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Mose Auimatagi Jnr back in the top 100

After his KO win last weekend, Mose Auimatagi Jr has entered the top 100 boxing ranking on the records-keeping website Boxrec.

Auimatagi Jr brushed off his 1st round Knockout loss in April against Jerome Pampellone with his own outstanding win last weekend. He took on another New Zealand-born Australian resident boxer Mike Letoi in a Cruiserweight bout. Auimatagi jr put on an impressive performance, winning the fight by first-round Knockout, ranking him 84th in the Light Heavyweight division.

It is great to see Auimatagi becoming more active in his boxing career again, With this being his third fight this year so far, it is the most active he has been since 2017. Now that he is back on track on the winning side, the question is what is next for him?

At this point in his career, there are no more easy fights for Auimatagi, but there are plenty of interesting fights to be made in Australia. As the common saying we hear in the boxing community is style makes fights. This generally means the fighter styles when matched correctly create more entertaining fights. However, the next three fights are the most important fights for Auimatagi in ways of career progression. There are three fights that are very doable in Australia that should be made over the next year and can put Auimatagi into the top 30.

First, the fight that never came to be, Renold Quinlan. This fight was originally scheduled in Saudi Arabia, however, the entire event got cancelled and the promoter was banned from promoting events again in Saudi Arabia. Quinlan is a talented fighter and a former IBO World Super Middleweight champion. When he is on point, he could be an unstoppable force, but, when he is off, he is very off. He is currently the gatekeeper for boxers who want to reach that next level in their career. If you want to be someone in the Light Heavyweight division, you need to get through him.

Secondly, the person who beat Renold Quinlan for the Australian title, Lucas Millar. Millar is one tough boxer. He has a steel jaw and some pop in his punches. Don’t let his record fool you as he is climbing up in the ranks. However, as you can see with the Jerome Pampellone vs. Lucas Millar fight, he is beatable. He would give a good challenge for Auimatangi and can make a decent fight for a regional title.

Finally, the Samoan talented veteran, Leti Leti. Leti Leti, has just come off a win over two-time world title challenger Robert Berridge with a 5th round stoppage. As an amateur, he was extremely talented with multiple New Zealand titles and Oceania titles. His skill obviously transferred into his pro career with an impressive career. Making this fight against Auimatangi would be an excellent test of skill.

Auimatangi is an excellent boxer with a huge amount of potential. All eyes are on him now to see what happens next in his career, however, he does have the skill to make it all the way to a world title contendership.