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Eric Armit’s weekly boxing results; The Past Week in Action 7 August 2023

Amanda Serrano (right) lands a body shot on Heather Hardy in their rematch. Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

The Past Week in Action 7 August 2023

-Amanda Serrano retains her IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC, WBO featherweight titles with points win over Heather Hardy
-The Jake Paul circus sees Paul score a points win over former MMA star Nate Diaz
-Heavyweight Robert Helenius returns to action with a win
-Robin Krasniqi score controversial disqualification wins in Pristina
– The delightfully named Charlemagne Metonyekpon retain the Italian super light title and Dylan Colin wins the vacant French light heavyweight belt
-There wins for Padraig McCrory, Sean McComb, Derrieck Cuevas, Elijah Pierce, Jordan White, Pablo Corzo, Jose Rosa and Samuel Molina.

World Title/Major Shows

August 5

Dallas, TX, USA: Feather: Amanda Serrano (45-2-1) W PTS 10 Heather Hardy (24-3,2ND). Cruiser: Jake Paul (7-1) W PTS 10 Nate Diaz (0-1 ). Light: Ashton Sylve (10-0) W KO 4 William Silva (30-5). Welter: Alan Sanchez (23-5-1) W PTS 8 Angel Beltran (17-2). Super Middle: Shadasia Green (13-0) W PTS 10 Olivia Curry (7-2)
Serrano vs. Hardy
Serrano successfully defends her five belts with a repeat of her one-sided victory over Hardy scored back in 2019. Dominant first round from Serrano. She was slotting home jabs and forcing Hardy back with straight rights and left hooks to the body then easily slipping away from Hardy’s punches. In the second it was more right jabs and left hooks. Hardy fired back but was leaving herself open to counters. Hardy was more competitive in the third standing her ground and matching Serrano inside although shaken by a couple of lefts late in the round. Serrano was marching forward relentlessly in the fourth firing straight shots with pinpoint accuracy and Hardy was being hurt by left hooks to the body. The fifth was more of the same. Hardy was taking a beating as Serrano was loading up on all of her punches but to Hardy’s credit every time she was driven back she kept lunging forward to throw more punches. Serrano continued to pound Hardy over the sixth, seventh and eighth. The referee understandably called the doctor to examine Hardy in the ninth but she was adamant she was not ready to surrender. Late in the round a clash of heads saw Hardy suffer a cut high on her hair line. Again, the referee took her over to the doctor and again Hardy stridently insisted she be allowed to continue. Serrano tried hard to finish it in the tenth and she shook Hardy time after time but even with blood trickling down her face and into her left eye Hardy just stood and fired back to the bell. A towering performance from Serrano. The power and precision of her punching would have ground down any fighter but Hardy showed matchless courage. Serrano is running out of competition at featherweight and it is a pity that the return with Katie Taylor looks to have drifted away. Hardy had put together a run of twenty-two wins at the start of her career and won the WBO featherweight title. She is now 41 and 2-3 in her last five fights. She soaked up a lot of punishment here this might be a good time to retire.

Paul vs. Diaz
After some early sparring it looked as though Paul might end this in the first. He sent Diaz back to the ropes and then drove him along the ropes and landed a swarm of punches but Diaz survived to the bell. Diaz did better in the second taking the fight inside and turning it into a brawl. He seemed to shake Paul with a couple of punches at the end of the third but he tends to cuff with his punches. By the fifth Diaz was already looking gassed and Paul floored him with a left hook to the temple. Diaz got up and withstood Paul’s attempts to finish the fight. Paul scored well in the sixth as Diaz plodded after him and they both had some success in the seventh with Paul just outworking Diaz who had heavy swellings around both eyes but landing some useful head punches. Paul was boxing on the retreat for much of the eighth. He was landing counters but Diaz just walked through them and tried a half-hearted butt at the end of the round. Diaz could hardly hold his hands up over the ninth and tenth and Paul had a good last round. Scores 98-91 twice and 97-92 for Paul as the circus marches on. Paul has met only one legitimate fighter and that was Tommy Fury to whom he lost. Box Rec has Paul rated No 207 which shows whilst this might count as entertainment it has nothing to do with even modest level boxing. Diaz, 38, had been an outstanding Martial Arts/UFC fighter-at welterweight (171lbs.) and was 185lbs for this fight.

