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How Likely Is It For Teofimo Lopez To Return To Boxing?

Few really believe it when a young fighter decides to call it a day from boxing. But that’s precisely what Teofimo Lopez did very shortly after he upset Josh Taylor for his WBO light-welterweight title.

Josh Taylor has stated that it is looking very likely that he will be moving fully up to 147lb after admitting that his body has outgrown the light-welterweight limit. Whether he will get the big fights that he craves for there remains to be seen, although I imagine he would have to do some grafting for a little while. He also expressed his desire to have a rematch with Lopez after talking with dailyrecord.co.uk.

He was quoted as saying: “Will he retire? Maybe. I know he’s got a lot of personal issues, so you never know. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to go fight Devin Haney and become undisputed world champion. The ball is in his court. If he wants to do it all again I’m more than happy to oblige him.”

But Teofimo has expressed that the main reason he retired is because of the politics of the sport:

Badlefthook.com reported:

“I am. Yeah, I am. I think the reason why I’m walking away — it’s not about the competitiveness. I could beat those guys if it’s just those guys that I’m fighting. I’m fighting the referee, I’m fighting the judges, I’m fighting their cornerman, and I’m fighting the commentators. It’s too many fights for me. That right there is like enough is enough. Say I sign a contract with Tank and we face each other, they’ll find a way to postpone the fight and keep postponing the fight, having me wait my time. And if I pull that, what’s everybody gonna say? Teofimo is scared.”

I think we have to go by history in this case. Yes, Lopez does give pretty convincing reasoning as to why he may not return. But history has dictated that it’s quite likely that he will be back at some point. Let’s also take into account that he is only the age of 25. The itch to keep boxing never really goes away in fighters. That is why you often see retired combatants still training in the gym. It gives them something to aim for.

The killer instinct in them never leaves.