low scoring round.

Score: 10-9 Taylor                              Lopez 96-94

Round 11

Lopez was back on track landing right counters early. Taylor was trying to mirror the success he had in the tenth and was livelier but it did not last and soon he was on the retreat with Lopez catching him with a great uppercut and then a left hook and ended the round banging away at Taylor’s body. Lopez had a vertical cut over his right eye.

Score: 10-9 Lopez                       Lopez 106-103

Round 12

Lopez was walking Taylor onto counters and getting through with straight rights. He was stalking Taylor and banged home a left hook with very little coming back from a flat Taylor and rocked Taylor with a right to the head.

Score: 10-9 Lopez                       Lopez 116-112

Official Scores: Judge Steve Gray 115-113 Lopez, Judge Joseph Pasquale 115-113 Lopez, Judge Benoit Roussel 117-111 Lopez

Taylor 5’10 ½” SPW 13b wins id 2nd defence WBO last fight 2/22

Lopez talked about retirement after his win but he may just be talking up his next purse. Taylor admitted Lopez was the better man and said he would be open to a return against Lopez but more likely would move up to welterweight

Lebron vs. Ramos

Lebron scores two late knockdowns on the way to a unanimous decision over Ramos. Lebron did enough to build a lead early but with Ramos still very much in the fight. A low punch gave Ramos some breathing space in the seventh but then Lebron went looking to add to his total of inside the distance wins and dropped Ramos in the eighth. Ramos got through the round but was down again in the tenth. He beat the count and lasted out the remaining time. Lebron took the decision on scores of 98-90 twice and 97-91. Lebron had posted some good wins over Josec Ruiz, Luis Lebron and Andy Vences which earned him promotion to ten round level for this fight. Ecuadorian-born Spaniard Ramos lost on points to James Dickens for the IBF European belt in 2019 and had bounced back with six wins over modest opposition.

Conceicao vs. Polanco

A disappointing end to this fight. Conceicao had a good first round but in the second as they were in close Conceicao jerked his head up caught Polanco on the chin and Polanco went down. The referee helped Polanco up and took him back to his corner. Polanco was given some recovery time and was up and left his corner to continue the round but the bell rang before either could throws a punch. A doctor then examined Polanco and ruled he was unfit to continue.

Rosario vs. Rivera

In an all-Puerto Rican clash Rosario takes a narrow unanimous decision over Rivera. Both were moving up to eight rounds for the first time and both had their moments. Rosario’s aggression gave him an edge but it could have been scored either way. Rosario took the nod by 77-75 on all three cards.

Zayas vs. Cruz

Zayas scores a shut-out over Cruz. Zayas sent Cruz down with a right inside the first minute and shook him again later in the round. Cruz took another round to steady himself and then tried to crowd Zayas behind a high guard. Zayas continued to find then target in each round mixing his shots from head to body scoring heavily with straight rights and never letting Cruz get a toehold in the fight. Cruz had a little success in the fifth but it was fleeting and he had to soak up punishment in the seventh with the referee watching closely but Cruz fought back enough for the official to let the fight continue. Zayas raked Cruz with punches in the eight but could not find the punch to end it. All three judges turned in 80-71 cards as the 20-year-old Zayas continued on his way to the top. Cruz lost against 20-1 Damian Sosa in August which snapped a seventeen bout unbeaten run for Cruz.

Carrington vs. Porozo

Another classy show from Carrington as he breaks down and stops Porozo in the last round. Porozo tried to take the fight to Carrington from the start but was met with accurate jabs and counters. He continued to try to pressurise Carrington but was being punished by hooks and uppercuts when he came inside and Carrington was putting together some sparkling combinations whilst boxing mainly on the backfoot. The punishment he was taking forced Porozo to dial back his aggression and he was now the one on the back foot. A series of punches in the eighth had Porozo rocking and the referee made a good stoppage. Fifth inside the distance win for Carrington who lives close to the Garden and aims to main event there sometime.

Knyba vs. Olguin

Knyba scores a unanimous decision over Olguin. The 6’7” Knyba used his height and reach to keep Olguin on the defensive with Olguin relying on lunging attacks to get under Knyba’s jabs. Olguin was down in the first but the referee ruled it a slip. Knyba had Olguin on the defensive for much of the second using his jab as a range finder and then relying on right crosses. The pattern changed very little. Olguin had occasional success when he was able to get inside but it was an untidy fight as Knyba did not want to fight inside and Olguin was trying to hold and keep Knyba close where he could work to the body. The referee had to work hard to keep the action going and Olguin had to pass a doctor’s inspection at the start of the sixth. Olguin kept coming forward over the closing rounds with Knyba standing and trading a bit more and collecting the rounds. Scores 79-73 from all three judges for Knyba who is not yet ready for sterner tests. Southpaw Olguin, 39, had lasted the full ten rounds against Otto Wallin in January.

Ontario, CA, USA: Super Middle: Jaime Munguia (42-0) W PTS 12 Sergiy Derevyanchenko (14-5). Super Middle: Shane Mosley Jr (20-4) W TKO 7 D’Mitrius Ballard (21-1-1). Super Bantam: Mayell Flores (10-1-1) W PTS 8 Mariana Juarez (55-13-4). Fly: Ricardo Sandoval (22-2) W PTS 10 Rocco Santomauro (22-2).