Sylve vs. Silva
Teenager Sylve stops Brazilian Silva in four rounds. Sylve put Silva down with a body punch in the second and finished the fight with a left to the body in the fourth putting Silva down and out. Sylve has won nine of his fight by KO/TKO. Silva, 36, suffers his fourth inside the distance loss.

Sanchez vs. Beltran
Sanchez outscore Beltran in a bloody but entertaining bout. Beltran started aggressively taking the fight to his fellow-Mexican Sanchez who countered well scoring with strength-sapping body punches. Both were hampered with cuts with Sanchez surviving a doctor’s inspection in the fourth and Beltran being cut over his left eye in the same round. Sanchez was hoovering up the rounds with Beltran not closing the gap and Sanchez was a good winner on scores of 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75. Sanchez suffered consecutive losses against Alexander Besputin and Daniyar Yeleussinov and was then inactive until returning with a win in May 2021. This is his third win in a row. Beltran had won his last eight fights.
Green vs. Curry
Former US amateur champion Green had a run of nine inside the distance wins in a row snapped as she had to go the distance to outpoint Curry. For a couple of rounds Curry was competitive with a busy, busy approach but she lacked accuracy and Green swept up those rounds and got stronger and stronger continually rocking Curry with heavy rights. Curry was bruised and battered but went the distance. Scores 100-89, 100-90 and 99-91 for Green the WBC Siver belt holder. Curry was in her first ten round bout.


Belfast, Northern Ireland: Super Middle: Padraig McCrory (18-0) W PTS 10 Steed Woodall (18–1). Super Light: Sean McComb (17-1) W PTS 10 Alejandro Moya (17-2). Feather: Kurt Walker (8-0) W PTS 8 Jayro Duran (15-15). Welter: Lewis Crocker (17-0) W TKO 4 Greyvin Mendoza (7-7-5). Super Welter: Kieran Molloy (6-0) W TKO 1 Sam O’maison (17-6-1)

McCrory vs. Woodall
McCrory wins a brutal battle on a unanimous decision. Both fighters were letting their punches go from the start. McCrory clouted Woodall with some heavy rights in the first but Woodall banged back shaking McCrory with a left in the second. McCrory had the better of some fierce exchanges in the third but was cut over his right eye as their heads clattered together. McCrory started to box more working openings for more crunching rights but Woodall was taking the shots and firing back. In the eighth McCrory connected with yet another right which knocked Woodall off balance and one of his gloves touched the canvas resulting in a count. Woodall responded by rocking McCrory with a right in the ninth and edging the tenth but it was not enough. Scores 96-93 twice and 98-92 with the first two scores looking more representative of the action. McCrory won the IBO light heavyweight title with a sixth round stoppage of unbeaten Leon Bunn in October but relinquished the title without defending it. Woodall’s only other loss was a fourth round stoppage against Steve Rolls in Houston in 2015 and he had scored nine wins since then.

McComb vs. Moya
McComb outpoints a competitive Moya. Southpaw McComb set a fast pace from the start using his edges in height and reach jabbing with speed and accuracy over the first two rounds. Moya was dangerous with counters and made the third and fourth rounds close but with McComb’s work rate the differentiator. McComb outscored Moya in the fifth and sixth before the pace slowed in the seventh with McComb scoring with some flashing combinations in the eighth. Moya had his best round in the ninth getting through with some hurtful shots but McComb boxed cleverly in the tenth. Scores 97-93 twice and a harsh 99-92 for McComb who was defending the WBO European title. A stoppage loss against Gavin Gwynne for the vacant Commonwealth title in 2021 was a setback but he has rebounded with six wins. Although coming off his first loss, a split decision against Walid Ouizza for the vacant European Union title, Moya proved a good test.

