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Gilberto Ramirez looking to go 4-0 in Las Vegas against Joe Smith Jr

Gilberto Ramirez
Gilberto Ramirez. Photo credit: Getty Images

Former WBO super middleweight champion Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez 44-1 (30) returns to Las Vegas for the first time in seven years when he makes his cruiserweight debut against former WBO light heavyweight champion Joe ‘The Common Man’ Smith Jr 28-4 (22) at The Chelsea inside The Cosmopolitan on October 7.

The 190-pound catchweight bout will be broadcast live by DAZN.

The last time the 32-year-old Mexican southpaw boxed in Sin City he lifted the WBO 168-pound title from longtime champion Arthur Abraham 47-6 (30) by shutout in April 2016.

“Fighting in Las Vegas is an incredible experience,” Ramirez said. “It’s often referred to as the Mecca of Boxing for a good reason. The city has a rich history in the sport, hosting some of the most iconic and legendary boxing matches. The atmosphere, the energy, and the sheer excitement of fighting in such a renowned location are truly unparalleled.

“Personally, I enjoy fighting in Las Vegas not just because of its historical significance, but also because of the passionate fan base and overall boxing culture that the city embodies. The lights, venues and the whole ambiance creates a unique and electrifying environment that fuels my motivation and determination.

“While every fight location has its own charm, Las Vegas has a special place for any boxer. It’s a place for any boxer. It’s a place where dreams are made and legacies are forged and I’m honored to be part of a tradition every time I step into the ring there.”

The fight will be the first for Ramirez since his lone professional loss to WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol 21-0 (11) on points in Abu Dhabi last November.

“The loss in my most recent fight was undoubtedly a significant learning experience for me. It provided valuable insights that I’m determined to use to become an even better fighter,” Ramirez said.

“Physically, I’m pushing myself even harder in training to ensure I’m in the best shape possible. I’m always focusing on refining my techniques and working on any weaknesses that were exposed in my previous fight.

“Mentally, the loss has ignited a new level of determination in me. It reminded me that setbacks are a part of the journey, and they only make us stronger.

“Overall, this loss is a unique opportunity for growth and transformation into the new division. I’m learning from my mistakes and adapting my strategy accordingly.

“I’m excited to showcase the improvements I’ve made and to prove that setbacks don’t define me – they motivate me to rise above and come back stronger than ever.”

He added: “I’m dedicated to refining my skills, broadening my fight IQ and ensuring that I step into the ring as the best version of myself. While setbacks are rough, they are also opportunities for growth and I’m embracing that philosophy as I continue my journey in the sport.”