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Eric Armit’s The Past Week in Action 19 June 2023 – Australia, Belguim, England & more

Tim Tszyu vs Carlos Ocampo

The Past Week in Action  19 June 2023


-Regis Prograis retains the WBC super light title on split decision over Danielito Zorrilla in a poor fight

-Tim Tszyu blast out Carlos Ocampo in the first round in WBO super welter weight interim title defence

-Sam Goodman outpoints Ra’eese Aleem in IBF super bantamweight eliminator.

-Shakhram Giyasov outpoints Harold Calderon in WBA welterweight eliminator

-Olympic bronze medallist Frazer Clarke remains unbeaten with a points win over Mariusz Wach and lightweight Caroline Dubois decisions Yanina Lescano

-Australian minimum hope Alex Winwood wins the WBC International title in his third fight

Forty-year-old Tasif Khan wins then vacant WBC Silver super flyweight belt with stoppage of Venezuelan David Barreto

-Vincenzo La Femina stops champion Geram Eloyan to win the EU super bantamweight title

World Title/Major Shows


New Orleans, LA, USA: Super Light: Regis Prograis (19-1) W PIS 12 Danielito Zorrilla (17-2). Welter: Shakhram Giyasov (14-0) W PTS 12 Harold Calderon (27-1). Light: Jerry Hill (19-3) W TKO 4 Mark Davis (19-2). Super Bantam: Juliessa Guzman (13-2-2) W KO 8 Ramia Ali (8-1). Light: Jeremy Hill (19-3) W TKO 4 Mark Davis (19-2)

Prograis vs. Zorrilla

Prograis retains the WBC title with a split decision in an abysmal excuse for a title fight with Zorrilla rarely looking to trade punches and Prograis equally at fault being unable to effectively counter the negative tactics of Zorrilla

Round 1

Lots of probing with no one committing themselves to a meaningful punch. Zorrilla landed a couple of shots in side and a couple at distance. Prograis landed a good straight left that seemed to knock Prograis off balance. Prograis was going down from the punch but Zorille dated forward and bundle Prograis down so the referee decided it was a push but it looked as though Prograis was going down before Zorilla ran into him so it could have been ruled a knockdown. Prograis lands a big left late. A close round for Prograis

Score: 10-9 Prograis

Round 2

A terrible round. Prograis was padding forward probing with jabs. Zorrilla was dancing around the perimeter of the ring just stabbing out a jabs that went nowhere near Prograis. Neither connected so impossible to give either the non-round

Score: 10-10 TIED                       Prograis 20-19

Round 3

Finally, some life in the fight as Prograis lands a long left that sends Zorrilla down. He is up immediately and not too shaken. After the count Prograis tracks Zorrilla to a corner and bangs away with body punches. Zorrilla gets out of the corner then sets off around then ring with Prograis in pursuit but not able to cut off the ring

Score: 10-8 Prograis                   Prograis 30-27

Round 4

Zorrilla lands a right then clinches. Prograis gets inside and lands a right and Zorrilla holds. Zorrilla lands a couple of rights and they fall into a clinch with Zorrilla warned for holding. Zorrilla lands a right and then is again warned for holding. Zorrila’s tactics are ugly but effective.

Score:10-9 Zorrilla                      Prograis 39-37

Official Scores: Judge Craig Metcalfe 40-38 Zorrilla, Judge Robert Tapper 40-35 Prograis, Judge Josef Mason 39-36 Prograis

Round 5

Another awful round. Prograis is tracking the retreating Zorilla around the perimeter of the ring unable to cut off the ring. Zorilla is making no effort to throw a punch until there is a little flurry of effort at the bell with a rare punch from Zorrilla just about earning him the round.

Score: 10-9 Zorrilla                     Prograis 48-47

Round 6

Prograis managed to trap Zorrilla on the ropes briefly and lands a couple of hooks. From there it is Prograis tracking Zorrilla with neither throwing a punch. For a change Zorilla comes forward to the middle of the ring but again lots of posing but no punching.

Score: 10-9 Prograis                   Prograis 58-56

Round 7

Prograis walks, Zorrilla runs so very little contact. Prograis lands a strong left to the body but misses with a right. A couple of right hand leads land from Zorilla who is again warned for holding but those punches are enough to give him what edge there is.

