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The Past Week in Action 21 August 2023 – USA, Philippines, South Africa & more


-Olympic gold medallist Galal Yafai stops Tommy Frank in the first round

-Dennis McCann and Ionut Baluta fight to a technical draw after McCann is cut in a clash of heads

-Nathaniel Collins knocks out Raza Hamza in 24 seconds in defence of his British and Commonwealth featherweight titles and Raven Champion outpoints Lila dos Santos Furtado to retain her WBC International featherweight title

-Filipino “Wonder Boy” Carl Martin outpoints Tanzanian Oscar Duge to go to 22-0

World Title/Major Shows


London, England: Feather: Nathaniel Collins (13-0) W KO 1 Raza Hamza (17-2-1). Super Bantam Dennis McCann (14-0-1) TEC Draw 9 Ionut Baluta (16-4-1). Super Feather: Ryan Garner (14-0) W TKO 3 Juan Antunez (12-2). Feather: Raven Chapman (7-0) W PTS 10 Lila dos Santos Furtado (9-1).

Collins vs. Hamza

Collins wipes out Hamza in the first exchange of punches. As they closed in on each other a short right hook inside sent Hamza down heavily and he was counted out. Done and dusted in 24 seconds including the count. Towering performance from Collins in defence of the British and Commonwealth titles with his seventh inside the distance win.  Hamza’s only defeat was a very close decision against James Beech in December.

McCann vs. Baluta

The vacant WBO Inter-Continental title remains vacant after McCann and Baluta fought to a majority draw after MacCann is unable to continue after suffering a wide cut in a clash of heads. Good boxing from McCann in the first. He was spearing the aggressive Baluta with jabs and connected with a sharp left late in the round. Baluta attacked fiercely in the second taking the fight to McCann getting past McCann’s jab scoring with looping punches and putting McCann under pressure. Baluta continued to hurl himself forward in the third trying to overwhelm McCann with volume and throwing himself off his feet when he missed a punch. That seemed to inspire McCann and he scored well with jabs and straight lefts as the round ended but it was Baluta’s round. The pace was frantic and the fourth was close with McCann’s accuracy giving him the edge. Baluta is strong but tends to attack in wild bursts of punches and again McCann stayed cool and capitalised on every mistake Baluta made. Baluta’s head down rushes led to a clash of heads in the seventh which opened a cut on McCann’s forehead. He was allowed to continue but was intent on getting through the rest of the round so that his corner could work on the cut and that allowed Baluta to dominate the round. McCann tried to take the fight to Baluta in the eighth but was badly rocked by a left hook. Baluta was too wild with attempts to take full advantage of a rocky McCann. In the ninth blood was dripping down McCann’s face and hampering his vision. The fight was stopped and Baluta’s team were celebrating until told that because the cut was clearly caused by a clash of heads it would go to the score cards. Two judges had it 86-86 with the third judge carding it 86-85 for McCann. This was McCanns first fight for almost nine months and he will be out of action until that cut heals. Baluta had lost a majority decision to Michael Conlan and was outpointed by Liam Davies but was coming off a win over unbeaten Andrew Cain.

Garner vs. Antunez

Garner overwhelms Antunez in three rounds. Garner was chasing down a quick moving Antunez in the first pinning him against the ropes and bombarding him with punches. Antunez showed a useful jab but Garner kept driving forward punching. Antunez fired some useful counters but Garner was banging home punches from both hands. Garner connected with some punishing body punches in the second and Antunez was being forced to stand and trade shots and was warned for holding. In the third Antunez dropped to one knee under a barrage of punches. He was up at eight but Garner drove him along the ropes landing punch after punch until the referee came in and stopped the fight. Garner wins the vacant WBC International title with his eighth inside the distance finish. Spanish champion Antunez had won his last five fights but just lacked the power to match Garner.

Chapman vs. Furtado

Chapman retains her WBC International title with a unanimous decision over Furtado. Chapman made the better start just edging the opening round but she suffered a cut in a clashing of heads in the second. Despite that she made it a good round by flooring Furtado with a right to the body. The Brazilian dragged Champman into some inside brawling over the third and fourth but Chapman worked to create some space for herself in the fifth and her shots started a swelling over Furtado’s right eye. Furtado was fighting hard to make the rounds close but Chapman was stronger and Furtado tired over the last two rounds. Scores 98-91, 97-92 and 96-93.


