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The Past Week in Action 10 October 2023 – Japan, England, USA & more

Leigh Wood vs Josh Warrington. Photo credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing


-Brothers Yudai and Ginjiro Shigeoka both win versions of sanctioning body minimum titles on the same promotion with Yudai outpointing Petchmanee CP Freshmart for the WBC version and Ginjiro stopping Daniel Valladares for the IBF version

-Leigh Wood stops Josh Warrington in the seventh round to retain the WBA featherweight title

-Gilberto Ramirez and Joe Smith move up to cruiserweight and Ramirez wins a unanimous decision,

-South African Lerato Dlamini decisions Tomoko Kameda in IBF featherweight eliminator

-Ellis Zorro outpoints Luca D’Ortenzi in WBO European cruiserweight title defence

-Evelin Bermudez wins split decision over Kim Clavel in defence of her IBF and WBO light flyweight title belts

– Terri Harper and Cecilia Braekhus draw so Harper holds on to her WBA super welter title and the WBO version remains vacant

World Title/Major Shows


Tokyo, Japan:. Minimum: Yudai Shigeoka (8-0) W PTS 12 Petchmanee CP Freshmart (40-2). Minimum: Ginjiro Shigeoka (10-0,1ND) W TKO 5 Daniel Valladares (27-4-1,1ND). Feather: Lerato Dlamini (20-2) W PTS 12 Tomoki Kameda (40-3).  Super Fly: Rene Bibiano (21-0) W TKO 8 Hayate Hanada (1-1). Minimum: Ar Ardales (14-2-3) TEC DRAW 4 Wilfredo Mendez (18-3-1). Heavy: Mitsuro Yajima (10-0) W KO 1 Williams Ocando (24-12-1).

Shigeoka vs. Petchmanee

Shigeoka wins the WBC title as he outclasses reigning champion Petchmanee

Round 1

Both were probing with their jab. Shigeoka landed a left and Petchmanee fired back with a right. Shigeoka was quicker with his jab and both landed well in a short exchange. Shigeoka connected with a pair of lefts just doing enough to give him an edge

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka

Round 2

Shigeoka ducked under a couple of swings from Petchmanee and scored with two lefts. Petchmanee was coming forward but Shigeoka was too quick and was finding gaps for his lefts and dancing away from Petchmanee’s counters. Petchmanee got through with a right but Shigeoka responded with two hooks to the body.

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 20-18

Round 3

Shigeoka scored with two lefts and his footwork was so quick that he was  out of distance when Petchmanee tried to counter. Shigeoka went onto the front foot forcing Petchmanee to the ropes and kept him there as he unleashed a series of lefts and rights. Shigeoka put together a burst of punches that had Petchmanee backing off.

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 30-27

Round 4

Once again Shigeoka was landing heavy lefts, He had the harder punch and was putting together some fast combinations with Petchmanee only landing an occasional punch. Late in the round Shigeoka sent Petchmanee staggering back with a right.

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 40-36

Round 5

At this point Shigeoka was 39-37 in front on all three cards. Petchmanee pressed harder,. He was still coming up short with some punches but he was stepping inside and lending left hooks with Shigeoka not as active. Petchmanee landed a batch of body punches then a whole series of rights with very little coming back from Shigeoka

Score: 10-9 Petchmanee             Shigeoka 49-46

Round 6

Shigeoka was busier in this round getting back in the groove of connecting with lefts and dodging Petchmanee’s responses. Petchmanee did get through with some body punches but Shigeoka was using his jab as a range finder and then sending lefts down the line to the target. Petchmanee landed a nice right hook but Shigeoka ended the round driving Petchmanee along the ropes with lefts.

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 59-55

Round 7

Petchmanee kept walking forward but was running onto counters. Shigeoka was using clever upper body movement to dodge Petchmanee’s punches then bobbing up and landing quick-fire combinations. Shigeoka was choosing his moment for switching from defence to attack and stepping forward scoring with straight punches from both hands forcing Petchmanee back.

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 69-64

Round 8

Both scored in some early trading but then Shigeoka chose to show some of his defensive skills and the lack of pressure saw Petchmanee having some success with rights to the body. Shigeoka stayed in a defensive mode and Petchmanee landed enough to edge a close rounds.

Score: 10-9 Petchmanee             Shigeoka 78-74

Round 9

Shigeoka had extended his lead with the three judge’s cards reading 79-73. Shigeoka was getting through with hooks and uppercuts at the start of the round and was back to using his right as a range finder and banging home straight lefts. Petchmanee could not close Shigeoka down and was soaking up lefts. He landed one long range right to the head but Shigeoka was happy to stand in front of Petchmanee with his hands down and then throw hooks from there.

Score: 10 Shigeoka                     Shigeoka 88-83

Round 10

Petchmanee was walking forward but always a pace behind Shigeoka who was landing a couple of punches then moving smoothly away from Petchmanee’s lunges. Shigeoka was again full of confidence standing hands down and slinging hooks and uppercuts. Petchmanee could not get close enough to do any damage and was caught by a trio of lefts.

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 98-92

Round 11

Shigeoka was taking the fight to Petchmanee walking forward following Petchmanee around the ring and scoring with straight punches and hooks. Petchmanee was constantly trapped with his back against the ropes as Shigeoka picked and placed his punches in a one-sided round

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 108-101

Round 12

Petchmanee needed a knockout but that was never on the cards. The pattern was the same as Shigeoka was piecing Petchmanee’s guard with jabs and banging home lefts and winning another round

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka  118-110

Official scores: Judge Craig Metcalfe 119-109 Shigeoka, Judge Chris Migliore 119-109 Shigeoka, Judge Humberto Olivares 117-111 Shigeoka.

