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Eddie Hearn removes rematch clause, still doesn’t think Dillian Whyte will accept Anthony Joshua fight

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A major sticking point for the proposed August 12 bout between former two-time unified heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder 25-2 (22) and perennial contender Dillian Whyte 29-3 (19) has now been removed.

Eddie Hearn, who promotes both boxers, was chided by the 36-year-old Whyte for the late insertion of a rematch clause in favour of Joshua in the event that he loses.

Joshua, 33, is already deep in negotiations for a December bout in Saudi Arabia against former WBC champion Deontay Wilder 43-2-1 (42).

Whyte wants that opportunity to become his if he defeats Joshua.

Hearn revealed he removed the rematch clause to appease Whyte, but still doesn’t think that he will sign.

“The great news is now they have a contract with no rematch clause for August 12,” Hearn told Boxing Social.

There is absolutely nothing in the contract of any regard that is going to cause any problems, let’s see. I don’t think they are going to sign it, but I hope they do. AJ wants this fight bad.

“It’s the fight he wants but we want to announce it on Saturday, so we’ve got 48 hours. I don’t want to put deadlines to start rattling people, but the deadline is on us to announce the fight and other opponents who we’ve got ready to go. I know Dillian loves a big fight and it’s here for him, so hopefully he signs.”

Earlier this week Whyte expressed his concern with the negotiations.

“Well we had a contract, the contract’s with my lawyer and my lawyers have gone back to him,” Whyte told talkSPORT.

“But there’s a lot of things that have been said publicly that are not happening when we’re negotiating.

“They said it was gonna be a standard contract, but it’s not, there’s a lot of things in the contract now that they didn’t say was gonna be in it…

“It’s like this, he said, ‘we’re gonna send a simple contract’ and then they sent a very complicated contract with a lot of hoops and a lot of hooks to hook me in.

“I don’t want that, I just want a simple contract, simple fight, winner moves on and has a big fight in Saudi Arabia.”

Hearn clarified that it was in fact him and not Joshua who wanted the rematch clause in the contract.

“When there is such a huge A-side in the fight you have to do your job as a promoter. Firstly, any huge name I have worked with in boxing has a rematch clause. Secondly, it was me that requested that,” Hearn said.

“AJ is about to fight Wilder for $50 or $60 million and he is choosing to take a dangerous fight a few months before. If he loses, he is out in the wilderness and loses the Wilder fight in December. If we’re giving that opportunity to someone else, of course we are going to look for a rematch clause.”

The bout would be a rematch of their 2015 clash that saw Joshua victorious over Whyte with a seventh-round knockout.