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Hrgovic, McKean, Chisora, Fisher & more undercard presser Quotes & Photos

Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Joshua vs Helenius: A selection of quotes from today’s undercard press conference ahead of Saturday’s action at The O2 in London, shown live worldwide on DAZN.

Filip Hrgovic (15-0, 12 KOs faces Demsey McKean over 12 rounds at Heavyweight):

“Thank you for this opportunity, it’s great for me, I haven’t fought for a year, so I am happy to be back in the ring and one fight away from fighting for a World Title. I am very excited, well prepared, and ready to rock and roll.

“I am glad the fight with Zhang happened, I didn’t look very well, but I know that was my worst night, but I beat a good fighter, you saw what he did to Joe Joyce, he showed he’s a top ten Heavyweight and on my worst night I beat him. That’s good that I had that performance and people can underestimate me, because I know that I can do much better and I didn’t take this fight with Demsey lightly and I am ready for anything.

We will see – anything is possible in boxing and life. But I don’t see how he can beat me. He’s had 22 fights before, but I don’t see anything special in his game and as I said before, it’s one thing to be confident, but another to be delusional.”

Demsey McKean (22-0, 14 KOs faces Filip Hrgovic over 12 rounds at Heavyweight):

“I’ve been back in the UK since December and been in the gym since January. We were looking to fight in May and it got pushed back a bit, but it’s good that we got the date to hone in on and a blessing in disguise as we got more time with Tony Sims to learn, he is one of the best coaches in the world and it shows it with the stable of fighters he has, and I’m looking to put it all into play on Saturday.

“I wake up every morning and tell myself: 36 minutes is all it takes to change my life. There have been bigger upsets in Heavyweight boxing, and I think that this is a very even fight. He waffles on about ‘who has he knocked out that I haven’t knocked out?’ Well, who has he decisively beaten? He only has Zhilei Zhang and that was a controversial decision, so we have similar CVs as each other. He’s a good fighter, I just think I have the tools to beat him and give him a hell of a night. I have good footwork, good head movement, hand-speed, punch selection and good power. I’m just excited, I think he’s going to bring out the best in me, he’s a good contender and i can’t wait for that.”

Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Derek Chisora (33-13, 23 KOs faces Gerald Washington over 10 rounds at Heavyweight):

“It’s going to be a great show. They are all big fights for me, all the fights are my babies, from the first fight to when I have my last fight, I love them all. I got two kids and I love them the same way, I don’t love one better than the other and it’s the same with my fights.

“I know what Gerald is going to bring, he’ll put his Usain Bolt shoes on and he’s going to run, but that’s OK, we’re going to chase him, find him and mess him up. I won’t lie, he’s my friend, but when I get in the ring, I’ll eat this guy up.

“All fights you have to win, sometimes it’s not your day; man makes plans and God laughs at him. I can say I’m going to KO him in three rounds and it goes the 12. I wanted to win all the fights I’ve lost.

“The O2 is home to me, I’ve moved around with Johnny, he’s a good kid, he fights for the people. Filip, I’m wearing his country’s colours, I saw him in with the Chinese power, it was a tricky fight in Saudi. I trained with Harry with Don Charles, he’s a good fighter – this is a good card.

“People put my name in the bag for the ‘AJ’ fight but I kept quiet.”

Gerald Washington (20-5-1, 13 KOs faces Derek Chisora over 10 rounds at Heavyweight):

“It’s a great match-up for us, we haven’t fought for a long time, a year and a half, so we’re grateful to you and Derek for this opportunity, this shot. We’ve been working and we’re looking forward to it.

“I’ve been up and down, so it’s a matter of being consistent. I started late at 30 and had a lot of great wins and fought for the World Title, I’ve had big fights and learning along the way, I’m grateful to be able to fight in London for the first time and get back in the mix baby.”

Photo by Mark Robinson Matchroom. Fisher vs Armstrong

Johnny Fisher (9-0, 8 KOs faces Harry Armstrong for the vacant Southern Area Heavyweight Title):

“I’m looking forward to the challenge. You say it’s getting real, but it’s been real to me from the very start. I’ve prepared no differently, every time I get in the ring it’s do or die, so Harry better be ready for that.

“I’m excited at the prospect of getting more rounds in. I haven’t had to so far, that’s testament to my power, but it means you haven’t seen the best of me, no-one has yet. If Harry is up to the challenge on Saturday night, he’ll be seeing the best of me and feeling it first-hand.