Munguia vs. Derevyanchenko

Munguia pulls off a last gasp victory as when behind on two cards he floors Derevyanchenko in the twelfth. This fight was a war from the first bell to the last. The four inch shorter Derevyanchenko was piling forward walking through hard punches from Munguia forcing Munguia to the ropes and scoring with overhand rights and left hooks to the body. Munguia tried to establish some control in the second and landed some savage shots but Derevyanchenko jabbed his way inside and again forced Munguia on to the back foot and had Munguia fighting with his back against the ropes as they traded punches. The pace was hectic again in the third with Munguia scoring with power punches in the early action before being forced to the ropes again late in the round. Mungia had a big fourth as he finally managed to force Derevyanchenko back with his jab and ripped home hooks when Derevyanchenko tried to get inside. The fifth was brutal as first Munguia and then Derevyanchenko was on top as they constantly exchanged ferocious head-snapping punches. A contender for Round of the Year. The action slowed in the sixth and seventh as Munguia boxed more and Derevyanchenko dialled back his attacks. A right from Munguia caused Derevyanchenko to buckle at the knees in the eighth but Derevyanchenko banged back and shook Munguia with a right. The pace dropped in the ninth with Munguia controlling the action with his jab and Derevyanchenko a little less lively. Derevyanchenko upped the pace again in the tenth piling forward getting past Munguia’s jab and scoring with punches from both hands. Munguia recovered to outscore Derevyanchenko in the eleventh but at the end of the round Derevyanchenko was in front 105-104 on two cards and Munguia in front 105-104 on the third. The pace seemed to catch up with Derevyanchenko in the twelfth with Munguia doing most of the scoring and the result was effectively settled when a left hook to the body from Munguia had Derevyanchenko dropping to one knee and that punch gave Munguia a 10-8 round and the victory. Scores 114-113 twice and 115-112 for Munguia. Hopefully the 26-year-old Mexican will land a title shot later this year. At 37 time is running out for Derevyanchenko. He lost close decisions in title fights against Daniel Jacobs and Gennady Golovkin, was well beaten in a WBC title fight by Jermall Charlo and lost a majority verdict to Carlos Adames but on his showing in this strong contender for Fight of the Year he will give any rated middleweight a tough night and his 14-5 record is totally misleading.

Mosley vs. Ballard

Mosley stops Ballard in the seventh. Ballard was taking the fight to Mosley from the start. Mosely was on the back foot using plenty of movement and countering Ballard but seemed to lack the power to keep Ballard out. That changed in the fifth when Mosley rocked Ballard with two left hooks to the head. Those punches had Ballard staggering across with ring with Mosley connecting with two rights that sent Ballard sprawling on the canvas. Ballard beat the count and the bell went before Mosley could do any more damage. Ballard had Mosley on the back foot again in the sixth but was walking into some jarring counters. A right upper cut had Ballard hurt in the seventh and when he was pinned against the ropes and not punching back the referee stopped the fight. Mosley wins the vacant WBO NABO belt and has found some form with seven wins in his last eight fights. First fight for Ballard since being stopped in two rounds by Munguia in February 2022.

Flores vs. Juarez

It looks like the end of the line for Juarez as she is outpointed by relative novice Flores. The diminutive, 4’11” Flores was just too busy and set too high a pace for the 43-year-old Mexican legend. Flores just kept pumping out punches shrugging off counters from Juarez who just could not keep Flores out or match her punch output as Flores handed her a savage beating, Scores 79-73 twice and 80-72. Flores lost on points against Yuliahn Luna Avila for the WBC bantam title in April last year. After 72 fights it is time for the multi-title winning “Barbie” to retire.

Sandoval vs. Santomauro

Relentless pressure from Sandoval proves too much for Santomauro. Sandoval was swarming forward from the start firing hooks from both hands. Santomauro showed some strong jabbing and good right hand counters but could not match the work rate of Sandoval who took the decision on scores of 96-94 twice and 98-92 with 96-94 looking too close. Sandoval beat Jay Harris in a flyweight eliminator but lost the chance of a shot at the WBA title when he was decisioned by David Jimenez in July last year. He is No 5 with the WBA and sixth with the WBC and WBO so has some work to do to get to a title fight. Santomauro’s other loss was against Diego De La Hoya in 2016.

London, England: Fly: Sunny Edwards (20-0) W PTS 12 Andres Campos 15-1). Bantam: Nina Hughes (6-0) W PTS 10 Katie Healy (6-1). Super Bantam: Ellie Scotney (7-0) W PTS 10 Cherneka Johnson (15-2). Heavy: Johnny Fisher (9-0) W TKO 1 Emilio Salas (7-5-1). Cruiser: Cheavon Clarke (6-0) W TKO 5 David Jamieson (10-3). Super Feather: Reece Bellotti (16-5) W PTS 10 Youssef Khoumari (15-2-1).

Edwards vs. Campos

Another sparkling display of skill from Edwards as he successfully defends the IBF title outboxing a spirited but limited Campos.

Round 1

Campos took the fight to Edwards from the start hustling Edwards to the ropes and letting go with a couple of shots. Edwards fired a series of punches but Campos connected with a left hook. Campos again chased Edwards to the ropes and got through with a couple of uppercuts. Campos had another good spell scoring with uppercuts.

Score: 10-9                                 

Round 2

They traded jabs over the first two minutes with Edwards the sharper. Edwards began to find gaps for one-twos and Campos was warned for holding. Edwards landed a strong right cross and had Campos stumbling with a jab. Campos kept coming forward but could not pin Edwards down.

Score: 10-9 Edwards                   TIED 19-19

Round 3

Edwards was dancing with his hands down and stepping away from Campos. Campos landed a couple of hooks but Edwards stepped inside with hooks of his own. Campos kept marching forward but Edwards was too elusive. Campos pinned Edwards in a corner and connected with hooks until Edwards punched his way out. They traded punches with Edwards against the ropes and Edwards landed the better shots.

Score: 10-9 Edwards           Edwards 29-28            

Round 4

They swapped punches in the centre of the ring with both having some success. Edwards was consistently changing guards and he was catching Campos with sharp jabs. Campos drove forward firing hooks driving Edwards to the ropes and again both had some success. Campos landed a right to the head that snapped back Edwards’ head. A close round just edged by Edwards.