Score: 10-9 Zorrilla                     Prograis 67-66

Round 8

Zorrilla stands and fired home four punches at the start of the round. A frustrated Prograis is slinging wild shots. Zorrilla is dancing then stopping to fire single punches then moving before Prograis can counter.

Score:10-9 Zorrilla                      TIED 76-76

Official Scores: Judge Craig Metcalfe 77-75 Prograis Zorrilla, Judge Robert Tapper 79-72 Prograis, Judge Josef Mason 78-73 Prograis

Round 9

Prograis lands a couple of counters early. Zorrilla is again stopping to throw one punch and then setting off around the ring or darting inside and holding. Prograis lands a series of body punches inside, Zorilla complains they are low and then beckons Prograis to stand and fight but then sets off again on his circuits.

Score: 10-9 Prograis                   Prograis 86-85

Round 10

Zorilla stands his ground a bit more getting through with quick jabs and straight rights. Prograis continues to hunt in vain and is just not quick enough or throwing enough punches. Zorrilla lands a right counter. Prograis slipped over after missing a punch and Zorrilla thought it should have counted as a knockdown which was rubbish.

Score: 10-9 Zorrilla                            TIED 95-95

Round 11

Prograis chases Zorrilla hard finally managing to get inside and land a series of punches to the body before Zorrilla goes back to circling out of range without throwing punches

Score: 10-9 Prograis                   Prograis 105-104

Round 12

Prograis storms forward in a scrappy last round. He has some success with lefts but Zorilla lands jabs and again darts in quickly to score with one punch and then sets off moving again and a straight right to the head of Prograis is the best punch of the round.

Score: 10-9 Zorrilla                            TIED 114-114

Official Scores: Judge Craig Metcalfe 114-113 Zorrilla, Judge Robert Tapper 118-109 Prograis, Judge Josef Mason 117-110 Prograis

Prograis was making the first defence of his WBC title. Zorrilla was lucky to get the title shot having lost a wide points decision against Arnold Barboza in July last year and he was not in the WBC top 15 prior to the fight.

This really one of the least entertaining title fights in recent years setting a new low record on CompuBox for punches landed in a title fight with just 84 punches landed in the whole twelve rounds. The lowest figure recorded in the 38 years CompuBox has been operating.

Giyasov vs. Calderon

Uzbek Giyasov takes a unanimous decision over Calderon in a clash of unbeaten fighters. It was a disappointing fight with Giyasov pressing the action and Calderon looking to box at distance and avoid any extended exchanges. Giyasov tried hard to make a fight of it dropping his hands and taunting Calderon but Calderon stuck tohis tactics of not engaging. Even some booing from the crowd did little to spark Calderon into action and when Calderon did venture forward Giyasov was able to dodge his punches with some smart upper body movement and be in position to counter. Really it was a fight without highlights. Giyasov won on scores of 120-108, 118-110 and 116-112 with the last score too generous to Calderon. This was a WBA eliminator which, with Calderon unrated, seems a strange eliminator. Giyasov, a World Championships gold medallist and Olympic silver medal winner, with Spencer and Crawford holding the belts is unlikely to get a title shot anytime soon. Calderon, 35, has probably blown whatever chance he had of getting a title fight.

Hill vs. Davis

Hill wins clash of locals as he stops Davis in the fourth. Hill chose to work on the back foot with Davis marching forward trying to get past the longer reach of Hill to work inside. Davis lost his mouthguard in both the first and second rounds and flirted with disqualification for doing so. Davis had some success but not a lot. He was pressing forward again in the fourth when Hill clipped him with a right to the chin. Davis staggered and Hill jumped on him landing three hard shots to the head that dumped Davis on the floor. He clawed his way up but was unsteady and the referee waived the fight off. Hill had lost on points against Nahir Albright and stopped by Ray Muratalla but this is his third win this year. Davis was inactive for eight years before returning with a win in December.