Birmingham, England: Fly: Galal Yafai (5-0) W TKO 1 Tommy Frank (15-4-1). Welter: Conah Walker (12-2-1) W RTD 8 Cyrus Pattinson (6-1). Super Feather: Jordan Flynn (9-0-1) DREW 10 Kane Baker (19-10-2) Heavy: Solomon Dacres (7-0) W PTS 10 Chris Thompson (12-5-1).

Yafai vs. Frank

Yafai obliterate Frank in the first round. Yafai quickly forced Frank to the ropes throwing punches. Frank escaped but Yafai drove him to ropes again firing lefts then chased Frank to the centre of the ring and Frank went down under a burst of punches just 30 seconds into the fight. He was up quickly but after the count Yafai piled forward throwing lefts until Frank went down but it was a slip so no count. Yafai pinned Frank against the ropes then followed him along the ropes landing punches from both hands. Frank tried to punch back was overwhelmed by the barrage and the towel came flying in from Frank’s corner with the fight over in 100 seconds. Impressive performance  by  the Olympic champion as he retains the WBC International title. Second inside the distance loss in a row for Frank having been stopped in seven rounds by Jay Harris in May.

Walker vs. Pattinson

Walker bucks the odds and floors unbeaten Pattinson three times before Pattinson’s team pull him out after the eighth round of a stirring battle. Pattinson started well using his better skills as they enthusiastically swopped punches over the first two entertaining rounds. Walker was cut over his left eye in the second but looked dangerous and he produced the classic answer to a southpaw in the third as he sent Pattinson back and down heavily with a straight right. Pattinson recovered and looked to trade punches with Walker and was getting the better of the exchanges in the fourth. In the fifth Walker was coming forward firing hard punches from both hands and after just missing with a couple of rights dropped Pattinson with a left hook. Pattinson protested the count indicating he had slipped on a wet spot in the canvas. He looked to be right and he banging back at the end of the round. Pattinson was taking the fight to Walker in the sixth boxing orthodox and connecting with rights until Wlaker pushed him off and forced him across to the ropes. Pattinson bounced off the ropes and went down. He was up immediately complaining he had been pushed-again with some justification. Both had some success in the seventh and eighth but Walker was rocking Pattinson with punches late in the eighth and Pattinson’s corner retired their man at the end of the round. Huge win for Walker who collects the WBA International belt. He had only won three fights by KO/TKO so stopping Pattinson was an upset. Pattinson was defending the WBA title for the first time and will almost certainly seek a return. This was a very fan-friendly scrap so hopefully they will meet again.

Flynn vs. Baker

Flynn and Baker fight to a draw in another exciting match. Flynn had beaten Barker 77-75 over eight rounds in April. This again was to have been a return over eight rounds but it was changed to ten rounds and recognised as a final eliminator for the English title.  Baker was looking to take the fight to the more skilful Flynn and had Flynn against the ropes in the second only to be caught by a right hook that sent him staggering back and down. Flynn  built on that and had a good lead by the end of the fifth but all rounds were close and hotly competitive.  Baker upped the pressure from the sixth crowding Flynn and eating into his lead. Going into the tenth Flynn looked on his way to a narrow points victory but was deducted a point for a number of infractions and had to settle for a draw as the referee scored it 94-94. Flynn preserves his unbeaten record and both parties were calling for a trilogy.

Dacres vs. Thompson

Dacres outpoints Thompson in an unimpressive performance. The 6’5” Dacres had height and reach over South African southpaw Thompson and controlled the fight from distance with his left jab. He was quicker than Thompson but the fight itself was slow paced with Dacres coming forward behind his jab and firring single punches. There were small bursts of activity in between rather pedestrian sparring with Thompson reluctant to initiate any exchanges. Thompson had swellings around both eyes but never looked in trouble. English champion Dacres won on scores of 99-91 twice and 98-92, Dacres has good amateur pedigree but this was not one of his best performances. Former South African champion Thompson has lost three in a row.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Light: Juan Carrasco (19-1) W KO 7 Orlando Mosquera (12-2-1,1ND). Super Welter: Rodrigo Coria (12-5) W PTS 10 Marco Garcia (12-1). Feather: Danila Ramos (12-2) W PTS 10 Brenda Carbajal (18-6-1).