Score: 10-9 Edwards           Edwards 39-37

Round 5

Clever boxing from Edwards as he circled Campos changing guard and slotting homme jabs. Edwards stayed off the ropes popping Campos with jabs, Campos scored with a good right. A frustrated Campos stopped fighting indicating Edwards should stop running. Edwards walked to a corner and beckoned Campos to do his worst, Campos had no success and Edwards danced and speared him with jabs.

Score: 10-9 Edwards                   Edwards 49-46             

Round 6

Campos took Edwards to the ropes and they brawled there for much of the first half of the round with both having some success. Campos landed some good hooks to head and body and connected with a pair of uppercuts. Edwards fired back with straight lefts and rights but Campos did enough to take the round.

Score: 10-9 Campos                    Edwards 58-56

Round 7

It was jab and move and switch guards from Edwards again. A determined Campos kept shadowing Edwards but Edwards stayed off the ropes and kept popping Campos with jabs and skipping away from wild swipes from Campos

Score: 10-9 Edwards                   Edwards 68-65

Round 8

Move and jab with Campos not able to cut off the ring and Edwards adding an occasion right cross to hid jabs. Campos eventual pinned Edwards against the ropes but Edwards did most of the scoring. Edwards moved into the centre of the ring and clobbered Campos with a series of hooks.

Score: 10-9 Edwards                   Edwards 78-74

Round 9

Campos was chasing in vain again as Edwards danced round the Chilean before choosing to stand and trade punches with his quicker hands and better accuracy seeing him bossing the exchanges. Campos put in a big effort late in the round hunting Edwards down and getting through with enough body punches to just take the round.

Score: 10-9 Campos                    Edwards 87-84

Round 10

Campos pressed hard but Edwards was flitting around the ring scoring with jabs and picking his moment to dart inside and land a couple of punches. Great movement from Edwards leaving Campos swishing air. Edwards grinned as Campos stopped and spread his arms appealing for Edwards to stand and fight.

Score: 10-9 Edwards                   Edwards 97-93

Round 11

A change of tactics from Campos as he went onto the back foot but Edwards was comfortable coming forward scoring with jabs and a straight right. When they did swap punches Edwards was the one scoring. He ended the round circling Campos and spearing him with both right and left jabs. It was a dejected Campos who trudged back to his corner

Score: 10-9 Edwards                   Edwards 107-102

Round 12

Campos managed to take Edwards to the ropes a few times and land hooks to the body but Edwards was covering well and doing most of the scoring, Edwards broke free but was forced to the ropes again but more than matched Campos. They stood and exchanged punches at the end of the round and Edwards accuracy gave him the edge.

Score: 10-9 Edwards                   Edwards 117-111

Official Scores: Judge Phil Edwards 117-111 Edwards, Judge Waleska Roldan 117-111 Edwards, Judge Carl Zappia 117-111 Edwards

Fourth defence of the IBF title for Edwards and now he is looking to a unification match preferably against WBC champion Julio Martinez. Campos tried hard but just could not handle the speed and movement of Edwards. He was No 7 with the IBF but No 53 with BoxRec

Hughes vs. Healy

Hughes retains the WBA title as she scores wide decision over Healy. As she was giving away height and reach Hughes stormed forward from the opening bell. Healy tried to box on the back foot but could not keep the aggressive Hughes out and Hughes continually scored with rights over the top of Healy’s jab. When she got inside Hughes was firing bursts of punches with Healy trying to hold but without success. There really was not much Healy could do to stifle the swarming attacks from Hughes and her lack of any power in her punches meant Hughes could throw herself forward without worrying too much about counters. It was a one-sided fight and Hughes took the decision on scores of 100-90 twice and 99-91. First defence of the WBA belt for the 40-year-old from Essex. Healy had held the WBFederation super bantam belt

Scotney vs. Johnson

Scotney outpoints champion Johnson to win the IBF title. Johnson started strongly with some useful jabbing and initially Scotney had problems getting close. From the second Scotney was getting under Johnson’s jab and connecting with punches to the body. It was a high-paced fight with the busier Scotney taking over as she used her faster hands to pile up the points. Johnson was cut over her right eye in the sixth as Scotney dominated the exchanges. Johnson fought hard and Scotney was bleeding from the nose but Johnson tired and her output dropped as Scotney continued in charge to the final bell. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93 for Scotney

Fisher vs. Salas

Fisher gets a first round win over inept Salas. Fisher stalked the reluctant Puerto Rican who hardly threw a punch. Fisher launched an attack and had Salas reeling then a couple of punches that seemed to brush past the head of Salas saw him go down and he failed to beat the count after just 2:07 of the round. Eighth inside the distance win for the 6’3” 24-year-old Fisher but this was too easy.

Clarke vs. Jamieson

Clarke just much too good for Jamieson. He scored with some hurtful body punches in the first two rounds and shook Jamieson with a left in the third.  Clarke sent Jamieson down in the fourth and again in the fifth and the fight was stopped. Jamaican-born Clarke medalled at the European Championships, Commonwealth Games, European Union Championships and European Games and competed at the Tokyo Olympics.

Bellotti vs. Khoumari

With three losses in his last four fights former Commonwealth champion Bellotti was close to being written off but he came through with a unanimous decision in this fight. Good footwork and faster hands gave Bellotti the edge he needed. Khoumari, the bigger man, having weighed 140lbs in his last fight, was slower and more methodical. He was tending to throw one punch at a time whereas Bellotti was putting together some quick flurries. Bellotti was setting a fast pace never letting Khoumari settle and he hustled and bustled Khoumari. It was Khoumari’s strength that saw him put together a strong finish but it was not enough and Bellotti won on scores of 97-93, 97-94 and 86-94.


