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Jasmin Harmitt Turns Over

Becoming a professional boxer was never originally in the script for Jasmin Harmitt – but that moment is soon to arrive.

Her time will come at the Eastside Rooms, on Woodcock Street in Birmingham, when BCB Promotions return to the venue on Saturday night (June 17).

The former kickboxer had no intentions of taking up another sport until she walked into the Southpaw Boxing Gym, at Greets Green in West Bromwich.

The 26-year-old super featherweight, who is from Dudley Port, has since gone on a journey which coach Aaron Cope, who will transition with her to the pro ranks.

It’s a busy life for the mother-of-one, who also works as a cleaner, and the sparring partners she has had have pushed her to the limit.

Rounds had previously come with European welterweight champion Kirstie Bavington, but most of her recent sparring has come with Katie Healy.

She provided useful preparation for Healy’s WBA world bantamweight title shot, which would end with her being ultimately outpointed by Nina Hughes.

She said: “Since I’ve been given the go-ahead, to make my debut, I’ve been training hard. It’s been a learning curve, for me, but I’ve enjoying it.

“I’ve done kickboxing before, I started that when I was 15 (for Tipton Tigers). I had 13 organised bouts and won nine, so I didn’t have a bad record.

“I tried a bit of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), but that wasn’t really for me. I’m more of a stand-up fighter, so I’m probably more suited to boxing.

“I went to Aaron’s gym just to work on my hand-speed, but I got into it and my coach put me forward for a few unlicensed fights. I had nine and won them all.

“To then become a professional boxer is all new to me. That was never my intention, but I’m dedicated to it now. This is a big thing, for me and my coach.

“I spar a lot of rounds, between six to eight, in the gym and Aaron is good at not overloading me with information, between the rounds. He tells me one thing and I go out and do it.

“We only have a 30 second break, between the rounds, so to have a minute will seem like a lot longer! I just try and let my work do the talking.

“I’ve sparred a lot with ‘Bavvo’ (Kirstie Bavington), but it’s mainly been with Katie (Healy) for this camp. She’s tall and rangy, whereas I’m quite small (5ft 4in to 5ft 7in).

“Nina (Hughes, Katie’s opponent for the WBA world bantamweight title) is only an inch smaller than me, so it was good sparring to get her ready for that.

“Some people are a bit surprised with how heavy I am, for my height, but I feel strong at the weight. I’ve had a look at the girls, in my category, and I think I can do well.

“I’m a counter puncher, but I can mix things up and that’s what we have been working on – coming forward more. I’ll be more aggressive than I have been, in the ring.

“My son (Mason, aged three) will be with me, in the changing rooms, and is going to watch the fight. He comes to the gym with me, too, so he’s used to it.

“Boxing might not have been in my plans for the future, but that’s a plus, for me, as everything that comes along is a bonus. I want to defy the odds.”

Tickets for the Eastside Rooms bill are available, priced at £40 standard or £75 VIP ringside, directly from the boxers or by visiting myfighttickets.com.