Guzman vs. Ali

Something of an upset as Mexican Guzman beats Ali in eight rounds. Ali boxed her way in front over the first three rounds with Guzman cut and slinging wildly. In the fourth Guzman nailed Ali with a right to the head and Ali’s legs shook. Guzman piled on the punches and Ali showed her inexperience by standing and trading on shaky legs instead of boxing or holding and she was shaken a couple times more. Ali boxed through most of then fifth circling the ring and not looking to get involved. She seemed to have recovered but with only seconds to go to the bell a big right dropped her heavily. She climbed to her feet but wobbled and after the count the bell went saving Ali from certain defeat. She worked her way back into the fight over the sixth and seventh but a booming left hook in the eighth sent her crashing to the canvas flat on her back and she was counted out. Ali was defending her IBF Inter-Continental title and the vacant WBA Continental Americas title was also in play so Guzman collects both. After a loss in her first fight Guzman had gone 11-0-2 before losing on points to Yamileth Mercado in a challenge for the WBC super bantam title and will be hoping this win nets another title shot. Huge setback for Somali-born Ali who represented Somalia at the Tokyo Olympic Games becoming the first Somali boxer to do so but she lacked the power to contain Guzman.


Broadbeach, Australia: Super Welter: Tim Tszyu (23-0) W KO1 Carlos Ocampo (35-3). Super Bantam: Sam Goodman (15-0) W PTS 10 Ra’eese Aleem (20-1). Super Light: Hassan Hamdan (6-0) W TEC DEC 4 Justin Frost (13-4-1).

Tszyu vs. Ocampo

The first punch of the fight was a short right to the head from Tszyu which shook Ocampo and had him stumbling back. Tszyu landed a series of punches driving Ocampo along the ropes and a right to the head that dropped Ocampo to his hands and knees. Ocampo made it to his feet at eight but after the count Tszyu landed a couple of rights sending Ocampo reeling and then landed a tremendous left hook that sent Ocampo flying into then ropes and down with the referee immediately waiving the fight over after just 77 seconds. An electrifying performance from Tszyu who was making the first defence of the WBO interim title and now waits to see when Jermell Charlo is available so he can fight for the real title. To put Ocampo into context he has lost badly on the two occasions when he has faced top level opposition being knocked out in one round by Errol Spece for the IBF welter title in 2018 and losing a wide unanimous decision against Sebastian Fundora last October. He was only slipped into the WBO ratings at No 11 in May.

Goodman vs. Aleem

Goodman scores split decision over Aleem in an IBF eliminator There was plenty of action from the start in this one. Goodman was using his longer reach to spear Aleem at distance but was also willing to stand close and trade. It was obvious they were well matched with Aleem’s good upper body movement and fast hands offsetting Goodman’s reach. It was punch for punch and fought at a fast pace with Goodman mainly head hunting early and Aleem ducking inside to fire hooks from both hands. There was more action in any round in this fight than the twelve between Prograis and Zorrilla! After a couple of even rounds Aleem’s inside work seemed to give him the edge over the next four rounds. Goodman seemed to get stronger as the fight progressed and he quickly ate into whatever lead Aleem had and Aleem’s work became a bit ragged as he looked to be tiring. Goodman continued to drive forward with Aleem constantly on the back foot fighting hard without much sting in his punches. They continued to pound each other through to the final bell with the hard work over the second half of the fight winning it for Goodman. Scores 117-111 and 116-112 for Goodman and 116-112 for Aleem with the 116-112 for Goodman looking about right. The first two slots in the IBF ratings were vacant and with Goodman 4 and Aleem 5 Goodman could now go into the mandatory position for a win over another rated opponent. Aleem had won his last six fights and can rebound but at 32 he needs to do it quickly.

Hamdan vs. Frost

Hamdan wins the Australian title on a technical decision over champion Frost. Hamdan controlled the action until he was cut over his left eye in then fourth. The doctor recommended then fight be stopped but the fight continued until the round was finished. It went to the scorecards with Hamdan winning on scores of 40-36 on all three cards. If the fight had been stopped when then doctor recommended and the round not completed Frost would have retained the title on a No Decision.


London, England: Heavy: Frazer Clarke (7-0) W PTS 10 Mariusz Wach (37-10). Middle: Aaron McKenna (17-0) W PTS 10 Uisma Lima (10-0). Light: Caroline Dubois (7-0) W PTS 8 Yanina del Carmen Lescano (13-3). Cruiser: Vidal Riley (9-0) W TKO 4 Anees Taj (7-4). Super Welter: Sam Gilley (16-1) W KO 6 Ellis Corrie (7-2-1). Cruiser: Isaac Chamberlain (15-2) W PTS 8 Dylan Bregeon (13-4-1). Super Welter: Hassan Azim (7-0) W TKO 1 Ruben Angulo (8-7-2).