Shigeoka, 26, won a number of High School titles and had aimed for a place in the Japanese team for the Tokyo Olympics but as there was no light flyweight division at the Games he turned pro. He and his younger brother Ginjiro made history by becoming the first brother to win world titles in the same division on the same show. Petchmanee CP Freshmart-or Panya Pradabsri-32, was making the first defence of the WBC title and suffered his first loss since dropping a disputed majority decision in China in 2017. He won the WBC title in 2020 with a close unanimous decision over 54-0 Wanheng.

Shigeoka vs. Valladares

Shigeoka wins the IBF title in his tenth fight with a fifth round defeat of champion Valladares.

Round 1

Both starting cautiously. Southpaw Shigeoka moved inside and landed a couple of shots to the body. Shigeoka fired a straight left to the head and Valladares went down but bounced up quickly. After the count Valladares drove forward throwing hooks with Shigeoka using quick movement to dodge the punches and looking to walk Valladares onto another left.

Score: 10-8 Shigeoka

Round 2

Shigeoka is lightning fast with his hands and very quick on his feet. As they clash Shigeoka is warned for pushing down the head of Valladares and strangely Valladares loses a point for a butt. Valladares surges forward and Shigeoka trades punches getting the better of the exchanges then lands a series of lefts. Valladares is swinging wildly but Shigeoka just ducks and dodges the punches.

Score: 10-8 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 20-16

Round 3

Two rounds gone and Valladares is four points down already. Valladares is marching forward behind a high guard but Shigeoka is able to land lefts then skip back out of range forcing Valladares to start all over again. He has no answer to the quicksilver challenger  he can’t block Shigeoka’s punches or land his own. Shigeoka was scoring with every left he threw and then tying Valladares up when he gets inside.

Score:10 9 Shigeoka                   Shigeoka 30-25

Round 4

Valladares continues to march forward but is far too slow . Shigeoka is dancing in and out landing quick punches and skipping back out of ranges before Valladares can counter. If Valladares does manage to close with Shigeoka then Shigeoka ties him up. Valladares just can’t get a toe-hold in the fight

Score: 10-9 Shigeoka                  Shigeoka 40-34

Round 5

Shigeoka is again drilling Valladares with lefts to head and body but Valladares managed to land two hard rights. Shigeoka shakes Valladares with a left then batters him along the ropes. Valladares manages to escape but Shigeoka drives him back again. With Valladares pinned against the ropes Shigeoka connected with a left to the body and an uppercut that made Valladares dip at the knees and with Shigeoka blasting Valladares with punches the referee stops the fight.

Still only 23 Shigeoka had challenged Valladares for the title in January but the fight ended in a technical draw when Valladares was unable to continue due to a cut. Valladares was back in action in April knocking out Rene Mark Cuarto for the interim IBF title. Valladares had won the IF title with a split decision victory over champion Cuarto in July 2022 and the two Shigeoka fights were his only defences. Ginjiro shares with his elder brother Yudai the record of being the first brother to win world titles in the same division on the same night.

Dlamini vs. Kameda

South African Dlamini springs a surprise as he comes with a winning game plan and uses it to take a split decision over Kameda that should have been unanimous. Both were cautious early with Dlamini boxing cleverly to offset Kameda’s height and reach advantages. He was showing Kameda plenty of movement and piercing his guard with rights and left hooks. After a close opening round those skills of Dlamini had him winning round after round with a sluggish Kameda being outboxed and outthought. After four rounds Dlamini was in front 39-37 on the three cards. A frustrated Kameda attacked hard over the next four rounds but Dlamini continued to do stick to his boxing and did most of the scoring and after eight round was well on his way to an upset with all three judges still seeing the classy work from Dlamini winning the rounds, The scores were 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75 for the South African. Kameda must have known he was behind and he put in a great effort over the closing rounds. Dlamini was down in the tenth but it was rightly ruled a slip but he was cut over his right eye. Kameda  managed to eat into Dlamini’s substantial lead but Dlamini fought back against the pressure and emerged a good winner on scores of 116-112 from the two neutral officials and 115-113 from the Japanese judge. After losing his first pro fight Dlamini put together an eighteen bout winning streak before losing a very close decision to James Dickens for the vacant IBO title in October 2022. There is already a mandatory challenger for IBF champion Luis Lopez in the shape of No 1 Reiya Abe but this win will see Dlamini fill the No 2 slot putting him line to face the winner that title fight. Former WBO bantam title holder Kameda had lost in a challenge for the WBC super-bantam title in 2019 but had rebuilt with four wins.

Bibiano vs. Hanada

The risk of putting prospect Hanada in with 20-0 Bibiano played out as Bibiano won on an eighth round stoppage. Hanada made a very confident start taking the fight to Bibiano in the first two rounds scoring with hooks from both hands. Bibiano had landed with some well-placed rights in those two rounds and when Hanada rumbled forward again in the third Bibiano put him down with a right. Undeterred Hanada came forward again in the fourth and was down again from a right hook. Hanada scored with body punches in the fifth and seemed to have Bibiano hurt but a right had Hanada wobbling. They went toe-to-toe over the sixth and seventh but in the eighth Bibiano connected with right uppercuts that had Hanada in deep trouble and the fight was stopped. Good win for Bibiano whose record is heavily padded with mediocre victims. Hanada, 21, was a good level amateur with a 62-17 record but this fight was  a step too far.