Carrasco vs. Mosquera

Carrasco puts Panamanian Mosquera down twice to record a seventh round kayo. Carrasco outboxed Mosquera dominating the fight from the centre of the ring and slowly breaking down the Panamanian. In the seventh a body punch had Mosquera hurt and he went down under the barrage of punches that followed. Mosquera neat the count but was sent down by another body punch and was counted out. Fourteenth win in a row for Carrasco who picks up the vacant IBF Inter-Continental title.  Mosquera was 9-0-1 in his previous 10 bouts.

Coria vs. Garcia

In an upset Coria gets a very close split decision over previously unbeaten Garcia. Garcia had scored three inside the distance wins this year and he took the fight to counter-puncher Coria over the early rounds. Southpaw Coria then crossed out that early deficit with some clever boxing. Garcia came on strong over the closing rounds but lost a point in the ninth for being careless with his head and in the end that cost Garcia a draw and his unbeaten records as the judges scored it 97-92 and 95-94 for Coria and 97-92 for Garcia. Coria had been floored and outpointed by 22-0 Brian Norman in January but wins the vacant WBO Latino belt. “ Kid Dinamita” Garcia had won 8 of his last 9 fights by KO/TKO.

Ramos vs. Carbajal
Brazilian Ramos scores split decision victory over Carbajal to win the vacant WBO interim belt. Ramos set a fast pace from the start but was floored in the fourth. She recovered and continued to outscore Carbajal. She suffered a setback in the sixth when she was penalised for a punch to the back of the head with Carbajal cut in a clash of heads in the same round. Ramos finished strongly and won on scores of 97-92 and 95-93 with the third judge giving it to Carbajal 96-92. Ramos had lost in a challenge for the interim WBC super-feather title in 2019. Argentinian Carbajal was making the first defence of the title.

Moscow, Russia: Heavy: Mark Petrovsky (6-0) W PTS 6 Kevin Johnson (36-22-2). Super Light: Rauf Karaev (8-0) W TKO 2 Oleksandr Yegorov (20-8-1).

Petrovsky vs. Johnson

Heavyweight hope Petrovsky has his weaknesses exposed by oldie Johnson and needs a strong finish to get a majority decision. Johnson had a good first round. He was getting through with a steady stream of jabs and occasional rights. Petrovsky was livelier but was short with his punches and Johnson was sliding away from Petrovsky’s rights. It was the same in the second with Johnson piercing Petrovsky’s guard with single jabs and Petrovsky very predictable with left jab right cross his pattern. Petrovsky scored with a couple of shots late but walked onto a right counter. He also walked onto a left hook at the start of the third but Johnson had a growing swelling under his right eye. Petrovsky finished the round well connecting with hooks from both hands and he had success in the fourth with long rights as Johnson slowed. Petrovsky was again finding the target with rights in the fifth but at the end of the round was getting caught by a steady diet of Johnson’s jabs. There was also heavy swelling under Johnson’s left eye now. Petrovsky had Johnson under pressure the whole of the last round putting together a burst of 8-10 punches but Johnson never looked in trouble. Petrovsky’s slow start meant he had to settle for a majority decision. Scores 60-54 twice for Petrovsky and 57-57 with the first two scores due to home bias. Disappointing performance from the 24-year-old southpaw Petrovsky. The Russian Youth and National champion and 2021 World Championships gold medal winner looked one-paced and predictable but Johnson is an experienced and crafty fighter. Petrovsky was rewarded with a car for winning the Russian championship medal and $100,000 from the IBA for the World Championship gold. He will have to improve to win any major awards as a professional but he is young enough to do that. At 43, Johnson can still use his guile to frustrate the young lions.
Karaev vs. Yegorov

Karaev too big and too powerful for Yegerov. Both showed useful jabs. Karaev started boxing southpaw then switched to orthodox before snapping Yegerov’s head back with a solid jab and sending Yegorov back on his heels with a right. He then switched back again and finishing the round with a couple of good punches. Karaev was back to orthodox in the second scoring with strong jabs then connecting with overhand rights and hooks to the body sending Yegerov back and down on one knee. Yegerov was up at eight but his corner was waving the towel and the fight was stopped. Karaev gets his fourth inside the distance win. Ukrainian Yegerov had his best days as a super bantam and was overpowered.