Clarke vs. Wach

Olympian Clarke moves up to ten rounds for the first time with a points win over experienced Pole Wach. Clarke had his jab working well from the start using it to force Wach back and was scoring with punches to the ample body of the Pole. Clarke had quicker hands and was more mobile and he stuck to his jab mixing in body punches and was controlling the fight. Both landed rights in the fourth with Clarke getting the better of the exchanges. The pace dropped in the second half of the fight with too much holding as both men tired but with Clarke doing what good work there was mainly in the form of jabs. He won every round with the referee scoring it 100-90 for Clarke. A useful if unspectacular night’s work from Clarke. Now 43, Wach has lost every fight where he has tried to move up but has taken Wladimir Klitschko, Dillian Whyte, Hughie Fury and Kevin Lerena the distance.

McKenna vs. Lima

McKenna wins the vacant WBC International title with wide unanimous decision over Angolan Lima. Despite giving away height and reach Lima made a good start and the fight was close over the first four rounds. From there McKenna made excellent use of his longer reach. He shook Lima a couple of times with uppercuts and Lima was also cut on his left eyelid. McKenna rocked Lima with a right late in the ninth but Lima absorbed that and fought back over the tenth. Scores 100-91,98-92 and 98-93 for Irishman McKenna. Seventh win in the UK for McKinnon who turned pro in the USA. Lima had won a couple of eight round fights in the UK this year.

Dubois vs. Lescano

Dubois floors Lescano on the way to winning every round in a performance showing growing maturity. She was on target with right jabs and long left crosses. Lescano scored with some sharp counters but for most of the time she was on the back foot and absorbing some punishing shots without being totally subdued. Dubois showed good variety in her punching from head to body and some clever defensive work.  A straight left sent Lescano back and down on her hands and knees in the fifth but she was up quickly and survived some dangerous moments to the final bell. The referee scored it 80-71. Argentinian Lescano had won 10 of her last 11 fight with the loss a split decision against Estelle Mossely for the IBO title.

Riley vs. Taj

Riley stops Taj. Riley won the battle of jabs from the start and connected with some heavy right crosses. Taj fought back hard and although still being outscored managed to drive Riley back occasionally. Reilly had been pounding Taj with hurtful body shots but strayed low in the fourth giving Taj some recovery time. When the fight restarted Riley connected with two body punches and then dropped Taj with a left hook. Taj made it to his feet but when a left hook sent him reeling the fight was stopped. Riley had beaten Taj on a cut in February and this is the Londoner’s sixth inside the distance victory.

Gilley vs. Corrie

Gilley gets late stoppage of Corrie. It was a fast-paced entertaining fight with Gilley having height and reach advantages and with Corrie’s speed keeping him competitive. Gilley looked on the way to a points win and shook Corrie a couple of times in the sixth. With just seconds to go Gilley then fired home a spiteful left hook to the body that sent Corrie spinning to the canvas writhing in agony and he was unable to get up. Eighth win by KO/TKO for English champion Gilley. Corrie had won his last four fights.

Chamberlain vs. Bregeon

Chamberlain has to work hard to get the decision over Frenchman Bregeon, This was Chamberlain’s first fight for eleven months and Bregeon took advantage of some rust in the first round to score with jarring jabs and rock Chamberlain with a hefty right cross. Chamberlain shed the rust and it was then his stronger jab and power that continually forced Bregeon onto the back foot. Body punching slowed Bregeon and Chamberlain dominated the second half of the fight. The referee scored it 78-74. Chamberlain’s losses have come on points against Lawrence Okolie and in his last fight in July last year against Chris Billiam-Smith. Bregeon has had some hard outings with losses against Fabio Turchi and in European title fights against Billam-Smith and Michal Cieslak.