Ardales vs. Mendez

A cut over the right eye of Puerto Rican Mendez brought this fight to an early end. Southpaw Mendez was boxing well on the back foot countering the aggressive Filipino and trying to create working room. Ardales attacked strongly but Mendez landed some useful body punches and knocked Ardales back with a left in the third. Ardales continued to forge forward in the fourth but a clash of heads saw Mendez cut and he was unable to continue. Former WBO champion Mendez was having his first fight since losing on a seventh round kayo against Yudai Shigeoka for the WBC interim title in April. First fight for Ardales for a year. Three of his last four fights have ended in technical draws.

Tajima vs. Ocando

Tajima crushes Ocando inside a round. Tajima was just too much of a beast for Venezuelan Ocando. He connected with a right hook and a left to the body that made it clear this was going to be a short fight. He continued to chase down Ocando forcing him to the ropes. Ocando tried to hold on but Tajima landed a number of uppercuts inside and Ocando dropped to the canvas was counted out. Seventh fight this year and eighth inside the distance win in total for Tajima. He  is small for a heavyweight by today’s standards at 5’11” but was 252lbs for this fight. Tajima, 28, is listed as Brazilian. His father was Japanese and his mother Brazilian. His father died when Tajima was two. He had aimed to represent Japan at the 2016 Olympics but gave up due to injuries and delays in naturalisation and I guess he did not complete the naturalisation process. Eleventh inside the distance defeat for Ocando.

Sheffield, England: Feather: Leigh Wood (28-3) W TKO 7 Josh Warrington (31-3-1). Super Welter: Terri Harper (14-1-2) DRAW 10 Cecelia Braekhus (37-2-1). Middle; Kieron Conway (20-3-1) W TKO 6 Linus Udofia (18-2). Feather: Hopey Price (12-0) W TKO 12 Connor Coghill (14-1).

Wood vs. Warrington

Wood retains the WBA title as although behind on the three judge’s cards he scores an explosive seventh round stoppage

Round 1

Both were fired up and looking to dominate early. Wood was slightly taller with a longer reach and Warrington was driving his way inside and scored with lefts and rights to the head. Wood connected with a good right. It was a close round but one for Warrington

Score: 10-9 Warrington

Round 2

Wood switched to southpaw That seemed to work for him as he connected with lefts. There was very little clean work being done by either boxer. Warrington landed a couple of slashing hooks and a right to the chin with Wood again on target with a lefts with Warrington struggling to score.

Score: 10-9 Wood                       TIED 19-19

Round 3

A fierce attack from Warrington saw him driving Wood to the ropes scoring with lefts and rights to the head. As they traded later it was Warrington again landing hooks. Wood was not as effective with his left in this round and Warrington was doing the better work inside.

Score: 10-9 Warrington              Warrington 29-28

Round 4

Too often Wood was waiting to throw a punch and Warrington was taking advantage and firing punches first and landing. Wood was also throwing one punch at time and in this round whereas Warrington was pumping out punches with both hands. Wood switched back to orthodox and had a bit more success late in the round. Wood was cut over his right eye by a punch.

Score: 10-9 Warrington              Warrington 39-37

Round 5

Wood scored early with jabs and rights. Warrington seemed to be taking a round off but over the last minute he was surging forward firing hooks. He looked to have shaken Wood with a left to the head and landed another bunch hooks just before the bell to swing the round his way.

Score: 10-9 Warrington              Warrington 49-46

Round 6

Wood did some good work with his jab before Warrington again bustled his way inside firing hooks and he landed a heavy left to the head. Wood was trying to box with Warrington throwing himself inside and both had some success but it was a very even round.

Score: 10-10 TIED                       Warrington 59-56

Round 7

Warrington was putting Wood under pressure with Wood not able to keep Warrington out. It was refreshing to see the referee stop the action and deducted a point from Warrington for punches to the back of the head as he had warned Warrington a couple of time earlier. Warrington went straight back into the attack with his hooks forcing Wood back. Wood was boxing southpaw again and was connecting with lefts. As they worked inside a left seemed to stagger Warrington. He came forward again and walked stumbling into a sequence of punches rocking his head from side to side and sending him down on his back. He climbed to his feet and then turned away from the referee stumble to his corner and the referee followed him counting and then waived the fight over.

Wood pulled it out when he needed it and produced a real champion’s finish. This was a voluntary defence and he may now be obliged to put the title on the line against Uzbek Otabek Kholmatov although he has indicated he is looking  to move up to super feather. Warrington has the frustration of being ahead and then switching off. There does not seem an easy way for him to get a return and he is also talking about moving up to super feather where Joe Cordina holds the IBF title..

Harper vs. Braekhus

Harper successfully defends her WBA title but fails to collect the vacant WBO belt as this one ends as a majority draw. A lot of the rounds were close. Harper was boxing on the back foot over the first three rounds slotting home jabs and landing counters whilst using clever movement to blunt Braekhus’ attacks. Pressure from Braekhus forced Harper to stand and trade more but Harper just had the edge with her better boxing. Harper looked to have built a good lead but Braekhus had used her experience to pace the fight and she came on strong over the closing rounds. Harper stood and traded with Braekhus and despite Braekhus’ late surge looked to have just done enough. Two judges scored it 95-95 with the third favouring Harper 97-93. With just 17 fights behind her there is more to come from Harper and she will be looking to continue to develop and feature in more big fights and look for more titles. Norwegian Braekhus, 42’ has done it all winning IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC and WBO titles and although she has had only one fight in each of the last four years she is still far from finished.