Indio, CA, USA: Bantam: Walter Santibanes (12-2,1ND) W PTS 10 Manuel Flores (15-1). Feather: Jelena Mrdjenovich (42-12-2) W PTS 10 Calista Silgado (21-17-4).

Santibanes vs. Flores

Santibanes wins a wide unanimous decision over Flores in a mild upset. Santibanes took control from the first crouching behind a high guard and connecting with bunches of hooks and uppercuts from both hands. Flores worked hard with his right jab and straight lefts but Santibanes was too strong and although only fighting in bursts his multiple hooks and uppercuts were more eye-catching than the steady work from Flores and that was giving him a big edge. Flores had a good fifth when he was finally able to force Santibanes onto the back foot and the sixth was close but Santibanes was back firing his hooks and uppercuts through the seventh and eighth and Flores just lacked the power to turn the fight around as Santibanes battled his way to victory. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90 for Santibanes. Now 32, Santibanes turned pro in 2010 but has had periods of inactivity. He was out of the ring from February 2015 until returning with a win in August last year but was coming off a points victory over 19-1-1 Michael Chaise Nelson in December. A set-back for 24-year-old Flores who will have to rebuild.

Mrdjenovich vs. Silgado

Mrdjenovich takes the unanimous decision over Silgado in an entertaining non-title fight. Mrdjenovich made a good start coming forward behind her jab and putting Silgado on the back foot. The second was more even with Mrdjenovich again taking the fight to Silgado but with Silgado scoring with some powerful swings and they both had good spells in the third. Silgado edged the fourth and fifth with some heavy attacks. Mrdjenovich turned it around over the sixth and seventh using her longer reach to make her jab the dominating punch. Silgado rebounded landing with left hooks and rights to the head in the eighth to even things up. Silgado had Mrdjenovich shaken at the start of the ninth but the Canadian steady herself and outboxed Silgado over the last two rounds. Scores 97-93 and 96-94 for Mrdjenovich and 95-95. The multi-titled 40-year-old Canadian is in her eighteenth year as a pro. Colombian Salgado, 35, has come up short in six title shots.

Saint-Denis, France: Light: Frank Urquiaga (19-3-1) W TKO 10 Yazid Amghar (25-1).

Peruvian-born Spaniard Urquiaga sprang a major surprise as he stopped previously unbeaten Amghar in front of the Frenchman’s own fans to win the vacant European Union belt. Every thing seemed to be going to plan as Amghar outboxed Urquiaga and floored him with a left hook in the fourth. Urquiaga recovered and applied plenty of pressure. Amghar continued to box cleverly but was spending more time on the back foot and was not as quick. It ended dramatically in the tenth when Urquiaga surprised Amghar with a huge right that sent Amghar crashing to the canvas Amghar was up too quickly and tried to take the fight to Urquiaga only to be badly shaken by another right and the referee came in and stopped the fight. Only the third win by KO/TKO for Urquiaga which made the ending even more of a surprise. He had lost a split decision against Emiliano Marsili for this same vacant title in April last year and lost a majority decision against Anthony Crolla in 2019. Amghar had won the vacant EU super light title in 2019 but never defended it.


Miami, Fl, USA: Welter: Adrien Broner (35-4-1) W PTS 10 Bill Hutchinson (20-3-4). Light Heavy: Ahmed Elbiali (23-1) W PTS 10 Rodolfo Gomez (14-7-3). Bantam: Guillermo Rigondeaux (22-3) W KO 7 Charlie Clemente-Andino (13-0,1ND). Light: Antonio Williams (16-0-1) W TKO 1 Braulio Rodriguez (20-7). Feather: Neslan Machado (20-0,1ND) W TKO 2 Jonathan Smith (8-2).

Broner vs. Hutchinson

Broner returns with a win against a strong but limited Hutchinson. Broner tried to blow Hutchinson away in the first launching a ferocious attack with hooks to the body from both hands with Hutchinson pinned against the ropes ducking low to belt level and firing back a couple of times. Broner slowed his pace in the second and although Broner was still doing most of the scoring Hutchinson banged home a few shots of his own in a competitive round. Broner connected with a mix of jabs straight rights and left hooks to the body in the third and fourth backing Hutchinson up and dominating the action. Hutchinson landed some useful shots at the start of both the fifth and sixth before Broner took over marching forward landing jabs and hooks but with Hutchinson landing enough to stay in the fight and Broner starting to breath heavily. Broner put in a big effort in the seventh bombarding Hutchinson with punches to head and body driving Hutchinson back and handing out lots of punishment with Hutchinson firing back less. Hutchinson’s output dropped in the eighth as Broner landed a series or rights to the head and Hutchinson was badly hurt by a left hook to the body before the bell. Broner battered away at Hutchinson in the ninth but Hutchinson refused to crumble and Broner was at walking pace as he did enough to take the last. Scores 99-91 twice and 100-90. This was only Broner’s second fight for almost four years and his first fight since February 2021. The ten rounds will have been useful but no real indication as to how he will fare against higher level opposition. Hutchinson did his job in going ten rounds. He had won his last ten fights against mainly mediocre rivals and was No 449 in Box Rec’s rankings.