Azim vs. Angulo

Azim gets his fourth win by KO/TKO as he stops Angulo in the first round. Azim knocked Angulo back on his heels with a left jab in the first twenty seconds. He was stalking Angulo testing him with rights. A left hook followed by a chopping right to the head made Angulo’s legs quiver and as he lunged forward a right uppercut sent him stumbling across the ring and face down on the canvas. Angulo climbed to his feet but his legs were unsteady and the referee stopped the fight. Azim won a bronze medal at the Youth Olympic Games and is the brother of unbeaten Adam Azim. Colombian Angulo is 0-4 in fights in the UK.

Melbourne, Australia: Welter: Qamil Balla (14-1-1) W Atchariya Wirojanasunobol (13-1). Light Heavy: Lucas Miller (8-5-2) W Renold Quinlan (16-11).

Balla vs. Wirojanasunobol

Golden Boy Balla brushes aside overmatched Thai Wirojanasunobol in two rounds. Balla scored two knockdowns in the first and two more in the second before the fight was stopped. Balla wins the vacant WBA Oceania belt. His loss came on points against George Kambosos in 2017 but this is only his third fight since then. Wirojanasunobol’s first fight since November 2020.

Miller vs. Quinlan

Southpaw Miller wins the vacant Australian title as he comes off the floor to outpoints Quinlan. Quinlan failed to make the weight so could not have won the title but it was a hard-fought entertaining match. No scores available. Miller was having his first fight since losing on points to New Zealander Jerome Pampellone in April 2022. He had won a majority decision against Quinlan over eight rounds in March 2022. Quinlan, 33, a former IBO super middle champion lost his title to Chris Eubank Jr and was stopped in one round by Joshua Buatsi in 2018.

Northridge, Australia: Minimum: Alex Winwood (2-0) W Reyneris Gutierrez (9-0,1ND).

Australian prospect Winwood beats champion Gutierrez to win the WBC International title on scores of 97-93 twice and 96-93. The fight was close over the first three rounds but after Winwood put Gutierrez down in the fourth he controlled the rest of the fight. The local 25-year-old represented Australia at the Tokyo Olympics, the 2019 World Championships and 2022 Commonwealth Games. Nicaraguan Gutierrez was making the first defence of the title he won back in November 2021

Prague, Czech Republic: Cruiser: Vasil Ducar (14-6-2) TEC DRAW 4 Viktor Trush (8-2-1). Heavy: Lucas Fajk (9-1) W PTS 10 Vaclav Pejsar (21-16).

Ducar vs. Trush

Ducar retains the WBC CISBB belt title with a technical draw against southpaw Trush. After a couple of even rounds a clash of heads in the third saw Ducar cut over his right eye. A wild attack from Trush forced Ducar to his knees and the cut was bleeding heavily. Trush again showered Ducar with punches and he went down for a second time. There was a brief pause as Ducar had lost his gumshield and that was placed back in his mouth. One more knockdown was all Trush needed but as he wildly threw punches he left himself open and a huge left hook sent Trush to his knees facing out through the ropes. He made it up and the bell went at the end of the count. What a round. Ducal survived a doctors inspection but the cut was bad and the referee rightly stopped the fight later in the fourth. Ducar was making the first defence of the CISBB belt. He has lost on points against Kevin Lerena, Chris Billiam-Smith but had won his last three fights. Ukrainian-born Czech Trush Had won his last four fights by KO/TKO.

Fajk vs. Pejsar

Fajk climbs off then floor to take a points win over seasoned pro Pejsar. Fajk was dropped in the third by a thunderous left hook and wobbled a couple of times but out brawled the older Pejsar in a brutal match and was a clear winner. Fajk, 27, had won his last six fights against very modest opposition. Pejsar, 38, has lost twice against Ducar for the Czech cruiser title. This fight was said to be for the Czech Bridgerweight belt.

Accra, Ghana: Super Fly: Tasif Khan (17-1-2) W KO 2 David Barreto (17-3). Super Bantam: Adijat Ghadamosi (8-0) W TKO 5 Patience Mastara (5-9-4). Light: Samuel Takyi (4-0)) W? Anama Dotse (18-6).