Conway vs. Udofia

Conway wins the vacant WBA Inter-Continental belt as Udofia is forced out of the fight in the sixth round due a swelling hampering his vision. Both boxed behind their jab in the first round with Conway forcing the fight with his longer reach and Udofia on the back foot. Conway pressed harder in the second  stalking Udofia and connecting with jabs and long rights. Udofia was tentative and not really getting into the action being short with an occasional right. Udofia was livelier in the third using his jab more but to not to any great effect. Conway was finding the target with long rights in the fourth but Udofia was boxing with real style with plenty of movement fast hands and sliding away from Conway’s punches. He was taking the fight to Conway in the fifth but Conway was landing some hefty rights one of which started a swelling under Udofia’s right eye. By the sixth the swelling had grown and Udofia’s vision was reduced to a slit and the referee stopped the fight. Conway has lost tough fights against unbeaten fighters Souleymane Cissokho majority decision- and Austin Williams so this is a much welcome victory. Udofia had lost a split decision against Denzil Bentley for the vacant British title in May last year so an unwelcome setback.

Price vs. Coghill

Southpaw Price scores a late stoppage over a very game Coghill. Price put Coghill down in the sixth, eleventh and twelfth rounds. Coghill pressed hard all the way but was felled by a right hook late in the sixth. Undeterred Coghill kept marching forward but gradually he was being broken down by power shots from Price. A right floored Coghill again in the eleventh but there was not enough time remaining in the round for Price to end it. He did that in the twelfth flooring Coghill twice more until the referee stopped the fight. The 23-year-old Price continues to improve with every fight and is punching with more power. Coghill showed real bravery getting up from those knockdowns

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Light Heavy: Gilberto Ramirez (45-1) W PTS 10 Joe Smith (28-5). Super Middle: Bektemir Melikuziev (13-1) W TKO 4 Alante Fox (28-5-1). Super Middle: Darius Fulghum (8-0) W KO 1 Alan Campo (18-9,1ND).

Ramirez vs. Smith

Ramirez outboxes Smith to win a unanimous decision as they both make the transition to cruiserweight. Smith came out fast in each of the first two rounds rolling forward looking to hustle Ramirez out of his stride. Ramirez was  mainly on  the back foot sliding right jabs and quick lefts through Smith’s guard. When Ramirez went forward he was landing some sharp lefts and then backed away from Smith’s attempts to counter. Smith wasn’t fast enough to pin down Ramirez and Ramirez’s quicker hands saw him landing accurate single shots. Smith upped the pressure in the third but Ramirez was staying off the ropes and out of corners. He dodged a couple of Smith’s punches then fired a burst of light punches of his own. Smith had been waiting toom long to let his punches go but in the fourth he walked forward throwing heavy hooks and probably did enough to win the round. Ramirez boxed his way through the fifth. Avoiding the heavy but wild hooks from Smith and picking him off with jabs and hooks before landing a hefty left to the head. Pick, pick, picking of light jabs and straight rights from Ramirez in the sixth had Smith backing off when he needed to be going forward. Smith attacked hard  in the seventh but was wild with his hooks and Ramirez scored with a bunch of accurate body shots and Smith had a small cut under his right eye. There was a sense of urgency in Smith’s work in the eighth as he surged forward. Ramirez was content to go onto the back foot spear Smith with punches and then sliding out from Smith’s crude lunging attacks. Promising start from Smith in the ninth as he trapped Ramirez against the ropes and unloaded punches for his best  spell in the fight. From there Ramirez took over and peppered Smith with punches and slipped Smiths attempts to land with hefty hooks. Although he must have known he was way ahead Ramirez didn’t hide in the last, he took the fight to Smith and stood and traded punches and did most of the scoring. All three judges saw ut00-91 for Ramirez. First fight for Ramirez since his crushing points loss against Dmitrii Bivol in November. He was fighting at cruiserweight carrying 17lbs more than in the Bivol fight and there are some interesting possibilities in a wide-open cruiserweight division. Smith was also moving up after being stopped in two rounds by Artur Beterbiev in two rounds in June last year and he also will be a factor in his new division

Melikuziev vs. Fox

Melikuziev batters Fox to defeat in four rounds. Melikuziev went to work quickly forging his way inside to overcome Fox’s 7” height advantage. With Fox unable to keep him out he rocked Fox in the first and landed heavily with both hands in the second. Fox got some encouragement when a clash of heads saw Melikuziev cut over his right eye but he was shaken by a left late in the round. In the fourth a left from Melikuziev saw Fox freeze and then go down. He beat the count but when the action restarted he was trapped against the ropes with Melikuziev bombarding him with punches and the referee stopped the fight. In his fight in April this year Melikuziev had reversed his sole loss by outpointing Gabriel Rosado. He is No 7 with the WBA and No 9 with the WBO so lots of work to do to climb the ratings. After losing to David Morrell in a challenge for the secondary WBA title in 2021 Foz was inactive for fourteen months before dropping a majority decision against Erik Bazinyan in February.

Fulghum vs. Campa

Fulghum gets another quick win as he put Campa down and out in the first. Fulgham had already landed a coup[le of hurtful body punches and when he sunk two more left hooks to the body Campa collapsed in agony going flat on the canvas and being counted out. All eight of Fulghum’s wins have come inside the distance. He is a former National Golden Gloves champion at 200lbs but was 170lbs for this fight. Mexican Campa is sliding steadily with just one victory in his last seven fights.


