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Jay Griffiths will take the fight to his next opponent under the Hangar lights

Jay Griffiths

Jay Griffiths will take the fight to his next opponent as his pro boxing journey picks up traction.

He’s primed for next steps at the Hangar Events Venue (Pearson Street), in Wolverhampton, on Friday September 15, when BCB Promotions host another show there.

Griffiths made his debut, under the Hangar lights, in July and emerged to a roar from his fans, whom he saluted after entering the ring.

The 28-year-old then went to work against rugged southpaw MJ Hall, setting the pace and catching his opponent with body punches, operating at a decent level over-the-distance.

He completed all four rounds and settled for a points victory, at the final bell, and was awarded a landslide scoreline, through a 40-36 verdict.

Griffiths grew up in Tipton, but crossed the Black Country divide and now lives in Wombourne, Wolverhampton, although he remains an ardent West Bromwich Albion fan.

‘The Baggie Boy’ is still a relative newcomer to the sport, with just six unlicensed outings and two amateur bouts, under his belt, before joining the pro ranks.

He said: “Everything, for me, is learning and sparring is the best of it. I’ve sparred with some talented lads and held my own, so that’s given me confidence.

“I’m 28 now, so I’ve got to give everything to boxing and I know that hard work pays off, because I’m here as a pro boxer. I’m trying not to over-think what I’m doing.

“I just go with what happens, so I’m a natural with my fighting style, but I’m not afraid to get in the ring with anyone. Whoever gets chucked in front of me, I’ll hit them with everything.

“I’m looking to stay active and I don’t ever want to get caught off-guard. I’m feeling fitter and stronger, just by keeping up the training that I’ve been doing. Consistency is key.

“I made middleweight easy but, at a day before weigh-in, I think I could get down to super welter. I fancy that weight, anyway, and I think that I’d be good.

“Making my debut was a mad experience. I’m not a nervous person, but I got this weird rush during the build-up. My mum was at ringside and she’s never been to see me fight.

“To have my family and friends cheering for me, when I walked out to the ring, was class and it felt like I had them in my corner. The rest was down to me.

“MJ (Hall, opponent) can make you look ugly, because he’s so tough and resilient, but I kept my feet moving and targeted the body, so I got to sink some shots in.

“I showed everyone there that I can box and use my jab, now I want to show everyone that I can fight, as well. My fitness is there, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Tickets for the Hangar bill are available, priced at £40 standard or £75 VIP ringside, directly from the boxers or by visiting myfighttickets.com.