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Andy Ruiz Sr says his son is being lowballed by Deontay Wilder

The father and manager of former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr 35-2 (22) says they won’t be accepting a fight against Deontay Wilder 43-2-1 (42) under the current terms.

Andy Ruiz Sr says that the former WBC heavyweight champion has offered them a purse split of around 30%, which he finds unacceptable.

The 33-year-old Ruiz Jr is coming off a solid unanimous points win over former world title challenger Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz 33-2 (28) last September. He has the Cuban southpaw on the deck three times in the bout.

Wilder, 37, has boxed just once in the past two years, a first-round blowout of Robert Helenius 31-4 (20) last October.

“Wilder wants to offer Andy around 30%,” Ruiz Sr said to Izquierdazo. “We want 50-50, because Wilder is no longer a champion, he is coming off a very bad fight where he fought against a sparring partner. I think that sparring partner took a dive. And Andy is coming off a good fight that lasted 12 rounds.

“It’s not good money and I will tell you why. They are offering almost the same amount of money that he received when he beat Ortiz. How is it possible to receive the same amount of money with Wilder as we did with ‘King Kong’? Andy and Wilder are going to fill up a stadium, they are going to sell a crazy amount of pay-per-view because everybody wants to see that fight.

“They are not offering a fair split. The only thing we are asking is a 50-50 split, we are not asking for anything else. 50-50 and we are ready to fight Wilder, and give him a good beating. Wilder will suffer the same beating as [Anthony] Joshua.

“Andy has enough money because of the investments that he has done. He has millions of dollars and that’s why Wilder is angry, because he had to negotiate with me. He wanted me to persuade my son to fight for a certain amount of money and he is dumb, he is stupid, if he thinks that I would try to persuade my son to accept a fight for that kind of money when Andy doesn’t want to fight for that amount. He is out of his mind.

“We don’t have a deadline. Wilder doesn’t have any other options at this moment. Where is he going to fight? His option is to fight again with ‘King Kong’. But Ortiz is low profile now, nobody knows about him, he is not in the news anymore. There is Chris Arreola, but Arreola is going to fight Frank Sanchez. Joshua? He is not fighting Joshua at this moment. [Tyson] Fury? He is going to fight with [Oleksandr] Usyk in December and most probably they will have a rematch clause and they will fight again at the end of 2024. Wilder will be 40 years old. That’s why Andy is his only option and with both of them receiving good money.”

Meanwhile, Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott is predicting and early night for Wilder if the pair do fight.

“I don’t even want to say what round that I think because it comes across as very brash, but I will say something will happen to Andy Ruiz that has never happened before. He will be knocked out cold,” Scott told ESNews.

“He has been hit by lighter punchers [like Chris Arreola] that don’t hit as hard as Deontay and he has been down, has been hurt, has been wobbled. Does that make him a bad fighter? Absolutely not. I’m just talking about him going up against the hardest puncher in the history of the sport.

“My prediction is that something will happen to Andy Ruiz that has never been done to him before – and that is he’ll get knocked out cold.”