Khan vs. Barreto

Bradford’s Khan stops Venezuelan Barreto in two rounds. The 40-year-old Khan towered over the 5’2 ½” Barreto and sent Barreto down in the first with a long right to the body. Barreto made it to the bell but was floored three times in the second being counted out on the third knockdown. Khan wins the vacant WBC Silver title. Ninth victory by KO/TKO for Khan a pro since 2005. To put Barreto’s record into context 14 of the men he beat had never won a fight. Khan has won a number of titles of the lesser known sanctioning bodies and outside of boxing is an Ambassador for the Kashmir Orphans Relief Trust (KORT),

Ghadamosi vs. Mastara

Nigerian Ghadamosi wins the vacant ABU belt as she stops Zimbabwe’s Mastara in five rounds for her fifth win by KO/TKO. Ghadamosi was stronger than Mastara with much better skills. She had Mastara under relentless pressure at the end of the fourth and ended it in the fifth. A body punch sent Mastara to one knee and although she arose she did not want to continue and the fight was stopped. Mastara is now 0-3-2 in her last five fights.

Takyi vs. Dotse

Olympic bronze medal winner Takyi beat experienced Dotse. No other details available.


Pontevedra, Argentina: Light-Fly: Aldana Lopez (8-0) W PTS 10 Carolina Ferrari (3-3-2). Light: Alan Chaves (13-0) W TKO 6 Juan Ruiz (6-1)

Lopez recovers from a first round knockdown to outpoint Ferrari for the vacant national title. Just thirteen seconds into the fight Ferrari landed a right to the head that sent Lopez staggering back down on her haunches with both gloves touching the canvas. After the count Lopez took the fight to Ferrari and bossed the rest of the round. Lopez was toom strong and too quick for Ferrari. She piled forward putting Ferrari undern constant pressure with Ferrari not really making use of her longer reach. Lopez was getting past Ferrari’s jab and connecting with rights to the head and totally dominated the action winning by a wide margin on scores of 98-02 twice and 99-91(this despite the knockdown). Lopez had won a split decision over Ferrari in January in another fight where she was on the floor in the first round.

Chaves vs. Ruiz

Chaves gets his sixth consecutive inside the distance victory as he stops Ruiz in the sixth. Ruiz came out determined to stand and trade inside with Chaves. That enthusiasm lasted about two minutes and then two knockdowns at the end of the round showed Ruiz the error of his ways. Despite the bad start from the second Ruiz competed hard but a focused body attack from Chavez wore him down. A left to the body sent Ruiz back and down early in the sixth and although he beat the count a series of punishing shots had him dropping to the floor again and the fight was stopped. Chaves,22, was making the first defence of the WBC Youth title and has only had to go the distance once so far. Venezuelan Ruiz was never in with a chance.

Roosdaal, Belgium: Super Bantam: Vincenzo La Femina (13-0) W TKO 8 Geram Eloyan (9-5). Super Light: Hovhannes Martirosyan (15-0) W PTS 10 Hassan Amzile (6-2). Super Welter: Femke Hermans (16-4) W RTD 1 Maria Lindberg (20-9-2). Welter: Meriton Karaxha (30-7-3) W KO 5 Zoltan Szabo (28-33).

Eloyan vs. La Femina

Italian La Femina wins the Eu title with a stoppage of champion Eloyan. La Femina dominated the action from the start pressurising Eloyan and scoring consistently with left hooks and body shots. He had the better of the exchanges before dropping Eloyan in the eighth with the towel coming in from Eloyan’s corner shortly after. Seventh inside the distance finish for former Italian champion La Femina. Armenian-born Belgian Eloyan was making the first defence of the title he won with a good victory over 24-2-2 Florian Montels.

Martirosyan vs. Amzile

Martirosyan wins the vacant IBO International belt with a unanimous decision over Frenchman Azile. Martirosyan overcame the height and reach edges enjoyed by Azile to win on scores 97-93 twice and 99-91. Second title this year for Martirosyan who won the WBC Francophone belt in February. Amzile is a former French champion.

Hermans vs. Lindberg

Hermans retains her IBO title as Sweden’s Lindberg retires before the start of the second round. Hermans floored Lindberg near the end of the opening round. Lindberg only just beat the count and her corner pulled her out in the interval. Hermans, who was knocked out in three rounds by Savannah Marshall in a challenge for the WBO middle title in April 2022, was making the first defence of the IBO title. Former IBF title holder Lindberg lost to Savannah Marshall and Hannah Rankin in 2021.