Orlando, FL, USA: Super Light: Nestor Bravo (22-0,1 ND) W PTS 10 Will Madera (17-2-3). Welter: Damian Lescaille (5-0) W PTS 10 Hugo Noriega (8-2).

Bravo vs. Madera

Bravo makes a good start then has to withstand a strong finish from Madera to get a points victory over. Left jabs from Bravo had a swelling growing under Madera’s right eye as early as the first round and Bravo took advantage of the impact on Madera’s vision to score heavily in the third and fourth. Madera battled his way into the fight over the middle rounds which became messy with too much holding but Bravo outworked Madera over the eighth and ninth and the last was close. Scores 96-94 twice and 99-91 for Bravo as he rebounds from a No Decision result in February which ruined his 100% record. Madera was having his first fight since losing on points against 25-0 Brandun Lee in August last year.

Lescaille vs. Noriega

Lescaille wins this clash of Cuban exiles with a unanimous verdict over Noriega. The younger man Lescaille outworked Noriega who had struggled to make the weight. Lescaille scored strongly to the body early and it was the fourth before Noriega was able to claim a round. Lescaille had no trouble overcoming the longer reach of Noriega and took control again as he scored well with jabs and uppercuts with Noriega attacking hard in the eighth putting Lescaille under pressure with hard right hands. Lescaille lost a point for pushing Noriega’s head down in a clinch but by then Lescaille had the fight won. Scores 97-92 twice and 96-93 for Lescaille. A former Cuban Youth champion this is the first time he had gone past six rounds and he paced the fight well. Noriega, 33, scored a win over Roniel Iglesias in the amateurs but did not turn pro until he was 32.

Atlanta, GA, USA: Super Light: Kurt Scoby (13-0) W TKO 6 Narciso Carmona (11-1-1). Super Middle: Shawn McCalman (14-0) W PTS 8 Money Powell IV (13-2). Super Bantam: Lorenzo Parra (23-1) W PTS 9 Javon Campbell (12-2).

Scoby vs. Carmona

Scoby too strong for Carmona and stops him in six. Carmona had slight edges in height and reach but Scoby found the target with good left hooks in the first. Carmona took the fight to Scoby in the second but without much success and Scoby again landed the harder punches. The third again saw Scoby on top. Carmona scored with counters but Scoby connected with a series of rights at the end of the round. Scoby upped the pressure in the fourth still scoring with rights but adding some hurtful left hooks. Carmona battled back in the fifth forcing Scoby back and scoring well to the body but was shaken by a left hook late in the round. Scoby connected with two booming rights in the sixth and southpaw Carmona was badly hurt and Scoby piled on the punches until the referee stopped the fight. Eighth consecutive inside the distance win for Scoby including a second round stoppage of veteran Hank Lundy. Spaniard Carmona had scored six wins by KO/TKO but Scoby punched too hard for him.

McCalman vs. Powell

McCalman pulls off as surprise as he outpoints favourite Powell. The first two rounds were fairly even but McCalman had a better third finding the target with lefts and forcing Powell to hold. Powell rebounded to make the fourth close but McCalman just had the edge only for Powell outbox McCalman in the fifth. McCalman upped his pace and staged a strong finish sweeping the sixth and seventh and just did enough to deserve at least a share of the eighth. Scores 78-74 twice and 79-73 for McCalman. He was the outsider in this one but a good winner. Former top amateur Powell has talent but needs to be more active with just one fight each in years 2020,2021 and 2022.

Parra vs. Campbell

Venezuelan Parra geta a points victory over Campbell. They finished all even after eight rounds but are in a tournament that needs a winner so fought an extra round with Parra getting the decision. Campbell landed the better punches in the first but Parra had a good second connecting with left hooks. Parra then took the third and fourth handing out steady punishment and looking on his way to victory. Campbell rallied over the second half of the fight and it was very close at the end and the judges scored it a majority draw at 76-76 twice and 77-75 for Parra. They fought an “overtime” round which Parra won giving him the split decision on scores of 86-85 twice for Parra and 86-85 for Campbell. Parra is another who has been largely inactive recently as he did not fight in 2020 and then had one fight in 2021 and 2022 Campbell had an eleven bout winning streak broken.


Shukura, Ghana: Super Light: Faisal Abubakari (15-0) W TKO 6 Emmanuel Ardey Aryee (3-1).