Elbiali vs. Gomez

Miami-based Egyptian Elbiali retains the NABF and NABA belts with a very narrow verdict over Gomez in a messy fight. Gomez was quicker off the mark. It was Elbiali first fight for a year and he took a couple of rounds to get into the fight. Elbiali’s best assets are his jab and his body punching. He had the jab working but tended to stray low with his body punches being warned in the second and with Gomez given two recovery periods after low blows in the fourth. Gomez had a good fifth with Elbiali using his better skills to outbox Gomez in the sixth. With both fighters seeming to tire the seventh was close with Gomez perhaps just edging it but Elbiali took the eighth as he was more accurate with his body punches. Gomez rallied to score well in a close ninth and Elbiali saved himself from a disastrous defeat by finish strongly in the last. All three judges scored to fight 95-94 for Elbiali. The NABA title gets Elbiali a No 14 position with the WBA and it will be interesting to see how much he is elevated for this poor performance. Gomez was 0-2-2 in his last four fights and is No 117 with BoxRec.

Rigondeaux vs. Clemente

Rigondeaux finishes late substitute Clemente in the seventh. To shine Rigondeaux really needs an opponent who makes the fight and can stretch him to give the Cuban veteran a chance to show his outstanding skills. Clemente did not fill that role and it was Rigondeaux who had to make the fight against a defensive minded low output opponent. In a fight of few highlights Rigondeaux had Clemente briefly in trouble in the fifth and ended it in the seventh. A left to the body sent Clemente down in agony and he was counted out. Consecutive losses against John Riel Casimero and Vincent Astrolabio have seen Rigondeaux drop out of the ratings and at 42 he will struggle to get another title shot as, despite his brilliant skills, he doesn’t really set the pulses racing. Puerto Rican Clement, a four and six round fighter, came in at one week’s notice.

Williams vs. Rodriguez

Williams pushes Dominican Rodriguez a little further downhill as he stops him in the first round. Williams had Rodriguez down three times before the fight was stopped in 2:21 of the opening round. First fight for Williams in 21 months and seventh victory by KO/TKO. Six defeats in his last seven fights for Rodriguez five by KO/TKO.

Machado vs. Smith

Machado stops Smith in the second. Smith opened up in the first throwing some stiff shots but Machado walked through them landed the better punches as he focused on Smith’s body. Machado overwhelmed Smith in the second driving Smith to a corner and landing a left hook that had Smith in trouble and the referee came in to save Smith. This was supposed to be Machado’s first experience of going ten rounds but the 26-year-old Cuban but Machado broke a run of eight consecutive points wins with the early finish. Smith had won his last eight fights but none of Smith’s opponents had ever won a fight

Verona, NY, USA: Light Heavy: Ali Izmailov (11-0) W PTS 10 Charles Foster (22-1). Light Heavy: Juan Carrillo (11-0) W PTS 10 Richard Vansicien (13-1-1). Light Heavy: Clay Waterman (11-0) W PTS 8 Kenmon Evans (10-1-1). Super Light: Mykquan Williams (19-0-2) DREW 8 Paulo Galdino (12-7-2). Super Middle: Maciej Sulecki (31-2) W KO 2 Angel Hernandez (19-2-1).

Izmailov vs. Foster

Russian Izmailov wins a clash of unbeaten fighters with a close unanimous verdict over Foster. There was a good mix of styles here with the slick southpaw boxing of Foster against the stronger but less skilful Izmailov. Foster made the better start outboxing Izmailov over a couple off low key opening rounds with Izmailov finding Foster a difficult target and Foster did enough to take a close third. Izmailov began to roll in the fourth and connected with a right in the fifth that sent Foster to his hands and knees. Foster made it to his feet at seven and the bell went before Izmailov could do any more damage. Izmailov scored heavily again then sixth and was keeping Foster under pressure and cutting into Foster’s early lead. Foster stayed competitive and it was close going into the last with a late burst of punches from Izmailov taking the round. Scores 96-93 twice and 95-94 for Detroit-based Ismailov who was defending the IBF USBA belt for the first time. Good competitive show by Foster but at 33 time is not on his side.

Carrillo vs. Vansiclen

Carrillo gets a majority decision over Vansiclen in an entertaining ten round fight that provided plenty of entertainment with both fighters on the floor. Carrillo landed heavily over the first two rounds and then floored Vansiclen with a right at the start of the third. He was up quickly but had to soak up some more punishment late in the round. Carrillo continued his attacks in the fourth until Vansiclen stunned him with a left and then connected with another left that forced Carrillo to one knee. Carrillo recovered and looked to have edged the fifth. From there it was punch for punch with both fighters taking and giving in equal proportion. Carrillo’s better start probably had him ahead until Vansiclen stage a strong finish to make it a close one to call. Scores 95-93 twice for Carrillo and 95-95. Colombian Carrillo had a streak of six inside the distance wins going in. University graduate Vansiclen competed at the US Olympic Trials for the Rio Olympics.

Waterman vs. Evans

Australian champion Waterman opens his US campaign with a points win over previously unbeaten Evans. After a couple of cagey rounds where Evans used his longer reach to just have a slight edge Waterman burst into life in the third scoring heavily and rocking Evans late in the round. From there Waterman went from strength to strength putting Evans under pressure and landing some heavy stuff. Evans began to tire under the pressure but rallied over the sixth and seventh but with Waterman still having the better of the exchanges and finishing strongly. Scores 78-74 twice and 77-75 for Waterman

Williams vs. Galdino

Williams remains unbeaten but has to settle for a majority draw against modest Galindo. Williams had the better skills and harder punch but Galindo simply outworked him. Williams landed some cracking punches but just could not tame the ever aggressive Galindo and it was Williams who showed the marks of the battle. Both had good spells but Galindo looked to have just done enough to collect the decision but it was scored 76-76 twice and a debateable 77-75 for Williams. Perhaps just an off night for Williams but Brazilian southpaw Galindo has been in some tough matches and this was his second consecutive draw against an unbeaten fighter.

