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High stakes for Jack Brubaker and Troy O’Meley as they set their sights on Nikita Tszyu

Jack Brubaker and Troy O'Meley. Photo credit: Gregg Porteous/No Limit Boxing

Junior middleweight ‘Gelignite’ Jack Brubaker 16-4-2 (8) and sees his fight against Troy O’Meley 14-3-1 (5) at Hoops Capital East in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday night as an audition for the opportunity to face popular local star Nikita ‘The Butcher’ Tszyu 6-0 (5).

Earlier this month promoter No Limit Boxing announced their plans to put on four televised cards in six weeks culminating with a domestic pay-per-view show on August 26 co-headlined by super featherweight contender Liam Wilson and Tszyu, who is the younger brother of WBO interim 154-pound champion Tim Tszyu.

The first card in the series will feature Brubaker vs O’Meley over six frames in support of the eight round bout between light heavyweights Paulo Aokuso and Renold Quinlan and the 10-round main event that pits lightweights Youssef Dib and Miles Zalewski against each other.

It will be the 31-year-old Brubaker’s first fight since losing back-to-back bouts to Tim Tztyu and Stevie Spark in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

“That’s the only reason I’m here… to get one back on the Tszyu family. Right now, they’re up one-nil against me,” Brubaker told Fox Sports Australia.

“But Nikita, he’s a beatable opponent. No Limit have done a great job in building him up, picking the right fights.

“But most of Nikita’s opponents have been beat before they get in the ring. They look like a deer in the headlights at the press conferences.

“No Limit put on big shows and unless you’re a big show fighter, you’re done before you even get the win.

“So, yes, Nikita has looked good. And he’s had hype around him his whole career, rightly so. But he’s beatable.

“Ben Horn showed he can be hurt… and he’s not going to be knocking me out in the first round, I can tell you that.”

O’Meley, 30, sees victory as a way to open the door to a shot at Tszyu himself.

“I think the winner of this fight deserves Nikita,” O’Meley said. “He’s been calling people out and if he’s ready to go, I’m here.”

Promoter George Rose is open to the idea.

“They’ve got this chance to put their name on everyone’s lips. That’s the opportunity they have here,” Rose said.

“They want to fight Nikita Tszyu so let’s see how they go, what they bring to the table.

“It’s something they both want and it’s something I’ll definitely make happen.”

“Obviously it will depend on how they pull up from the fight, but we’d like to put it on as soon as possible.”

The 25-year-old Tszyu recently revealed what his team is looking for in his next opponent.

“We’re looking to increase the tempo and the intensity,” he said. “For me I’m still trying to gain more experience, that’s the main thing for me.

“I couldn’t care less about the knockouts, I’m trying to level up and build my skills and you don’t get that with a one round fight, you get that with a tough fight and one that goes the distance.

“This time around we’re looking for someone who is definitely more experienced and able to go the distance. That’s the kind of fight I need.”