Walker vs. Duran
Olympian Walker outboxes Duran. No problems here for Walker who has too much skill for the hard-punching but limited Duran. Walker won every round comfortably and the referee scored it 80-72. Walker, 28, a veteran of over 100 amateur fights, lost to eventual silver medallist Duke Ragan on a split decision in the quarter-finals in Tokyo but won gold at the European Union Championships and the European Games and silver at the Commonwealth Games. Spanish-based Honduran Duran has won only one of his last twelve fights.

Crocker vs. Mendoza
Belfast’s Crocker finishes Spanish-based Mendoza in four rounds. Crocker dominated the first three rounds and then floored Mendoza with body punch in the fourth to end the fight. Now ten wins by KO/TKO for Crocker. Mendoza’s recent form is 0-5-3.

Molloy vs. O’maison
Galway southpaw Molloy knocked out fellow-southpaw O’maison in the first round. A huge right hook from Molloy sent O’maison down heavily and the fight was all over in 102 seconds. Molloy is managed by the Conlan brothers Michael and Jaime and promoted by Top Rank. He headlined a show in Galway which was the first show there for fourteen years. He won a bronze medal at the 2018 European Union Championships and was Irish National champion in 2018, 2019 and 2021. Third loss in a row by KO/TKO for O’maison all against unbeaten fighters

Atlanta, GA, USA: Super Bantam: Elijah Pierce (18-2) W KO 3 Mike Plania (28-3). Welter: Oshae Jones (4-0) W PTS 8 Miranda Barber (3-5). Bantam: Gabriel Muratalla (10-0) W PTS 6 Edwin Rodriguez (11-7-2).

Pierce vs. Plania
Pierce impresses with a third round kayo of Plania. There was plenty of action from the start with a confident Plania driving forward behind his jab throwing a rights and southpaw Pierce countering with straight lefts. Plania was cut on the forehead in a clash of heads and Pierce boxed through the early storm and was the one coming forward at the end of the round. Both were trying to take control in the second with Pierce jabbing strongly. Plania launched a fierce attack driving Plania to the ropes and firing hooks from both hands but was holding his hands low and Pierce scored with counters just before the bell. Pierce continued to punish Plania in the third and then dropped him on his back with a short left hook and Plania was out. Ninth successive win for Pierce and his fifteenth by KO/TKO. He was coming off a points win over 20-1 Tramaine Williams. Filipino, Plania was No 14 with the IBF but suffers his first inside the distance loss. He had won 13 of his last 14 fights with the loss coming against Ra’eese Aleem.

Jones vs. Barber
Olympic bronze medallist Jones batters Barber to defeat. From bell to bell Jones handed out a beating to Barber with all three judges scoring it 80-72. In addition to her Olympic bronze Jones also won a gold medal at the Pan American Games. Barber has also competed in a few bare knuckle fights.

Muratalla vs. Rodriguez
Muratalla outboxes Rodriguez. The Californian had too much skill and too much speed for Rodriguez and won on scores of 60-54 twice and 59-55. Muratalla, a school teacher, is the elder brother of unbeaten Ray Muratalla.

Panama City, Panama: Welter: Derrieck Cuevas (26-1-1) W TKO 4 Alberto Mosquera (28-6-1,2ND). Super Middle: Uwel Hernandez (16-1) W KO 2 Juan Juarez (21-9). Light Fly: Azael Villar (19-2-4) DREW 10 Gerardo Zapata (14-1-1).

Cuevas vs. Mosquera
Cuevas floors Mosqueda twice but in the end wins as the ringside doctor decides that a cut over Mosqueda’s right eye is too bad for the fight to continue. The first round was a messy affair with too much clinching. Mosqueda was stalking Cuevas but was warned for use of the elbow and for a punch to the back of the head and Cuevas for a low punch. Early in the second Cuevas floored Mosqueda with a left hook and a straight right. Mosqueda was up quickly but after the count Cuevas landed another left hook and although Mosqueda tried to grab Cuevas he fell forwards and down for another count. Mosqueda made it to his feet but was shaken by a right then he fired back and landed some good punches at the end of the round. Cuevas did very little work in the third with Mosqueda doing what scoring there was but he was cut over his left eye by a punch. Mosqueda passed a doctor’s inspection of the cut at the start of the fourth. There was then some roughhouse brawling until the referee again asked the doctor to view Mosqueda’s cut and the fight was stopped. Eighteenth win by KO/TKO for the heavy-handed but slow Puerto Rican who was defending the WBA Fedecentro belt. Mosqueda, 36, was having his first fight for seventeen months.