Sulecki vs. Hernandez

Former WBO middleweight title challenger Sulecki makes short work of overmatched Hernandez. This was Sulecki’s first fight for eighteen months and Hernandez flew out of his corner trying to catch a rusty Sulecki cold. Sulecki had no problem dealing with Hernandez’s attacks and shook Hernandez with a right late in the round. A right to the head early in the second sent Hernandez down on his back and although he tried to rise he was counted out. Sulecki’s losses have come against Daniel Jacobs and against Demetrius Andrade in a shot at the WBO middleweight title.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Light Fly: Carlos Canizales (26-1-1) W TEC DEC 8 Daniel Matellon (13-1-2). Middle: Francisco Veron (13-0) W PTS 10 Timur Kerefov (13-1). Fly: Sol Cudos (5-0-2) DREW 10 Olga Julio (37-18-3). Super Middle: Gabriel Diaz (14-5) W TKO 5 Robert Daniels (8-0).

Canizales vs. Matellon

Venezuelan Canizalez wins WBA final eliminator with a technical decision over Matellon. Cuban Matellon looked to have taken the first two rounds with some clever boxing and powerful body punches. In the third a clash of heads opened a bad cut over the right eye of Canizalez. The ringside doctor examined the cut but let the fight continue. Worried he might be behind on points if the fight was stopped Canizales attacked hard over the fourth and fifth. In both the sixth and eighth when heads banged together the referee deducted points from Matellon and it was ruled that Canizales could not continue as the cut had worsened. It went to the scorecards and Canizales won on scores of 77-73 twice and 76-74. Former champion Canizalez now becomes the mandatory challenger to Kenshiro Teraji. Former interim title holder Matellon had won his last eleven fights. This was the main event on the first of two nights of boxing for the WBA KO Drugs programme.

Veron vs. Kerefov

Veron edges out Russian Kerefov on a split decision. Both are good technical boxers and the rounds were close. Veron suffered a cut over his left eye in a clash of heads in the second but his corner dealt with it well. Veron used good movement and variety in his work with southpaw Kerefov the harder puncher. It took Veron a few rounds to solve the puzzle of Kerefov’s southpaw stance but he staged the stronger finish and won on scores of a disgraceful 100-90 and 96-94 with the third judge giving it to Kerefov 96-94. Veron, 24, represented Argentina at the World Championships, Pan American Games and Tokyo Olympics. He retained the WBA Continental Americas belt. Kerefov was a nearly man as an amateur collecting two silvers and a bronze in the Russian Championships

Cudos vs. Julio

The WBA Fedelatin title remains vacant after local fighter Cudos and Colombian southpaw Julio fight to a draw. Julio used her height and longer reach to take control early Cudos had some success when she was able to get inside but good work at distance and some hurtful uppercuts from Julio. Saw her comfortly outboxing Cudos so the drawn result was a surprise. Julio has had eight shots at various title and is now 11-0-1 inn her last twelve fights. Cudos was up at ten rounds for then first time,.

Diaz vs. Daniels

The unbeaten Daniels was the favourite here but never recovered after bring dropped by a right in the first. In the second a series of punches drove Daniels back and turning away and he was given a standing count. Daniels made it through the third and fourth but was dropped in the fifth and although he beat the count he was under fire and his corner threw in the towel. Diaz retains the WBA Fedelatin belt. Perhaps Daniels had had it too easy with six of his wins coming in the first round.

Manchester, England; Bantam: Charlie Edwards (18-1,1ND) W PTS 6 Darwin Martinez (8-11-2).

Former WBC flyweight champion Edwards eased himself back into action with a points win over Spanish-based Nicaraguan Martinez with the referee scoring it 60-54 for Edwards. First fight for Edwards in eighteen months. Martinez is 1-4-1 in fights in the UK.

London. England: Heavy: David Adeleye (12-0) W RTD 5 Emir Ahmatovic (12-2). Light: Mark Chamberlain (13-0) W TKO 1 Marvin Demollari (12-5). Super Light: Henry Turner (11-0) W RTD 6 Tom Farrell (21-7). Super: Carl Fail (9-0) W TKO 3 Frank Madsen (7-6).

Adeleye vs. Ahmatovic

Adeleye adds another inside the distance as Serbian-born German Ahmatovic retires after six rounds. Adeleye made good use of his longer reach and strong jab to put Ahmatovic on the back foot from the first round. Adeleye used his jab and occasional rights to gradually break down the slower Ahmatovic but too often was allowing Ahmatovic get on the front foot and the fight was untidy. Adeleye scored heavily at the end of the third but could not find the finishing punch. His jab had Ahmatovic’s face marking up with bruises and cuts bit it was a surprise when Ahmatovic retired at the end of the fifth round. Adeleye retains the WBO European title with his eleventh inside the distance finish. Ahmatovic was stopped in three rounds by Filip Hrgovic in three rounds in December 2021

Chamberlain vs. Demollari

Hard-punching prospect Chamberlain wipes out Italian Demollari in the first round. Chamberlain put Demollari down three times before the fight was stopped after just 2:16. A complete mismatch as Chamberlain makes the second defence of the IBF European title and gets his ninth inside the distance win but with Demollari No 201 in the world and No 44 in Europe with Box Rec it was a farce as a “European” title fight.

Turner vs. Farrell

A good win for southpaw Turner as he forces a retirement against experienced Tom Farrell after six rounds. Fourth win by KO/TKO in his last five fights for Turner who was making the second defence of his WBC International Silver belt.

Fail vs. Madsen

Fail stops Madsen in the third. Fail scored heavily over the first two rounds before producing a brutal finish in the third. Fail shook Madsen with a left and then put him down with a right to the head and the fight was stopped. Southpaw Fail, formerly an elite level amateur, was moving up to eight rounds for the first time. Greenland’s Madsen drops to five losses in a row,

Liverpool, England: Fly: Connor Butler (11-0-1) W PTS 12 Mark Windle (7-5-1). Super Fly: Marcel Braithwaite (15-3-1) W PTS 12 Ryan Farrag (21-4).

