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Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford both promise to deliver an instant classic

Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford. Photo credit: Amanda Westcott/Showtime

WBC, WBA and IBF welterweight champion Errol ‘The Truth’ Spence Jr 28-0 (22) and WBO counterpart Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford 39-0 (30) both exuded extreme confidence at their New York press event today.

The southpaw duo took turns at the mic at the Palladium Times Square to preview their blockbuster 147-pound showdown.

“This is the biggest fight in boxing,” the 33-year-old Spence from Desoto, Texas said. “When you look at our styles and know our mentalities, you know neither of us are gonna want to break. I feel like someone is gonna break on fight night.

“I’m ready to show people that I’m one of the best welterweights of all time. Don’t miss this fight. Because I’m gonna show everyone why I’m breaking people.

“I’ve done everything that I said I was gonna do. The last thing left to do is beat Terence Crawford. He’s a great fighter, but I’m gonna break him and show everyone why I’m the best fighter in boxing, period.

“All the titles I took, I took them from the champions. You line ‘em up, I’m gonna knock ‘em down. It doesn’t matter what happens, I get the job done.

“He can show what he wants to show. He might go on and do his thing after I beat him and prove he’s an all-time great. But he can stop that nonsense because I’m winning on July 29.

“We have to show these other fighters that there are rewards in taking risks. The best have to fight the best.”

The 35-year-old Crawford from Omaha, Nebraska was just as certain that he would come out victorious.

“This is a fight that’s been marinating,” Crawford said. “This is greatness that you’re going to see on July 29. I’ve been preparing my whole life for this moment. Moments like these don’t come often and this is my time.

“July 29 I can assure you, you’re gonna walk away and say, ‘Terence Crawford is special’. You’re gonna mark me down as one of the greatest of all time.

“I rise to the occasion when I have the odds stacked against me. I’m a fan of Errol, but this is business. I see myself beating him. I’ve visualised it numerous times before.

“I like to go fishing. Everyone knows that’s my hobby. They’ve all been caught before. Every last one of them. I got a big enough hook for Errol. We actually already caught him and we’re reeling him in right now.

“Being undisputed is gonna mean everything to me. July 29 you’re gonna see a Terence Crawford that you’ve never seen before. Errol may bring the best out of me.”

Spence’s trainer Derrick James added: “I can’t wait. Everyone has been hoping to see this. I know that Crawford is coming with his ‘A game’ and Errol will be on his ‘A game’. You’re gonna see a phenomenal competition. Now, it’s work time. We’re gonna be who we are. Put the pressure on, break him down and win the fight.”

Crawford’s trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre was equally enthusiastic, saying: “This is how the fight is gonna go. It’s gonna be tough. Real tough. I tip my hat to what Errol has accomplished. The first couple of rounds will be tough, but then we’re gonna start walking away with the fight, like we always do. We’ve stopped the last 10 opponents and Errol might be number 11.”