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Amilcar Vidal Jr bounces back with stoppage win

Amilcar Vidal Jr

The pressure was on for Uruguay’s Amilcar Vidal Jr as he returned home to Montevideo following a devastating knockout defeat to Elijah Garcia in March.

Last night saw the hometown favourite lock horns with Venezuela’s Domicio Rondon for the vacant South American middleweight title over ten rounds live on ProBox TV.

Heading into the fight promoter Sampson Lewkowicz made it quite clear that Vidal Jr was under huge pressure to perform following defeat.

“He has to get the win tomorrow night.” Lewkowicz said prior to the fight. “If he can’t beat Rondon then we will have to stop working together, he won’t be able to make it if he can’t win this fight. However, if he can win and look good? We will take him back to America, I still dream of bringing my country its first male world champion.“

Vidal Jr started the main event relatively tentatively but never looked in any real trouble in the opening rounds. The slight hesitancy could be forgiven due coming off a first career where he lost his WBC Latino title in America.

Heading into the fight the class between the pair looked pretty evident despite a touch of reluctancy from the Uruguayan. As the rounds ticked by, Vidal Jr started to land his long reaching left jab and the overhand right with more velocity and more often.

It was just a matter of time before Vidal Jr’s confidence was restored as he started to really bully and damage Rondon in rounds 6 and 7. The final minute of round 7 saw Vidal Jr really go to work, landing to head and body at will.

As soon as Vidal Jr stepped on the gas Rondon didn’t seem too interested in engaging in the Uruguayan capital. The Venezuelan would not rise from his stall between rounds 7 and 8 to the delight of Vidal Jr and his supporting crowd. The rangy middleweight looked to the heavens following the win in what appeared to be a huge sigh of relief for the one-time world title hopeful.