Plant City, FL, USA: Super Light: Pablo Cano (35-8-1,1ND) W TKO 6 Zachary Ochoa (21-4). Light: Jose Nunez (16-0-2) W PTS 10 Omar Salcido (17-1).

Cano vs. Ochoa

Cano overcomes an early cut to stop Ochoa. Cano attacked from the start firing punches from both hands with Ochoa on the back foot countering. The second saw both boxers fighting inside but Cano suffered a bad cut over his left eye. He then drove Ochoa to the ropes and bombarded him with punches until Ochoa fought his way of the ropes and forced Cano across the ring under a fusillade of hooks. Cano then banged back at the end of an exciting three minutes. Both had spells of dominance in another all-action third. The fourth and fifth saw Ochoa in control again boxing behind his jab connecting with straight rights and left hooks and Cano, with blood dripping from the cut, not able to get close enough to work inside as Ochoa grew in confidence. The sixth saw Ochoa in control until Cano stepped in with a left hook and a right to the head that felled Ochoa. He beat the count but was pinned against the ropes not fighting back and the referee stopped the fight.

Cano, 34 looked shopworn in the fourth and fifth but the combination that floored Ochoa was the Cano of old. Third loss in a row for Ochoa but all of his losses have come against very strong opposition

Nunez vs. Salcido.

Nunez floors and decisions Salcido. Southpaw Nunez showed plenty of skill circling the rangy Salcido darting in with quick jabs and walking him onto counter lefts. In the third Nunez landed one of those lefts that sent Salcido back and down. Salcido beat the count and then hurled himself forward in round after round trying to pin down Nunez but he was leaving himself open. Nunez was too slick and too quick and always dangerous with lefts. As Salcido dived forward in the seventh Nunez dropped him with a right hook. Nunez tried desperately to find a finishing punch but was too wild and with just seconds remaining in the round Nunez went down. It looked as though he overbalanced but as Salcido had thrown a right the referee decided that was the cause of the knockdown and gave an amazed Nunez a count. Nunez continued to outbox a frustrated Salcido and won on scores of  98-87, 98-89 and 95-90. The 24-year-old Panamanian is speedy and has power and his agility makes him difficult to nail down. Salcido is strong but limited and his record flatters him.


Lubin. Poland: Super Welter: Eugeniusz Makarczuk (9-0) W PTS 10 Milos Beranek (10-2). Welter: Lukas Dekys (11-0) W TKO 7 Dimas Garateguy (8-6).

Makarczuk vs. Beranek

Makarczuk outpoints Czech Beranek. The visitor boxed well but lacked power and Makarczuk was winning the rounds. Makarczuk rocked Beranek with a punch in the fourth and in the fifth Baranek tired badly. He rallied and in the seventh Beranek found his second wind. In the eighth Makarczuk lost a point for spitting out his mouthguard but he too rallied and won the closing rounds. Scores 98-91 twice and 99-89 for Belarus-born Makarczuk who wins the vacant WBC CISBB belt.

Dekys vs. Garateguy

Dekys stops Garateguy in the seventh. The first round saw little action but Dekys began to find the target with heavy hooks late in the second. From there he continued to dominate before dropping Garateguy with a left hook in the seventh. Garateguy beat the count but was down again from another left hook and the fight was stopped. Pole Dekys gets his fifth win by KO/TKO and Garateguy his third loss by KO/TKO.


Hermosillo, Mexico: Super Bantam: Alan Picasso (26-0-1) W KO 2 Yeison Vargas  (21-14). Feather: Daniel Lugo (27-2) W PTS 10. Miguel Torres (12-2). Super Welter: Damian Sosa (23-2) W TKO 10 Jesus Najera (2-8-1). Fly: Gohan Rodriguez (14-3-1) W PTS 10 Raul Rubio (16-3).). Light Fly: Damian Arce (3-0) W KO 2 Jesus Perez (2-1).

Picasso vs. Vargas

Picasso wipes out substitute Vargas in two rounds. Picasso was getting home with solid body punches in the first with Vargas landing some useful counters. As they fought inside in the second Picasso scored with two left hooks the first to the body effectively finished Vargas and he was already starting to fall as Picasso whipped another left hook to the head. Vargas was up at six but just walked away from the referee leaving the official with no alternative but to stop the fight. Now 22 wins in a row for Picasso and the draw on his record was a technical one. Picasso is No 2 with the WBC but unrated by the other bodies. Two ways of looking at it: 26-0-1 is very impressive numerically but he has yet to face a rated opponent so great potential yet to be realised. Colombian Vargas now has nine losses by KO/TKO.

Lugo vs. Torres

Lugo gets his third win in a row as he floors Torres in the first round and goes on to outpoint him. No scores available. Local fighter Lugo had an inbeaten streak of 21 fights before losing to Edwin Palomares in November 2021. He was then out for seventeen months before returning with two wins this year. Second loss in his last three fights for Torres.

Sosa vs. Najera

Sosa rebounds from a loss against tough Ivan Alvarez with a late stoppage of Najera. Sosa had put together an eleven-bout winning streak including victories over 22-2-1 Jesus Vega and 18-1-1 Ronald Cruz before being outpointed by Alvarez in April. Najera’s current form is 0-3-1

Rodriguez vs. Rubio

Both of these fighters need a win to reverse disappointing recent results. Rodriguez got the win on a split verdict but Rubio looked unlucky. Scores 78-73 and 77-74 for Rodriguez and 76-75 for Rubio. Rodriguez is now 3-2 in his last five fights and Rubio is 2-3.