“I’m not overlooking this at all, it’s a big night for me. It’s all well and good talking about it here, but when you feel that power, all these Heavyweights up here know, the words go out the window, so I don’t need to say any more, when you feel that right hand on the chin.

“I’m very privileged and honoured to have the fan base that I’ve got. That’s prepared me for what is coming on Saturday because I’ve been in the ring where I’ve got 3, 4, 5000 fans cheering my name. It’s an honour to be on ‘AJ’s’ undercard, the pressure comes off me because he is the big draw. It’s all playing into my favour, I’m in a great position and I’m going to show that on Saturday.”

Harry Armstrong (5-1-1 faces Johnny Fisher for the vacant Southern Area Heavyweight Title):

“It’s a massive platform for me, thank you for having me on. This is the wrong fight for Johnny Fisher because he will be getting beat on Saturday night. I’m incredibly excited for the fight, I’m fit and strong and I’m going to cause the upset.

“I believe my experience will show over the ten rounds, I don’t think he can last with me. I’ve had lots of notice, I’ve been training up a mountain in Spain, I’m incredibly fit, the rounds won’t be a problem, so I am just looking forward to it now.

“It’s career-defining, I win this fight and I can move on to much bigger things. I’m so hungry for this, it’s everything. It’s the first title you can win as a pro and I am ready to take it.”

Photo by Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
Hatton Campbell vs Tom Ansell

Campbell Hatton (12-0, 5 KOs – fights Tom Ansell over eight rounds at Super-Lightweight):

“We’re getting to the stage now where I am not doing the learning, we’re getting into proper fights like this. I totally agree that it’s my biggest test, and we’ve prepared for that. I expect my toughest test without a doubt, we know I am far fitter, stronger and sharper, better all-round than I ever have been. We’ve not underestimated Tom, he’s boxed at English and Area Title level, that’s where I am in touching distance of and if I don’t pass this test, all that goes out of the window, and we have no doubt we’re ready for the fight.

“We’ve seen plenty of footage of him and there’s no shying away from him, he comes to fight, I think that plays into my hands as anyone that’s come to have a go in my previous fights has suited me. So it’s going to make for an exciting fight.”

Tom Ansell (10-4, 2 KOs fights Campbell Hatton over eight rounds at Super-Lightweight):

“It’s a dream to be part of an ‘AJ’ card. I think I am being massively underestimated, I’m his biggest test, I hope we bring war to each other and the best man wins.

“I want to take him into the trenches to see if he can handle it, I know I can.”

Photo By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
George Liddard,Maiseyrose Courtney,Eddie Hearn, Brandon Scott

George Liddard (3-0, 3 KOs fights Bas Oosterweghel over six rounds at Middleweight):

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to fight on Saturday. It’s a good card for me to showcase my skills; roll on Saturday night, becoming 4-0 and I’ll be getting that fourth stoppage.

“Since joining the Matchroom gym, I feel like I’ve grown from a boy to a man, making my debut in November to now, I’ve come on levels and I am going to keep going up levels, facing tougher tests, and I’m looking forward to putting on another explosive performance because this is what I love to do, and being on cards like this will only help me prepare to top these bills one day.”

Maiseyrose Courtney (3-0 faces Gemma Ruegg over six rounds at Super-Flyweight):

“If this event didn’t happen I would have had to go back to work, because I haven’t got any money and I don’t have a solid income yet. I’m only 3-0 and these are the building blocks, the times that are going to make me become the champion I want to be. So, thanks to Eddie, I know I was doing your head in making sure you were doing your job, but I am so grateful that the show is going ahead and I don’t have to go back to work.

“On paper this looks like a good fight. Gemma is the only person to have beaten my last opponent, so it made sense to fight her. She’s been in with good people, World Champions, she’s a tough girl but I’m even tougher. Hopefully Kev (Mitchell) and Tony (Sims) aren’t listening because on Saturday I want to have a fight, they want me to box but we’re ready to rumble.”

Brandon Scott Photo By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Brandon Scott (5-0, 1 KO fights Louis Norman over six rounds at Featherweight):

“This is the start of something great. Before people started seeing me do all this stuff, I was known as the best prospect in Wales. It’s been overshadowed by all this, but I will soon show people that I can fight better than I dress as Spiderman, even though I do that well. I know I am with the best team possible with Matchroom, so this is going to be a fun ride and it’s just the start.”

Fight Week Schedule:

Friday August 11 – JOSHUA VS. HELENIUS + UNDERCARD PUBLIC WEIGH-IN – 1.00pm on the scales – available to watch on the Matchroom Boxing YouTube channel and Facebook page.