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Regis Prograis plans to be the face of boxing within a couple of fights

Regis Prograis. Photo credit: Getty Images

WBC junior welterweight champion Regis ‘Rougarou’ Prograis 29-1 (24) is aiming to become the face of boxing starting with victory over Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney 30-0 (15).

Undisputed lightweight champion Haney, 24, is widely expected to move up in weight to challenge the 34-year-old southpaw who turned in an uncharacteristically flat performance against Danielito Zorrilla 17-2 (13) in June, a bout he won by split decision.

Prograis sees that fight as an aberration and believes he can parlay victory over Haney into a second big money fight against either Ryan Garcia 23-1 (19) or Teofimo Lopez 19-1 (13).

“I really feel I could be the face of boxing or close to it in two fights. This fight and then some after that, hopefully, Ryan or Teo, somebody like that,” Prograis said to Fight Hub TV.

“This is right there for me to grab. I just have to put in the work, which I’ve been doing since and I think it’s there, it’s there for the taking.

“Listen, I love it. I’m thankful to thank you, Zorrilla. I’m thankful to Zorrilla. I had a bad performance with nerves and all that being in my hometown. Cool, but that’s over now. I feel like it’s just going to be a totally different thing right now.

“Right now, totally different with different plans. [Haney] can do whatever he wants. I feel like he’s not going to be able to stop what I’m coming to do to him, he’s not going to be able to stop.

“I just feel like physically, I’m just more superior and I can box. People, I think they’re forgetting that I can still box. I can still do all this stuff. I’m still fast, I’m still strong still have a chin. Physically, I think I’m just too much. That’s all.

“Devin has 30 fights with 15 knockouts. So that means he can’t crack an egg. I have 29 fights with 24 knockouts and I’m putting people to sleep. So I think I’m superior. Physically, I feel like I’m superior. Boxing-wise, yeah, he has that, but I feel like I still have to hit him.

“We’re in the boxing ring, we’re going to go 12 rounds. I’m still going to touch you and when I touch you, I feel like it’s not going to be nice. I’m looking at that.

“I’m not even looking at his last performance against [Vasiliy] Lomachenko because my last performance wasn’t good. So his last performance against Lomachenko, we can leave that right there. I’m looking at right now.

“Devin is not going to mess with me just right now. No past performances or nothing like that. Me and him right now. I feel like he not messing with me.

“I’m going going to dominate. I’m training for domination. That’s it. I’m training for straight total domination. It sounds bad, but I want to hurt Devin. That’s it. I want to hurt him. That’s all. I want to dominate. There’s been a lot of talk.”