Arce vs. Perez

Cuban Arce knocks out Perez in two rounds. Arce was twice Cuban champion and a Pan American Games bronze medallist. He has won three fights this year but at 31 is a very late starter in the pro ranks.

London, England: Cruiser: Ellis Zorro (17-0) W PTS 10 Luca D’Ortenzi (17-4). Feather: Masood Abdulah (9-0) W RTD 7 Marc Leach (18-3-1).Light Heavy: Karol Itauma (11-1) W PTS 10 Dmytro Fedas (8-4-2). Super Bantam: Chris Bourke (13-1) W TKO 4 Adam Mbega (11-3). Super Welter: Carl Fail (10-0) W PTS 8 Angel Emilov (11-53-3). Super Welter: Joshua Frankham (9-0) W PTS 8 George Davey (8-1-1)

Zorro vs. D’Ortenzi

Zorro holds off a strong challenge from Italian D’Ortenzi in WBO European title defence. Zorro was on target early with probing jabs and crisp body punches. D’Ortenzi was striding forward but Zorro was quicker and more mobile getting his punches off first and dodging D’Ortenzi reply’s. Although slow of foot D’Ortenzi managed to close down Zorro in the second pinning him  against the ropes and landing a powerful right. Zorro went back to his boxing in the third outboxing the visitor and connecting with well-placed punches with Zorro forgetting his jab but banging back at the end of the round. D’Ortenzi upped the pressure again over the fourth and fifth dragging Zorro into some brawling making the rounds tight. Zorro was ahead at the half way mark but D’Ortenzi’s punches had blood trickling from Zorro’s nose. D’Ortenzi pressed hard in the sixth marching forward behind his guard and throwing right crosses managing again to take Zorro to the ropes and shower him with punches. The seventh saw Zorros’ better boxing better giving him the edge and he punished D’Ortenzi with jabs and straight rights in the eighth and ninth as D’Ortenzi began to flag. In the tenth as D’Ortenzi put in a big effort but Zorro more than matched him to widen the gap in the points, Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94 for Zorro. An impressive performance against a tough challenger for Zorro who was going past the eighth round for the time in a fight. D’Ortenzi, had lost a close decision to Leon Harth in Germany in April.

Abdulah vs. Leach

Abdulah wears down and beats Leach on a seventh round retirement. No study time for Abdulah as shot out of his corner throwing punches forcing southpaw Leach back. He sustained the attacks landing some hard body shots and shaking Leach with a right to the head. Abdulah hunted Lech throughout the second connecting with some scorching rights to the body. Leach scored with a few punches at the end of the round but other than that he was too busy defending himself. Leach was jarred and jolted with lefts and rights over the third with Abdulah pounding away at him. Leach did get off the ropes occasionally and fired back in the fourth but Abdulah just shook the counters off and landed a series of rights. The referee looked poised to step in as Leach took heavy punishment over the fifth and sixth and was battered and bruised and cut under his left eye. Leach took a savage beating in the seventh. Either the referee or his corner should have saved him but he somehow made it to the bell and announced his retirement after the fight.

Itauma vs. Fedas

Southpaw Itauma boxes his way to victory over limited Ukrainian Fedas. It was a solid performance from Itauma. He boxed well early over the first half of the fight with little threat coming from Fedas. In the second half Itauma went from strength to strength mixing his attack from head to body and winning every round with the referee scoring it 80-782. Itauma getting some useful rounds under his belt after his shock loss to Ezequiel Maderna. Fourth consecutive defeat for Fedas

Bourke vs. Mbega

Bourke too much for substitute Mbega. Bourke was on the back foot scoring with left hand counters on the advancing Mbega in the first. Plenty of activity from Mbenga but to little effect. Bourke went onto the front foot in the second and began to score heavily. Mbega was already tiring by the third and Bourke wrapped up the win in the fourth. He forced Mbega to a corner and nagged home body punches until Mbega slumped to the canvas ad the fight was stopped. Third win for Burke since losing to Marc Leach for the vacant British super bantam title in March. Tanzanian Mbenga was too small and lacking power.

Fail vs. Emilov

Fail outpoints Bulgarian Emilov. The 6’1” Fail had big edges in height and reach but spent most of the fight outpunching Emilov in some close-action exchanges. Fail upped pace over the second half of the fight but was cut over his left eye in the fifth. The referee decreed the cut was caused by a punch so Fail dialled back his aggression and boxed his way through the closing rounds to win 78-74 on the referee’s card. Fail is a former ABA champion and won a silver medal at the EU Games. He is the twin brother of unbeaten Ben Fail. Emilov’s record looks and is terrible but he earns his money as he has only been stopped twice in  his 53 losses.

Frankham vs. Davey

Franklin comers off the floor to score very close decision over Davey. A lively first round saw both jabbing well with Davey looking to score with rights. Frankham upped his pace in the second landing with some useful body punches. He also connected with a good left hook and Davey showed clever defensive work. Frankham was taking the fight to Davey over the third and fourth. The fifth saw Frankham coming in behind his jab with and scoring with rights and he had moved into the lead. Frankham was coming forward in the sixth when Davey connected with two rights sending him down. Frankham was up quickly and landed a couple of strong rights of his own. The knockdown made it close and the seventh was tight but Frankham outfought Davey in the eighth to take the decision by 76-75 on the referee’s card. Both were up at eight rounds for the first time and both remain good prospects.

