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Heavyweight champ Lani Daniels to retire? Maybe, not!

IBF World Heavyweight Champion Lani Daniels might not retire from boxing with her manager John Conway negotiating with multiple big promoters.

On May 27th, Lani Daniels became the fourth Maori boxer to be a World champion. After the fight, Daniels stated she planned to retire from boxing, however, would continue her professional boxing career if a promoter signed her with serious money. Daniels day job is a mental health nurse and was away from her home and work for the first part of the year to prepare for her world title fight. Daniels might have to leave her job permanently if things go to plan.

Daniels trainer and manager, John Conway has begun negotiating with multiple promoters to get the best possible deal for his world champion boxer. Conway is well known in the boxing community for not only being a retired combat sports fighter winning a Muay Thai World title and fighting in 183 fights between Amateur boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai fighting and Professional boxing. Conway has officiated in both boxing and muay thai, refereeing some of the best fighters including Joseph Parker, Junior Fa, Jeff Horn and more.

Details can not be revealed yet negotiations are both being held with both New Zealand and international promoters. All promoters hold regular Pay per view boxing events. In a perfect scenario, if Conway and Daniels sign with the New Zealand promoter, she could be fighting as soon as August and again at the end of the year.

One boxer is hot on the radar as the first opponent for Daniels is South African Razel Mohammed. Mohammed is currently ranked 1st in the WBO Cruiserweight division and 3rd in the IBF and 4th on Boxrec in the Heavyweight division. Mohammed called out Lani Daniels back in November 2022. Razel Mohammed matchmaker Frank Pittal said on Facebook “Reigning South African cruiser champion sends out a message to New Zealand world champion Lani Daniels ‘come out, Come out where ever you are, it’s time to DANCE in the Rain’ IBO ranked 4 in the world Razzell is willing to move up to heavyweight to get this fight on !!”. Mohammed said, “Let’s do this. I’m a South African Springbok… We eat ferns for breakfast. I’ll introduce you to a bit of African power”.

Daniels replied on social media “well I hope you like eating fists for dinner because that’s what’s on the menu once that bell goes a knuckle sandwich with a bit of fern will call it the African power special because it packs a punch”.

This fight would be perfect for Daniels first world title defense.