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Derek Chisora calls for lengthy bans for drug cheats, Anthony Joshua says existing penalties are fine

Derek Chisora. Photo credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Heavyweight gatekeeper Derek Chisora 33-13 (23) has pulled no punches in his opinion on performance enhancing drugs in boxing.

The 39-year-old veteran made his comments after Dillian Whyte 29-3 (19) failed a drug test administered by VADA, forcing him to be scratched from his previously scheduled bout against Anthony Joshua 25-3 (22) at the O2 Arena in London, England on Saturday.

It was the third time Whyte has turned in an alleged failed drug test. The first time in 2012 resulted in a two year ban, while he was cleared of any wrongdoing by UKAD after a second positive test in 2019.

Fortunately for Joshua the card was saved when Robert Helenius 32-4 (21) stepped in on one week’s notice to test his luck against the former two-time unified heavyweight champion.

Chisora, who will face Gerald Washington 20-5-1 (13) on the undercard, has left no doubt about his stance on drug cheats in the sport.

“There is nothing changed, because these motherfuckers can’t do the work so they have to cheat… that’s the problem,” Chisora said to FightHubTV. “Everyone who gets caught taking drugs should get a 10 year ban — fuck everybody. I don’t understand why we have to footsie around this shit.

“There’s the problem with this organisation, British Board of Control… a bunch of old motherfuckers in there. They need to retire and let these young guys take this over… because, you take drugs and then you are going to beat somebody else’s kid who’s clean… okay, catch a 10 year ban — now go be a builder motherfucker.

“It’s the simplest thing. It never changes because you got all of these people getting money in their pockets.”

Joshua, 33, was more measured in his opinion, but admitted that drugs in boxing was an issue that needed to be addressed.

“I can’t speak on the numbers, I don’t really mix inside the boxing industry,” he said. “I don’t know but it’s a problem. There is a doping problem in the sport, definitely.

“I don’t think we just need longer bans, I think we need to look at it at the root. I don’t know the solution but I always mind my p’s and q’s because I don’t want my reputation damaged.”

The frustrating thing for Joshua is that both Whyte and Jarrell Miller — who was forced to withdraw from his world title challenge to Brit in June 2019 after testing positive to performance enhancing drugs — have both accusing him of jouicing in the past.

Joshua said: “I have a long history of being drug tested and sometimes you have to question the person who keeps pointing the finger. It’s funny that the two people who have accused me have popped dirty [alleged] themselves.

“Maybe they did it because of my physique or my success, my rise, it maybe didn’t make sense to them but it’s God gifted and a lot of hard work.

“I get drug tested all year round, every quarter I have to submit my whereabouts, where I am going to be, every day, for an hour of the day so they can turn up randomly. I have submitted that every day of my life since 2011.

“So I don’t know why I am under this pressure but all these other boxers aren’t. When you sign up to a promoter they should all have that in the deal.

“It damages the sport, look where we are at with this situation, we lost the fight and nearly lost the card because of this situation.”