Sheffield, England: Super Fly: Emma Dolan (6-0) W PTS 10 Nicola Hopewell (3-1).

Dolan retains the Commonwealth title with a unanimous decision over Hopewell. Dolan fought on the back foot for much of the fight as Hopewell drove forward aggressively. Dolan was doing the most of the scoring either with counters or when she moved onto the front foot with strong jabs and quick combinations. Hopewell scored with short hooks when she was able to hunt Dolan down and get inside but was leaving too many gaps in her defence. As the fight moved into the closing rounds Hopewell was being picked off at distance and some of the fire had gone out of her attacks. Hopewell put everything into the last round just piling forward flailing with punches but Dolan  fought back hard to the bell. Scores 99-91, 98-92 and 98-93 for Dolan who was making the first defence of the Commonwealth title. First ten round fight for Hopewell.


Townsville, Australia: Cruiser: Paulo Aokuso (6-0) W PTS 10 Gabriel Diaz (14-6).  

Aokuso gets a majority verdict over Argentinian Diaz. This fight only went ahead because Diaz agreed to go fight after Aokuso came in well overweight with Diaz giving away 5lbs. The taller Aokuso used his longer reach to box mainly on the back foot but Diaz pressed hard all the way. Aokuso landed more and harder punches and the verdict should have been unanimous but he had to settle for taking the decision with two cards reading 98-92 and 97-94 for him and 95-95. By not making the weight Aokuso lost his IBO Inter-Continental belt. Diaz had won and then defended the WBA Fedelatin belt in his last two fights.

Laval, Canada: Light Fly: Evelin Bermudez (19-1-1) W PTS 10 Kim Clavel (17-2). Welter: Mazium Akdeniz (19-0) W PTS 10 Sebastien Bouchard (20-3-1).

Bermudez vs. Clavel

Bermudez holds on to her IBF and WBO belts with a split decision over local boxer Clavel. This one was close all the way. Clavel boxed in an uprights stance scoring well at distance with sharp, accurate jabs then coming in behind the jab with flurries from both hands. Bermudez was rolling in below Clavel’s jab and firing clusters of hooks from both hands. There were plenty of sustained trading in an entertaining fight and both fighters were rocked at times with Clavel just seeming to have done enough to take the decision but the scores came out at 96-94  for Bermudez, 96-94 for Clavel and a wrong looking 98-92 for Bermudez. Argentina’s “Little Princess” had lost her IBF and WBO belts to Yokasta Valle in 2020 but then regained the titles when they became vacant by beating 20-0 Tania Enriquez in March. Clavel had lost her WBC title in a unifier against WBA champion Yessica Nery in January and had been hoping a win here would be a springboard to a return with Nery.

Akdeniz vs. Bouchard

Akdeniz outpoints Bouchard in a bad tempered match. Akdeniz took this one on the basis of his slicker skills, better mobility and quicker hands. He attacked Bouchard’s body early but landed low three times and was deducted a point in the fourth round. Bouchard never really threatened Akdeniz’s dominance and was himself docked a point for a low punch in the ninth. Akdeniz won on scores of 98-90 twice and 97-91. He moved up from super light for this fights and won the vacant WBC International title. Bouchard, 36 was 0-2-1 in his last three fights

Solin, Croatia: Super Middle: Luka Plantic (7-0) W TKO 4 Diego Ramirez (25-11-1,1ND).

Plantic retains the WBC International Silver title with a fourth round stoppage of Argentinian Ramirez. Plantic took control in the first  before forcing Ramirez to drop to one knee at the end of the second. Ramirez was under fire throughout the third and Plantic ended then fight in the fourth. A left hook to the body sent Ramirez down on his knees again and the towel came in from Ramirez’s corner. Fifth victory by KO/TKO for Plantic who was making the second defence of the title. Ramirez is on the slide with only one win in his last seven fights but with five of his losses on the road.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Feather: Sarah Mahfoud (14-1) W PTS 10 Marcela Acuna ( 53-10-2). Super Light: Enock Poulsen (14-0) W PTS 8 Mirko Marchetti (8-6). Super Welter: Oliver Meng (12-0) W KO 8 Mirko Di Carlantonio (8-6).

Mahfoud vs. Acuna

Dane Mahfoud wins every round against Acuna. This was a very low key affair with Mahfoud clearly superior but giving too much respect to former multi belt titlist Acuna. Both made slow careful starts but gradually Mahfoud realised that Acuna was no longer the force she had been and grew in confidence. Mahfoud dominance meant there were very few highlights as she worked her way to victory with all three judges turning in a score of 100-90. Mahfoud lost her IBF title in September 2022 in a points loss against Amanda Serrano who put her IBO, WBC and WBA titles on the line. This is her third win this year. Acuna, 46, a pro for 26 years, won the WBA super bantam belt in 2006, the WBC belt in 2008, the WBO belt in 2013 and the IBF in 2016 and has a record of 15-2-01 in world title fights.

Poulsen vs. Marchetti

Zambian-born Dane Poulsen  keeps active whilst awaiting a shot at regaining the European title. He eased his way to victory over Italian southpaw Marchetti scoring a questionable knockdown in the second then being content to boss the action without taking any risks. He won 80-71 on the judge’s cards. He is awaiting the outcome of Franck Petitjean’s defence of the European title against Adam Azim on 20 November as he is the designated mandatory challenger to the winner. Fourth loss in  a row for Marchetti

Meng vs. Di Carlantonio

Meng score late win over elderly Italian Di Carlantonio. Meng was having his first fight since a disappointing performance against Khalil El Harraz in May when he was taken to a majority decision. Meng made a fast start here and put Di Carlantonio down in the third. Di Carlantonio had only lost once inside the distance and he showed his toughness by surviving as Meng seemed to drop the pressure a little. It looked as though Meng was going to have to settle for a points win until he dropped Di Carlantonio with a left hook in the last. Di Carlantonio beat the count but was unsteady and the referee stopped the fight. The 24-year-old Danish southpaw makes it four wins by KO/TKO but the El Harraz fight shows he is still a work in progress. Di Carlantonio, 42, had lost on points against El Harraz in February.