Karaxha vs. Szabo

Albanian Karaxha gets back into the winners enclosure with a fifth round victory over Hungarian Szabo. Body punches proved the undoing of Szabo. He was dropped twice in the fifth by shots to the body and counted out. After an unbeaten run going back over thirteen fights Karaxha suffered consecutive points losses against Abass Baraou and Jordy Weiss. Eleven losses in his last twelve fights for Szabo

Dominican Republic: Bantam: Marcelino Nieves (18-0) W PTS 10 Ernesto Martinez (13-5-1). Super Bantam: Lusi Aguero (15-0) W RSF 3 Robert Ramirez (6-2). Feather: Felix Batista (9-0) W Carlos Beras (8-0).

Nieves vs. Martinez

Nieves holds on to the WBA Fedecentro belt with a unanimous decision over Venezuelan Martinez. Dominican Nieves used his better skills and longer reach to outbox Martinez, The visitor drove forward for all ten rounds but Nieves countered and moved when it suited him or stood and traded punches. His superior defensive work had Martinez swishing air at times but Martinez pushed Nieves to the last bell. No scores available as Nieves made the first defence of the title

Aguero vs. Ramirez

Aguero gets a win over another Venezuelan. Aguero was giving away height and reach to Ramirez but had no trouble get inside to work. Ramirez was cute but lacked power. It was a bit sloppy as a fight but in the third Ramirez drew out of a clinch with his left arm held up in the air. Aguero took the opportunity to land a couple of punches before then referee stepped in to stop the action. Ramirez was examined by the ringside doctor and was unable continue due to the injury.

Batista vs. Beras

There was a dramatic finish to this all-Dominican bout. Batista had been chasing down the taller Beras who was boxing confidently and moving well. Batista caught up with Beras in the third and hit him with a vicious left hook to the body that had Beras rolling on the canvas in agony and counted out. Sixth inside then distance win in a row for Batista who was defending the WBA Fedecentro belt. Beras is the Dominican super featherweight champion.

Queretaro, Mexica: Super Light: Andres Gutierrez (39-2-2) W TKO Jesus Geles (15-5-1). Super Light: Oscar Gutierrez (21-5) WKO1 Aristides Perez (34-23-3)

Gutierrez vs. Geles

Gutierrez gets an inside the distance win over Colombian Geles. No round given but the end came when Geles was knocked down and damaged his left ankle when falling and was unable to continue. Gutierrez, 29, is now 6-0-1 since losing to Abner Mares for the WBA secondary featherweight title on a technical decision in 2017. Geles was inactive from 2014 until returning with a win in 2022.

Gutierrez vs. Perez

Younger brother Oscar makes it a win double for the family as he stops Perez in the first round. First fight for six years for Oscar and win No 17 by KO/TKO. Loss No 14 by KO/TKO for 42-year-old Colombian Perez

Merida, Mexico: Feather: Brian Padilla (10-0) TKO 2 Zaid Rejon (13-1-1). FLY: Yahir Frank (13-0) W TKO 4 Jerven Mama (13-3-1).

Padilla vs. Rejon

Padilla overpowers Rejon in two rounds. Both were letting the punches go in the first round. Rejon tried switching guards a few times but Padilla was landing more and harder shots. Things were a bit calmer in the second until Padilla connected with a thumping left hook the dropped Rejon heavily. He was up quickly but when they swapped punches at the restart a right had Rejon dipping at the knees and briefly touching down. He made it to his feet but when a left hook staggered him the fight was stopped. Padilla, 22, was moving up to ten round status form the first time and registers his ninth win by KO/TKO. Rejon (Espinosa) showed some nice skills but Padilla hit too hard.

Frank vs. Mama

Frank finishes Mama with body punches in the fourth. Frank’s power was evident in the first as he jarred Mama with jabs and landed some scorching left hooks to the body. Mama showed a useful jab but Frank ended the round with some more power shots. Nice jabbing from Mama in the second with Frank focusing on hooks but he was given a stern warning for careless use of his head as Mama took the round. Mama worked well at distance in the third but with Frank again scoring with solid hooks and uppercuts inside. A left hook to the body at the start of the fourth sent Mama to his knees. He only just beat the count but another body punch put him down and although he got up the referee waived the fight over. Frank, 20, makes it ten inside the distance finishes. Filipino Mama has now lost three of his last four contests.