Hernandez vs. Juarez
Hernandez puts away Juarez with a body punch. The first round saw Juarez backing around the ring with Hernandez shadowing. Juarez made a couple of darting attacks but Hernandez blocked the punches and struck back with a couple of hooks. Hernandez launched a powerful attack in the second firing hooks from both hands to the body of Juarez. The Argentinian chose to stand and punch with Hernandez but a left hook to the body sent him down in pain. Juarez tried to get up but he weas bent in half with his gloves still on the canvas when he was counted out. Cuban-born German Hernandez wins the vacant WBA Gold belt with his eighth win in a row. Juarez drops to two wins in his last eight fights with his seventh inside the distance defeat.

Villar vs. Zapata
A competitive and entertaining fight sees home fighter Villar and Nicaraguan Zapata fight to a split draw. Villar took the lead early with his better boxing but Zapata adjusted his approach over the second half of the fight using relentless pressure to wear Villar down and make it close. The judges scored it 96-94 Villar, 96-94 Zapata and 95-95. Villar is No 12 with the WBO and there was talk of him challenging Jonathan Gonzalez but those plans will be shelved. Nicaraguan Zapata lost his unbeaten tag when he was disqualified against Rene Santiago in December.

Civitanova Marche, Italy: Super Light: Charlemagne Metonyekpon (13-0) W PTS 10 Federico Schinina (8-3)
Benin-born Metonyekpon retains the Italian title by unanimous decision over Argentinian-born Schinina. The challenger made the better start with plenty of jabs and smart movement. From the third Metonyekpon upped the pace and his higher work and his accuracy won him the rounds. Schinina fought hard but Metonyekpon was putting him under more and more pressure and slowing him with body punches and won well. Scores 99-91 twice and 98-92 for Metonyekpon who was making the third defence of the title. Schinina competed well and had won three of his last four fights but was never a threat.

Bethlehem, PA, USA: Super Feather: Jordan White (15-1) W KO 1 Erdison Garcia (17-1). Super Welter: Paul Kroll (10-0-2) DREW 8 Guido Schramm (16-2-1).Super Feather: Julian Gonzalez (11-0-1) W PTS 8 Johnny Spell (8-1).

White vs. Garcia
White blows away Garcia in less than two minutes with a lightning fast left hook. Southpaw Garcia was on the front foot jabbing and as he threw a left White countered with a left hook that flattened Garcia and although the referee started the count he abandoned it so Garcia could ger some attention. Eleventh win in a row for White.

Kroll vs. Schramm
Kroll remains unbeaten with a win over Schramm. It was a close interesting rather than exciting fight between two well matched fighters. Kroll had a slight edge but the draw looked a fair decision. Scores 76-76 twice and 77-75 for Kroll. Although an Elite level amateur Kroll is struggling to make an impression as a pro. Argentinian Schramm had won his last three bouts.

Gonzalez vs. Spell
Gonzalez takes unanimous verdict over Spell. Gonzalez shook Spell in the second and built on that to take the third. Spell jabbed his way into the fight but a strong finish from Gonzalez wrapped up the decision on scores of 79-73, 78-73 and 78-74. Fifth consecutive victory for Gonzalez. First eight round fight and first loss for Spell.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Super Middleweight: Pablo Corzo (16-0) W TKO 7 Cristian Grisales (8-3). Super Light: Jose Rosa (22-0) W TKO 3 Jonny Sanchez (17-1). Atom: Jennifer Meza (8-3) W PTS 10 Yoselin Fernandez (12-4). Super Welter: Baltazar Noria (7-0) W TKO 1 Blas Fortuna (2-4-1).

Corzo vs. Grisales
“Pacman” Corzo halts Colombian Grisales in the seventh round. Corzo gradually broke down a slow Grisales. By the sixth Grisales was exhausted. In the seventh a series of punches from Corzo had the referee giving Grisales a standing count. Grisales was finished and after the action restarted under pressure from Corzo he dropped to one knee and the fight was stopped. Corzo, 23, the Argentinian champion, retained the WBA Fedelatin title and won the vacant IBF Latino title with his fourteenth inside the distance victory. Third loss in his last four fights for Grisales.