Abubakari beats Aryee on a sixth round stoppage in a Ghanaian title defence. Abubakari has won 13 of his 15 fights by KO/TKO. Aryee, 39, had won his three fights inside the distance.

Paranaque City, Philippines: Super Bantam: Carl Martin (22-0) W PTS 10 Oscar Duge (11-6-2).

In his first fight this year a workmanlike performance saw  “Wonder Boy” Martin outbox Tanzanian Duge. Martin boxed well behind his southpaw guard spearing Dige with jabs and driving home straight lefts. Duge tried to put some pressure on Matin but the home fighter danced away from Duge’s attack or met him with counter lefts. Duge was never in any trouble and he was aggressive enough to keep Mattin busy but never threatened. Martin won on scores of 99-91 twice and 98-92. The 24-year-old Martin is No 4 (3) with the IBF but may need a couple of fights against better opposition before he is ready to challenge fellow-Filipino Marlon Tapales. Duge has yet to lose by KO/TKO but was 0-4-1 in his last 5 fights.

Biloxi, MS, USA: Heavy: Jesus Escalera (17-0)W TKO 1  Marcelo Leandro Da Silva (23-6).Middle: Connor Coyle (20-0) W TKO 5 Joey Bryant (17-2). Light Heavy: Alvin Varmall Jr (17-1-1) W TKO 4 Billy Cunningham (11-47-1).

Escalera vs. Da Silva

This farce was over quickly as Puerto Rican Escalera floored 47-year-old Brazilian Da Silva twice and stopped him in the first round. The 43-year-old 5’11” Escalera at 274lbs weighed 63lbs more than the 5’8” Da Silva who has weighed as low as 167lbs.. Escalera wins the vacant UBO title. This is his thirteenth fight this year and he has won all seventeen of his fights by KO/TKO. He started the year weighing 240lbs. His opposition has been abysmal and this is his first fight outside of Colombia. This is only Da Silva’s second fight in seven years.

Coyle vs. Bryant

Coyle gets an easy win as he stops a rarely active Bryant in four rounds. Coyle scored three knockdowns with one late in the fourth bringing the finish. Ninth inside the distance win for 33 year-old Coyle who was making the first defence of the North American Boxing Association belt. Bryant was having his first fight in 21 months and only his third fight in seven years. Coyle deserves better opposition than this and should not waste his time with opponents who BoxRec rate at No 686!

Varmall vs. Cunningham

Another waste of a good ring sees Varmall stop perennial loser Cunningham in four rounds. First fight for five years for Varmall and twenty-seventh loss by KO/TKO for 40-year-old Cunningham.


Soweto, South Africa: Super Feather: Asanda Gingqi (11-1) W PTS 12 Sifiso Hlongwane (9-5-2). Super Fly: Phumelele Cafu (9-0-3) W PTS 10 Genisis Libranza (20-3). Light Fly: Mpumelelo Tshabalala (10-1) W PTS 10 Jesses Espinas (21-6). Bantam: Landi Ngxeke (11-1-1) W RTD 3 Luciano Baldor (18-4).

Gingqi vs, Hlongwane

Gingqi becomes a two-division national champion as he takes a unanimous decision over Hlongwane in a fight for the vacant super featherweight title. Gingqi a clear winner but no scores available. Some controversy as the Boxing South Africa (BSA) title sanctioning committee refused to accept unrated Hlongwane as a challenger but the BSA Board  overruled them.

Cafu vs. Libranza

IBF No 9 Cafu had few problems with useful Filipino Libranza. Southpaw Cafu, 18, took the unanimous decision but in a flat performance. Fifth consecutive victory for Cafu including an important win over the world rated Jackson Chauke. Former Philippines flyweight title holder Libranza lost to Moruti Mthalane for the IBO title in 2017 but had won 9 of 10 since then.

Tshabalala vs. Espinas

South African champion Tshabalala makes it  five wins in a row as he outpoints Filipino Espinas in a fight for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental title. Espinas is a former Philippines title holder.

Ngxeke vs. Baldor

Ngxeke was giving away a lot in reach and 5 ½” in height to Argentinian Baldor. He was able to get past Baldor’s jab to work inside and the body punching paid off as Baldor retired at the end of the third round. A needed win for the South African champion having been stopped in two rounds by Filipino Jayr Raquinel in October. Baldor is a former Argentinian bantam champion.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Light Fly: Arvin Paciones (5-0) W RTD 6 Jonathan Refugio (22-10). Light: Hong Dat Vo (6-0) W PTS 12 Ernie Sanchez (21-19-2). Middle: Azalbek Kuranbaev (8-1-1) W KO 6 Adam Diu Abdulhamid (18-15). Middle: The Long Trinh (5-0) W RTD 8 Chayanon Phothijun (7-4).

