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Seniesa Estrada admits weight cut made Leonela Yudica fight more difficult than it needed to be

Seniesa Estrada (right) and Leonela Yudica. Photo credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

WBC and WBA minimumweight champion Seniesa ‘Superbad’ Estrada 25-0 (9) has admitted making weight is becoming increasingly difficult at this stage of her career.

The 31-year-old dropped down to the 105-pound weight class in March 2001 to claim the WBA belt from Anabel Ortiz 33-5 (4) after previously campaigning at junior flyweight. Two years later she unified the division with victory over Tina Rupprecht 12-1-1 (3) to add the WBC belt to her collection.

Last weekend Estrada successfully defended those belts with a win over 34-year-old Leonela Yudica 19-2-3 (1) in Las Vegas. All three judges scored the bout 97-93 but it was a harder fight than many were expecting.

“I made it tougher than it should’ve been just because physically I felt like at 40%,” Estrada said on The 3 Knockdown Rule podcast.

“My weight cut was not the easiest. I just felt dehydrated before and after the weigh-in and during the fight so my body wouldn’t allow me to do certain things that I should have done.”

Estrada was able to adapt against the teak-tough Argentinean, coming home with a wet sale.

“One thing about my style is that I can adjust very quickly and I have a great trainer who told me what adjustments to make and I was able to make those adjustments,” Estrada said.

“I mean, there aren’t too many fighters who can make adjustments in the middle of the fight and towards the end of a fight. I’m just grateful that with my style I’m able to make adjustments.”

Estrada blamed changes to her training camp negatively impacted her ability to make weight.

“The weight has never been an issue for me, which is why I thought it would be easy this time,” Estrada said.

“My last fight for my WBC and WBA titles, I used my Perfecting Athletes nutritionists, so everything was smooth, everything was great. I used them this time, but I just didn’t have them as involved and I didn’t have them there fight week, so I just started my weight cut a little too late.

“First time I ever experienced feeling dehydrated, talking very slow, kind of slurring my words. I tried my best not to show it during the fighter meetings and fight day as well, I still felt that way.

“But hey, you live and you learn and next camp I’m gonna make sure I have Perfecting Athletes with me throughout the whole camp, throughout fight week, and make the weight cut easier.”

Estrada could be headed into a four-belt unification bout with WBO and IBF minimumweight champion Yokasta Valle 28-2 (9) of Costa Rica, who was seated ringside for the fight.

The 30-year-old Costa Rican has held the IBF title for four years and claimed the WBO belt in September last year.

Last November she also collected the same two belts at junior flyweight with victory over Evelin Bermudez.