Butler vs. Windle

Liverpool fighter Butler retains his Commonwealth title and wins the vacant European title with a unanimous decision over Windle. Scores 118-109, 117-110 and 115-112 for Butler. Windle holds the Commonwealth light flyweight title.

Farrag vs. Braithwaite

Excellent fight as Braithwaite wins the vacant Commonwealth title in an entertaining fight against Farrag which was as close as the scores suggest with all three judges giving it to Braithwaite 115-114. Braithwaite had drawn with Ijaz Ahmed for the vacant title in March. Former European bantamweight champion Farrag had been out of the ring for over three years before returning to action with a win in February.

Commerce, CA, USA: Super Welter: Callum Walsh (7-0) W TKO 4 Carson Jones (43-16-3). Welter: Gor Yeritsyan (15-0) W TKO 2 Gustavo Vittori (28-14-1).

Walsh vs. Jones

Irish southpaw Walsh wins the vacant WBC USA title with a fourth round stoppage of faded veteran Jones. Walsh scored heavily over the first two rounds before rocking Jones with a right in the third but was also cut over his left eye as their heads banged together. Walsh’s punches also busted open Jones nose and he ended it in the fourth putting Jones down with a body shot. Jones made it to his feet but was shipping punishment and the referee stopped the fight. Sixth inside the distance win in his seven fights for 22-year-old Walsh. Jones, 36, had a series of fights in the UK back in the 2012 to 2016 which included losing a majority decision against Kell Brook and outpointing Brian Rose but losing to both in return matches.

Yeritsyan vs. Vittori

Armenian Yeritsyan made it thirteen wins by KO/TKO as he stopped Argentinian Vittori in the second round. Yeritsyan pounded Vittori in the first and dropped him three times in the second before the fight was stopped. The 28-year-old Yeritsyan won bronze medals at the European Junior and Youth Championships and was Armenian Senior champion. Tenth defeat by KO/TKO for Vittori


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Bantam: Mayerlin Rivas (17-4-3) TEC DRAW 5 Nazarena Romero (13-0-1). Super Feather Jose Romero (27-3) W PTS Rene Tellez (17-3). Super Fly: Ramon Quiroga (5-1) W PTS 10 Afolabi Shittu (11-1). Heavy: Ivan Dychko (13-0) W TKO 2 Ariel Bracamonte (12-11). Feather: Dominique Francis (14-0) W PTS 10 Braian Arguello (6-3). Super Light: Ender Luces (20-0) W PTS 9 Cristian Gonzalez (11-17-1).

Rivas vs. Romero

On the second night of the WBA KO Drugs programme Venezuelan Rivas and Argentinian Romero fought to a technical draw. The first round saw Rivas boxing and the aggressive Romero storming forward. Late in the second there was a clanging of heads but no one was cut. Rivas decided to go on the attack in the second but paid for that being put down by a right. Rivas recovered and Romero was down in the fourth but it was ruled a slip. In the fifth as their heads collided Romero was cut over her left eye and it was decided that the wound was too severe for Romero to continue. The judges produced scores of 50-44 for Romero, 48-46 for Rivas and 47-47 with Rivas retaining her WBA title.

Romero vs. Tellez

Argentinian Romero takes a majority verdict over Mexican Tellez to collect the vacant WBA Fedelatin belt. With the experience of almost 100 amateur fights behind him Romero aimed to use his superior skills and longer reach to control the action with Tellez barrelling in looking to work the body and wear Romero down. In the fifth this fight also featured cut as a clash of heads saw Romero cut on his left eyelid. It was not a major factor and there was never much between these two despite one judge scoring it 98-92 for Romero but a second judge seeing it a more realistic score of 96-94 which gave Romero the win with the third card having them even at 95-95. Last time out in October Romero was halted in two rounds by Cuban Robeisy Ramirez. Tellez had lost against Michael Rivera and Giovani Cabrera.

Quiroga vs. Shittu

Local fighter Quiroga outscored Nigerian teenager Shittu. The first two rounds were fairly even but Quiroga took over from the third. His speed and accuracy were too much for Shittu to handle. Quiroga’s scant record conceals considerable experience as an amateur and he paced the fight better as Shittu’s work rate dropped over the second half of the fight. Quiroga won on scores of 97-93 twice and 98-92. Quiroga picks up the vacant WBA Fedecentro title. He flits between amateur and professional ranks having won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games, competed at the Tokyo Olympics and won a silver medal at the prestigious Strandja Memorial Tournament in March.  This was the first fight outside of Nigerian for 19-year-old Shittu.

Dychko vs. Bracamonte

Dychko stops Bracamonte in the second. An uppercut busted open Bracamontes nose in the first round and after he was floored in the second the referee stopped the fight. The 32-year-old 6’9” tall Kazak lost to Anthony Josha in the semi-finals of the Lonon Olympics and to Joe Joyce in the 2016 Games but scored wins over Erislandy Savon, Simion Kean, Efe Ajagba, Zhilei Zhang, Filip Hrgovic and Bakhodir Jalolov (four times) in other tournaments. Fifth consecutive defeat for Bracamonte

Francis vs. Arguello

Miami’s Francis outpoints Argentinian Arguello in a wild scrap. Francis outboxed Arguello over the early rounds but things tuned nasty in the sixth with both fighters being deducted a point for fouls. Francis floored Arguello in the seventh and seemed to be coasting to victory until he in turn was floored in the ninth. Francis beat the count but was in deep trouble only just surviving to the bell and then boxing his way through the tenth to win on scores of 96-90, 95-91and 94-92.