Paciones vs. Refugio

Vietnam-based Filipino Paciones wins the WBC Asia title as fellow-Filipino Rengifo retires after six rounds. Paciones won every round with Rengifo just circling the perimeter of the ring and only launching occasional attacks. Teenager Paciones showed fast hands and good skills but Rengifo showed so little aggression he could have been auditioning for the Nobel Peace Prize and he retired in his corner without having been down or suffered any real injury but perhaps at 5’1 ½” to Paciones 5’7 ½” he decided he had no chance of winning.

Dat Vo vs. Sanchez

Vietnam’s Dat Vo wins the WBA Asia belt with a decision over Filipino Sanchez. Dat Vo handed the tough and willing Sanches a beating. Sanchez absorbed everything thrown at him but had some success and always found a few punches to convince the referee to let the fight continue. Dat Vo, 25, showed a strong jab and some hurtful body punching but had to settle for a points win. No scores available.

Kuranbaev  vs. Abdulhamid

Tajik Kuranbaev scored a sixth round kayo against Filipino Abdulhamid. Kuranbaev had dominated the fight with his longer reach and found the swarming attacks of Abdulhamid providing him plenty of openings to counter. As Abdulhamid drove forward in the sixth Kuranbaev landed a left hook to the body. Abdulhamid held then when they broke  went down on his hands and knees and was counted out. Fourth win in a row by KO/TKO for China-based Kuranbaev who reportedly won the WBC Asia South belt. Fifth loss in his last six fights for Abdulhamid

Trinh vs. Phothijun

Local boxer Trinh won the WBC Asian Silver title with an eighth round retirement by Thai Phothijun. Trinh had the speed and skill and Phothijun relied on strength, bull-like rushes and wild swings. Trinh invested in some fierce hooks to the body and by the eighth Phothijun could hardly hold his hands up. There was some confusion as Phothijun left his corner for the start of the ninth but the referee sent him back to his corner ruling the fight was already over. Trinh has won his five fights by KO/TKO. Phothijun had won his last five fights.

Fight of the week (Significance): Galal Yafai’s first round win over Tommy Frank puts the world’s flyweights on notice that he is coming their way.

Fight of the week: Conah Walker vs. Cyrus Pattinson was a war between knockdowns. Pattinson was down three times but fought back fiercely after each knockdown. Honourable mention to the battle between Jordan Flyn and Kane Baker.  

Fighter of the week: Galal Yafai for his quick-fire destruction of Tommy Frank

Punch of the week: The short right hook from Nigel Collins that put Raza Hamza down and out was a beauty

Upset of the week: Conah Walker was an outsider in the betting against beaten Cyrus Pattinson but his heavier punching saw him emerge the winner

Prospect watch: No new names


Rosette: No outstanding claimants in a weekend without any world title level shows

Red Card: To the show in Biloxi which was garbage:

-Jesus Escalera,43, 16-0 vs. Marcelo Leandro Da Silva 47 in his second fight in six years and failed to last out the first round.

-Alvin Varmall Jr first fight in five years vs. Billy Cunningham 40, who had lost his last seven fights and suffered 26 inside the distance losses

-Unbeaten 19-0 Connor Coyle vs. Joey Bryant with Bryant having only his third fight in seven years and a middleweight who started out as a lightweight.

-Travis Scott, 42, first fight in four years vs. Aaron Anderson, 39, lost his last 24 fights

-There was competition for this red card in the shape of Argentinian Gustavo Lemos 28-0 and IBF No 1 lightweight coming in 8lbs over the limit for his domestic fight  on Friday causing the fight to be cancelled

-For his fight in Moscow on Friday Kirk Johnson wore a big T-shirt emblazoned with a portrait of Vladimir Putin. He declared himself to be a Russian and changed his name to Kevin Vladimrovich and is said to be finalising the paperwork to obtain Russian citizenship as he has decided to become a Russian citizen. I guess if it does not work for him in Russia he can always put in for restoration of his US citizenship!