Rosa vs. Sanchez
Rosa continues on his winning way with third round stoppage of Venezuelan Sanchez. The speed and accuracy of southpaw Rosa had Sanchez on the defensive from the start with Sanchez unable to use his longer reach to keep Rosa out. The visitor was warned for holding in the second as he tried to stifle the attacks of Rosa. At the start of the third Rosa drove Sanchez along the ropes landing lefts and rights until Sanchez went down. He was up quickly complaining he had been pushed over. After the count Sanchez looked reluctant to continue and as he staggered under a steam of punches from Rosa the referee stopped the fight. Sixteenth win by KO/TKO for 23-year-old Rosa who was defending the WBA Fedelatin and WBC Latino belts. He is one of the best prospects in Argentina and is ready for better opposition. Sanchez, 36, represented Venezuela at the 2008 Olympics.

Meza vs. Fernandez
Meza takes wide unanimous decision over Venezuelan Fernandez. The Venezuelan tried to box at distance but Meza quickly hustled her out of that and was taking the fight inside. Fernandez suffered a deep cut over her left eye but that was never a factor. Meza dictated the fight with a higher work rate and some efficient combination punching and Fernandez just could not compete effectively as Meza won on scores of 99-91 twice and 100-90. Fourth win in a row for Meza as she retains her WBA Fedelatin belt. After winning her first ten fights Fernandez is now 2-4 in her last six fights.

Noria vs. Fortuna
Noria demolishes Fortuna inside a minute. Fortuna was warned for turning his back and then Nora felled Fortuna with a spectacular left to the head that sent Fortuna down face first on the canvas and the referee immediately signalled for help for Fortuna who was out cold. Fourth first round win for Noria.

Olavinlinna, Finland: Heavy: Robert Helenius (32-4) W TKO 3 Mika Mielonen (6-1). Cruiser: Samuli Karkkainen (18-1) W PTS 6 Elia Juusti (2-1). Super Feather: Jose Sanchez (16-1-1) W PTS 6 Khvicha Gigolashvili (19-64-1).

Helenius vs. Mielonen
Helenius stops Mielonen in the third. After a couple of rounds where Helenius was just boxing to get a couple of rounds of ring time he ended it in the third. A right to the head sent Mielonen reeling into the ropes and the referee stopped the fight. First fight for Helenius, 39, since his first round kayo loss to Deontay Wilder in October. Mielonen, 41, had scored six wins but all against fighters with negative records.

Karkkainen vs. Juusti
This looked a poor match but inexperienced Juusti performed better than expected and southpaw Karkkainen had to fight hard to get the split decision helped by Juusti tiring late. Scores 59-56 twice for Karkkainen and 58-56 for Juusti. Eighth win a row for Karkkainen.

Sanchez vs. Gigolashvili
Sanchez too good for poor Georgian Gigolashvili and wins wide unanimous decision on scores of 59-55 twice and 59-56. Sanchez, a Finn-based Spaniard, is rebuilding after a tenth round kayo loss against David Tassi in February. Gigolashvili is 0-11-1 in his last twelve fights.

Deauville, France: Dylan Colin (13-0) W TKO 5 Yannick N’Galeu (9-6).
Colin wins the vacant French title with fifth round stoppage of N’Galeu. Fourth inside the distance win for Colin. Second defeat by KO/TKO for N’Galeu.

Kobe, Japan: Minimum: Jake Amparo (15-4-1) W PTS 10 Goki Kobayashi (6-1). Atom: Yuko Kuroki (22-7-2) W PTS 10 Montserrat Alarcon (18-5-2) . Light: Fly: Toshimasa Ouichi (23-12-3) W TKO 8 Rikito Shiba (6-3-1).