Paranaque City, Philippines: Welter: Joe Noynay (21-3-2) W TKO 4 Larry Siwu (31-14).

Easy night for Noynay against Indonesian Siwu. After taking then first three rounds Noynay put Siwu down with a left early in the fourth. About one minute later another left floored Siwu. After the count Noynay drove Siwu to a corner and unloaded punches until the referee came in to save Siwu. Noynay sprang a big surprise when he stopped then unbeaten Australian super feather Liam Wilson in five rounds in 202q1 but was a massive 9lbs overweight for their return fight in March 2022. He rebounded in December to win the Philippines welter title. With this victory he wins the vacant IBF Pan Pacific title. Siwu way out of his depth.

Brentwood, England: Bantam: Ashley Lane (17-10-2) W RTD 7 Jordan Purkiss (6-1). Super Welter: Jack Martin (8-1) W TKO 8 Rayn Maycock (7-3).

Lane vs. Purkiss

Lane beats English champion Purkiss. This was a fast-paced open fight with the experienced Lane taking the fight to Purkiss with sharp jabs and Purkiss countering with some crisp rights. Purkiss had Lane rocking in the second but a right from Lane floored Purkiss early in the third. Purkiss made it to his feet but Lane punch /wrestled him down. Purkiss got up again but a right sent him down for the third time. They were not heavy knockdowns but the round still had two minutes to go. Somehow Purkiss boxed, moved and held and made it to the bell. Purkiss competed hard in the fourth and fifth with both scoring well but Purkiss still seemed unsteady and he was taking punishment at the end of the sixth. Lane was pouring it on again in the seventh with Purkiss struggling and badly cut over his left eye and the fight was stopped in the interval. Former Commonwealth champion Lane gets his third consecutive win and collects the English title. Tough first loss for Purkiss.

Martin vs. Maycock

Martin stops Maycock in the eighth. Martin forced the fight from the start. Southpaw Maycock fought almost exclusively on the back foot and boxed well looking to build an early lead with his tidier work and seemed capable of boxing his way to victory. Martin’s greater strength then began to tell and Maycock tired badly. Martin had turned the fight around and he found something extra in the seventh rocking Maycock. In the eighth Martin forced an exhausted Maycock to the ropes and just kept punching until the referee stepped in to save the fagged Maycock. Martin wins the BBB of C Southern Area title at the second attempt.

Atlantic City, NJ, USA: Super Light: Lerry Fryers (12-7-1) W TEC DEC 6 Dimash Niyazov (14-2-3) W. Super Middle Pierre Dibombe (21-0-1) W Derrick Findley (35-29-1,1ND).

Fryers vs. Niyazov

Fryers gets a technical decision over Niyazov. Irishman Fryers looked on his way to a points victory but when they clinched along then ropes in the sixth round Niyazov fell out of the ring and was unable to continue. Fryers was 59-55 in front on all three cards. A vital win for Fryers as he had been 1-5-1 in his last 7 fights. Niyazov was having only his second fight in five years.

Dibombe vs. Findley

Frenchman Dibombe returns to action after a long lay-off and stops Findley inn four rounds. The former French and European Union champion had been side-lined for fifteen months due to illness and injury. He extends his winning run to 18 fights.

Fight of the week (Significance): After defending the WBC title hopefully Regis Prograis will now move on to better fights.

Fight of the week: Sam Goodman vs. Ra’eese Aleem was a great scrap.

Fighter of the week: Tim Tszyu for his crushing of Carlos Ocampo

Punch of the week: The body punches from both Sam Gilley and Felix Batista were cruel but I go for the left hook from Juliessa Guzman that flattened Ramia Ali

Upset of the week: No shocks

Prospect watch: None I have not already noted


Rosette: To Goodman and Aleem for saving an otherwise flat weekend with a battle royal

Red Card: Prograis and Zorrilla for putting on such a poor fight that it would have been overpriced if it was free. Zorrilla was the worse culprit but Prograis did nothing to make it any more entertaining just following Zorrilla around the ring-and let’s not forget the WBC who sanctioned a fighter not in their top 15 to fight for their title. Let’s also add the WBO who manipulated their ratings to slip Ocampo into their top 15 in time to fight Tszyu-that worked out well didn’t it guys!

-Boxing shows in Mauritous and Niger both new to professional boxing