Luces vs. Gonzalez

Venezuelan Luces won the vacant WBA Fedecaribe title with a very wide unanimous decision over Argentinian Gonzalez. Southpaw Luces had it easy with Gonzalez helping him with a dreadful sixth that saw Gonzalez both lose a point and be knocked down. Luces won on scores of 88-81 twice and 90-79 with the strange scores being due to the equally strange WBA nine round title fight.

Halifax, Canada: Heavy: Ryan Rozicki (18-1) W TKO 3 Zamig Atakishiyev (8-2-1). Super Feather: Pedro Bernal (12-1-2) W TKO 2 Tyson Cave (35-4). Light Heavy: Artur Zilatdinov (15-1) W TKO 8 Jesus Palomares (7-3-1).

Rozicki vs. Atakishiyev

A change of opponent forced Rozicki to fight a heavyweight but he still came away with a win. Rozicki scored well in the first and then piled on the punches in the second. A sustained attack in the third was enough for the referee to stop the fight. Seventeenth win by KO/TKO for Rozicki.

Bernal vs. Cave

Time and inactivity caught up with Cave and probably brought the curtain down on his career. Bernal weakened Cave with body shots and scored three knockdowns in the second round to force the stoppage. The 24-year-old Mexican made it twelve victories in a row. Cave, 41, was having his first fight since November 2019 and came in 6lbs over the contract weight. He lost in a fight for the interim WBA super bantamweight title way back in 2014.

Zilatdinov vs. Palomares

Canadian-based Ukrainian Zilatdinov was also returning after a lay-off and in his first fight for two years stopped a very game Palomares in the eighth round. Twelfth inside the distance victory for Zilatdinov. Fourth loss in a row for Palomares.

Paris, France: Super Light: Franck Petietjean (24-6) W PTS 12 Samuel Molina (25-3,1ND).

Home town fighter Petitjean wins the vacant European title with a majority decision over Spaniard Moreno. There were fierce exchanges from the start with southpaw Petitjean more mobile and Moreno walking forward trying to put Petitjean under pressure. Both were shaken by punches in the second and the quicker hands and more accurate shots gave Petitjean the edge but he was rocked by a right just before the bell at the end of the fourth. It continued to be a balance between the better boxing of Petitjean and the power of Molina. The Spaniard began to box more over the second half of the fight but seemed to tire with Petitjean putting on plenty of pressure. The rounds were still very close with the decision liable to go either way but Petitjean just did enough to deservedly take the verdict on a very slim margin on scores of 115-113 and 115-114 for him and 114-114. The 35-year-old Petitjean, a former EU title holder, suffered a controversial defeat against Enock Poulsen for this title in April last year but succeeds at the second attempt. Eleven years younger Spanish champion Molina had won his last six fights and he naturally felt he had won this one and with the quality and entertainment in this fight a return would be justified.

Osaka, Japan: Light: Masanori Rikiishi (14-1) W KO 3 Ricardo Nunez (23-6). Super Middle: Tyson Koki (16-5-3) W PTS 10 Yuki Nonaka (35-12-3).

Rikiishi vs. Nunez

Tall southpaw Rikiishi chalked up his best win so far as he finished experienced Panamanian Nunez in the third round.  Rikiishi used his longer reach to control the fight with his jab before sinking a left hook to Nunez body in the third which sent Nunez down for the count. Fifth victory by KO/TKO for Rikiishi and twelfth win in a row. Nunez was stopped in two rounds by Gervonta Davis in a challenge for the WBA super feather title in 2019

Koki vs. Nonaka

Youth was served here as in a battle of southpaws Koki decisioned Nonaka to win the inaugural Japanese super middleweight title. Koki was just too tall, too young and too quick for the 45-year-old Nonak. Kokim dominated with his jab using his 6’3” height and longer reach to score at distance and matching Nonaka inside to win on scores of 97-93 twice and 98-92.

Basel, Switzerland: Middle: Faton Vukshinaj (16-0-2) W KO2 Roberto Arriaza (19-7).

Basel boxer Vukshinaj outworked the taller Arriaza in the first before exploding with a left hook to the body in the second that sent the Nicaraguan down and he was unable to beat the count. Vukshinaj makes it eleven inside the distance finishes but Arriaza has won only one of his last seven outings.

Fight of the week (Significance): Teo Lopez victory over Josh Taylor might open the door to some good fights at super lightweight-unless Lopez retires?

Fight of the week: (Entertainment): Jaime Munguia vs. Sergey Derevyanchenko was a Fight of the Year candidate

Fighter of the week: Teo Lopez as he is a champion again

Punch of the week: The left to the body from Guillermo Rigondeaux was a quality shot.

Upset of the week: Frank Urquiaga’s last round stoppage of 25-0 Yazid Amghar was unexpected.

Prospect watch:


Rosette: To all of the many promoters for a busy weekend

Red Card No one upset me too much this week although there one or two instances where the spread of the scores on the judge’s cards were ridiculous. Surely if two score it even or 96-94 and then third calls it 100-90 either the sack or a visit to Specsavers is called for.

-The WBC should present Mariana Juarez with a gold belt. In her career so far Juarez has been in 20 WBO World title fights, 12 WBC International title fights, 7 WBC interim title fights and 2 WBC Diamond title fight. That adds up to 39 contributions to the WBC coffers.

-I just love the ring name of the Japanese middleweight who fights under the name of Hammer Gorilla!

-On the subject of titles on the WBA KO Drugs shows staged over two nights in Buenos Aires the WBA collected sanctioning fees for one World, four Fedelatin two Fedecaribe titles and one final eliminator WBA so a good haul but the shows were for a good cause.

-Is Frank Madsen the only professional fighter ever produced by Greenland?