Amparo vs. Kobayashi
Filipino Amparo wins the WBO Asia Pacific title with an upset unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Kobayashi. It was almost all over in the first as Amparo nailed Kobayashi with a right hook sending him down. Kobayashi made it to the vertical but was floored again and only just survived to the bell. Kobayashi fought hard trying to overcome the early near disaster and made it close but Amparo won on scores of 114-112 twice and 117-109. Now eight wins in his last nine fights for the Philippines champion. Kobayashi was defending the belt for the second time.

Kuroki vs. Alarcon
Kuroki wins unification bout against Alarcon. Kuroki was shaken early by a right from Alarcon and then fought virtually one handed after injuring a finger on her right hand in the second. Kuroki boxed defensively using her southpaw jab skilfully managing to hold off the attacks of Alarcon and took the majority decision on scores of 96-94 twice and 95-95. Now 32 Kuroki turned professional back in 2008 at the age of 17. She won the WBC minimum title in 2014 and defended it six times and won the WBO Atom title in September and with this win she also holds the WBA title. Mexican Alarcon is a former WBO flyweight title holder and was defending her belt for the fourth time.

Ouichi vs. Shiba
This was supposed to be just another dose of frustration for 37-year-old Ouichi but he tore up the script and stopped the ten year younger Shiba in the eighth round to win the vacant Japanese title. Ouichi had lost his last three fights and was 0-3-1 in shots at winning a national title but fifth time proved lucky. Shiba was also coming off a loss and was 0-1-1 in three fights for the vacant title so will be hoping No 4 proves lucky for him.

Tokyo, Japan: Light Fly: Masataka Taniguchi (17-4) W PTS 10 Kenichi Horikawa (41-19-1). Light Fly: Shokichi Iwata (11-1) W TKO 6 Jayson Brillo (7-1-1).

Taniguchi vs. Horikawa
Former WBO minimum title holder Taniguchi takes a majority verdict over elder citizen Horikawa. Taniguchi boxed at distance and scored with solid shots to the body over the first two rounds but Horikawa scored well inside over the third and fourth. Taniguchi looked to be taking control in the fifth despite an injured jaw but Horikawa banged back to have a good sixth and the seventh was close. A clash of heads saw Horikawa cut in the eighth but his punches also had Taniguchi shedding blood from his nose. It was expected that the 43-year-old Horikawa would fade but he stayed strong. Scores 96-94 twice for Taniguchi and 95-95 but Horikawa looked unlucky. First fight for Taniguchi since losing his WBO belt on a second round stoppage against Melvin Jerusalem in January. Horikawa turned pro 23 years ago and is a former Japanese and OPBF light fly title holder

Iwata vs. Brillo
Former WBO title challenger Iwata floored Filipino southpaw Brillo twice before stopping him in the sixth. Brillo put Iwata down in the third but the replay showed it was caused by a punch to the back of the head and recognition of the knockdown was cancelled. A focused body attack by Iwata slowed Brillo and he was down twice in the sixth with the fight being stopped. Iwata lost a unanimous decision against Jonathan Gonzalez in a challenge for the WBO title in November. Brillo had scored four first round wins but against low grade opposition.

Pristina, Kosovo: Light Heavy: Robin Krasniqi (53-7) W DISQ 9 Nadjib Mohammedi (45-10). Cruiser: Armend Xhoxhaj (17-3) W DISQ 4 Lebogang Mashitoa (10-5). Cruiser: Jjames Kraft (23-1-1 ) W RTD 2 Juan Rodriguez (18-6). Light Heavy: Bernardin Jakaj (15-0) W PTS 6 Marcos Karalitzky (7-8-2)

Krasniqi vs. Mohammedi
Krasniqi beats Mohammedi on a ninth round disqualification. Krasniqi boxed well from the start landing strong right uppercuts in the first but both fighters were guilty of numerous punches to the back of the head and other infractions. Krasniqi staggered Mohammed with a right in the second and again both landed deliberate punches to the back of the head with Krasniqi’s ignored and Mohammedi given a first warning. Krasniqi was cut over his left eye as their heads constantly banged together. It was an untidy, dirty fight with what good work there was early coming from Krasniqi as Mohammedi dived in hustling Krasniqi. Mohammedi started the third with a fierce attack and Krasniqi spent some time pinned in a corner under fire and it was a good round for Mohammedi. Although both had been landing punches to the back of the head it was Mohammedi who was deducted a point in the fourth. Mohammedi’s swarming attacks were beginning to pay off and he outworked Krasniqi in the fifth. The sixth was ridiculous. Mohammedi was pounding Krasniki with punches to the side of the head but the referee decided they were fouls and deducted a point from Mohammedi. He then immediately took a second point for Mohammedi not stepping back. Krasniqi took a beating in the seventh and was coming apart with his work ragged and he was consistently holding but he rocked Mohammedi with a right. Mohammedi drove an exhausted Krasniqi around the ring in the eighth. Both landed punches behind the head and the referee deducted yet another point from Mohammedi. Krasniqi landed some good rights at the start of the ninth but was then again pinned to the ropes under fire. A left from Mohammedi landed on the side of Krasniqi’s head and the referee dived in. He indicated yet another point deduction for a punch to the back of the head and then signalled the fight over on a disqualification. Mohammedi only had himself to blame for giving the referee the opportunity to disqualify him. Krasniqi had done his share of punching to the back of the head but he was fighting in front of his own fans with a local referee. Mohammedi had Krasniqi beaten so threw away a big win.

Xhoxhaj vs. Mashitoa
Xhoxhaj wins a strange decision as Mashitoa is disqualified for trying to fight without his boots in the fourth round. Xhoxhaj took a close first round and scored with some good body shots in the second. Southpaw Mashitoa was competitive but not winning the rounds having problems overcoming the height and reach advantages Xhoxhaj had. Xhoxhaj landed a series of good punches in the third. Mashitoa went down but it looked to be more from slipping trying to avoid Xhoxhaj’s punches. He was up quickly but was pounded with punches and nearly went down again just before the bell. Xhoxhaj scored well at the start of the fourth but Mashitoa dominated the last minute. This was an outdoors show and it had rained heavily for much of the time. Both fighters slipped on the canvas in the fourth. Mashitoa’s second removed Mashitoa’s boots and Mashitoa was ready to start the fifth barefooted. The referee indicated for him to stay in his corner and then gave him an eight count and waived the fight over presumably by a disqualification for not wearing his boots. Third win for Kosovan Xhoxhaj since a crushing fifth round kayo loss against Chris Billiam-Smith in December. Third inside the distance loss for South African Mashitoa

Kraft vs. Rodriguez
Kosovan-born German Kraft disposed of Rodriguez in quick time. Kraft took the first round. He was down in the second but it was a slip and then he put Rodriguez on the floor and Rodriguez did not come out for the third. Kraft’s loss was a close decision against Felix Sturm in 2021 and this is his fourth win since then. Venezuelan Rodriguez was 6” smaller than Kraft and had no way into this fight.

Jakaj vs. Karalitzky
This result was robbery as Kosovan-born Austrian Jakaj gets a very dubious decision over Argentinian Karalitzky. From the first boxing on the back foot Karalitzky outworked and outscored Jakaj stopping the oncoming Jakaj with stiff jabs and clubbing him with right hooks. Jakaj just kept walking onto the punches and was too slow to counter with Karalitzky throwing more and landing more in every round. In the fourth as they traded punches Karalitzky was short with a couple of jabs and then missed completely with a wild right. The referee then jumped in and grabbed Karalitzky’s arm and indicated a point deduction without signalling why. in the fifth Jakaj landed cuffing shot to the back of the head as they came out of a clinch then Karalitzky landed a similar punch to the back of Jakaj’s head and was warned. As the action continued another punch from Jakaj swung round to land on the back of Karalitzky head then one landed on the back of Jakaj’s head and the referee stopped the action and deducted another point from Karalitzky. Despite the two deductions Karalitzky was a clear winner everywhere except on the judge’s cards with Jakaj gifted a unanimous decision but no scores available.

Benalmadena, Spain: Welter: Samuel Molina (26-3,1ND) W TKO 6 Dorian Maidana (9-3). Cruiser: Mike Perez (28-3-1) W KO 1 Adnan Deronja (12-6). Light Heavy: Constantino Nanga (10-0) W PTS 8 Melby Hernandez (7-6-2) Super Welter: Jevgenijs Aleksejevs (14-0) W TKO 3 Dimitri Trenel 9-4).

Molina vs. Maidana
Molina overcomes a slow start to stop Maidana. Argentinian Maidana outworked Molina over the first three rounds. Molina adjusted and took charge from the fourth before ending it in the sixth. A huge right put Maidana on the floor but he was up quickly and spat out his mouthguard to get a few addition seconds of recovery time but a barrage of punches from Molina saw the fight stopped. Molina, 24, lost a majority decision against Franck Petitjean for the European super light title in June and moved up to welterweight for this fight winning the vacant IBF Youth belt. Second loss by KO/TKO for Maidana.

Perez vs. Deronja
This one was over quickly. Perez drove Deronja to the ropes and then across the ring before landing a left hook to the body. Deronja went down on his hands and knees. He made it to his feet but had no intention of continuing and the referee counted him out. All over in 77 seconds. First fight for sixteen months for Mike Perez, the 38-year-old former WBC title challenger from Cuba, who could have done with a better opponent to get him some useful ring time. He has another flight schedules for 14 October in Oberhausen. Five of Bosnian Deronja’s six losses have come inside the distance

Nanga vs. Hernandez
Angolan born Swede Nanga was just too big for limited Venezuelan Hernandez. At 6’3” and against Hernandez, who had weight as low as 149lbs in his career, Nanga won the decision on scores of 79-72, 78-72 and 77-74

Aleksejevs vs. Trenel
No test for Latvian Aleksejevs as he stops Frenchman Trenel in the third round. First fight for 21 months for Aleksejevs and his first outside Latvia. Fourth loss in his last five outings for Trenel.

Worcester, MA, USA: light Heavy: Kendrick Ball 21-1-3,1ND) W PTS 8 Oscar Riojas (28-17-3). Heavy: Sean Bey (8-0,1ND) W PTS 8 Quintin Sumpter (6-2).

Ball vs. Riojas
Ball outpoints Mexican oldie Riojas. Ball dominated all the way and put in a big effort over the last two rounds trying to put Riojas away but had to settle for a points victory. All three judges scored it 80-72 for Ball. He is now 12-0-1, 1ND in his last 14 fights. Riojas, 39, is 0-3-2 in his five most recent contests.

Bey vs. Sumpter
Bay continues unbeaten with a majority verdict over Sumpter. Bey was floored in the fourth and lost a point in the fifth and the verdict was unpopular with Bey winning ion scores of 76-74 twice and 75-75. Bey had won his first seven fights in a total of just nine rounds but a points win in November was overturned and made a ND.

Fight of the week : (Significance): Amanda Serrano’s win will keep alive the hope of some more major fights but she seems to have run out of opponents at featherweight

Fight of the week:(Entertainment): Padraig McCrory vs. Steed Woodall was a battle of big punchers

Fighter of the week: Amanda Serrano for another peerless performance

Punch of the week: The left hooks from both Elijah Pierce and Jordan White were special but I go for the left from Baltazar Noria that knocked Blas Fortuna out cold.
Upset of the week: No shocks this week

Prospect watch: No new names

Rosette: Good to see Yuko Kuroki, Toshimasa Ouichi and Kenichi Horikawa enjoying an Indian Summer. WBA Atomweight champion Kuroki, in her fifteenth year as a pro, beat WBO champion Montserrat Alarcon to unify the two belts. Ouichi 37 winning the vacant Japanese light flyweight title at the fifth attempt and Horikawa, 43, only losing on a majority decision against former minimum champion Masataka Taniguchi
Red Card: To the refereeing and judging in Pristina
-You had one referee deducting two points from Argentinian Marcos Karalitzky for mystery offences and although Karalitzky won every round he lost a unanimous decision on the judge’s cards.
-You had one referee disqualifying South African Lebogang Mashitoa who after sliding on the wet canvas took off his boots to fight barefooted
-The worst was the referee who despite both Robin Krasniqi and Nadjib Mohammedi landing punches to the back of the head through all nine rounds never even warned Krasniqi but deducted five points from Mohammedi and disqualified him