Naestved, Denmark: Heavy: Kem Ljungquist (16-0) W KO 10 Johnny Muller (23-11-2). Super Light: Anthony Yigit (28-4-1) W PTS 6 David Rajulli (13-11-1). Middle: Abdul Khattab (19-3-1) W PTS 6 Melvin Wassing (11-13-4).

Ljungquist vs. Muller

Ljungquist scores kayo over Muller. Ljungquist, 6’6 ½” had huge edges in height and reach over Muller who has done most of his fighting at cruiserweight. The Danish southpaw made good use of those advantages and Muller was never able to get a foothold in the fight as stuck him with jabs and scored with long lefts. The end came in the tenth when Ljungquist connected with a vicious left to the body late in the tenth that sent Muller to be counted out. Ljungquist , 33, was defending the IBF International title for the first time but so far that trinket has not got him rated by the IBF. Box Rec have him No 41. Muller scored wins over Kevin Lerena and Mateusz Masternak when in his prime but has had just one fight per year in 2020,2021 and 2022

Yigit vs. Rajulli

Yigit makes it 2-2 in fights this year with a victory over South African Rajulli. The judges scored it 60-53, 59-55 and 58-56. Two wins over modest opposition have been rendered meaningless by losses in big fights against Keyshawn Davis and Denys Berinchyk. Rajulli is 1-5 his most recent outings.

Khattab vs. Wassing

Khattab returns to the ring for the first time in four years as he decisions Dutchman Wassing by scores of 59-55 twice and 60-54. Khattab has never built on the promise he showed when he won his first eleven fights. A slight improvement for Wassing who had lost his last two fights inside the distance.

Falkensee, Germany: Middle: Thomas Piccirillo (13-0-4) W PTS 12 W Marten Arsumanjan (13-3-2).Heavy: Granit Shala (14-0) W KO 5 Abraham Pascual (15-10). Super Welter: Haro Matevosyan (18-0) W PTS 12 Mirko Natalizi (13-1). Heavy: Dusan Veletic (8-1-1) W RTD 7 Erik Pfeifer (9-2) W. Super Middle: William Scull ( 21-0) W PTS 6 Cristian Rios (23-19-3).

Piccirillo vs. Arsumanjan

Piccirillo outpoints champion Arsumanjan to win the IBF International belt. Piccirillo boxed his way in front over the first five rounds with some neat work and a busier style. Arsumanjan came into the fight more edging the sixth and seventh slowly closing the gap and Piccirillo had a growing swelling by his right eye. Despite his surge Arsumanjan needed a strong finish to have any chance but it was Piccirillo who had more left and put the result beyond doubt by taking the eleventh and twelfth. Scores 118-112, 117-111 and 115-113 for Italian-born German Piccirillo. These two had fought to a split draw for the European Unio title in 2021 allowing Arsumanjan to retain the title. He then won the IBF International title with a victory over 23-1-1 Marcos Nader in 2022. Arsumanjan is the cousin of former middle and super middle champion Arthur Abraham

Shala vs. Pascual

Shala showed some rust from eleven months of inactivity as he made a slow start against Mexican Pascual. The slow start was no real drawback as both of these fighters carry more extra poundage than is good for them both at near the 270lbs mark. Shala gradually ground down Pascual for a fifth round kayo. Fourth inside the distance win for Shala who was 326lbs when he turned pro. Ninth loss by KO/TKO for Pascual.

Matevosyan vs. Natalizi

Matevosyan is successful in his sixth defence of the IBF Inter-Continental title as he starts slowly then takes control. Natalizi was on the attack over the first four rounds with Matevosyan doing some good defensive work and it looked about even going into the fifth. After that the better southpaw skills of Matevosyan saw him sweep the board. Natalizi fought hard and might have done enough to make some of those later rounds close but Matevosyan was deservedly the winner with the cards reading 117-111 twice and 118-110. Those six defences, rather than the strength of his opposition, have sent Matevosyan up at No 5 with the IBF but No 69 with Box Rec. First fight for Natalizi since winning the WBC Silver International belt by stopping Tony Dixon in October last year.

Veletic vs. Pfeifer

Veletic gets the win as Pfeifer retires after the seventh round. Veletic got off to a good start flooring Pfeifer in the first round. Pfeifer rallied and managed to overcome the reach advantage of Veletic and box his way into a lead after four rounds. Although slow there were some good exchanges. The fifth was close but Pfeifer was tiring and he was in trouble at the end of the sixth and just survived the seventh and his corner pulled him out at the end of the round.  Veletic himself lost on a seventh round retirement against Jose Larduet in 2022 but had scored two wins this year. Pfeifer was a good amateur competing  at the 2016 Olympics and scoring wins over Zhilei Zhang, Otto Wallin and Tonyn Yoka but as with many a heavyweight weight becomes a problem. Pfeifer,36, had been 229lbs when he turned pro but is up at around 260lbs now.

Scull vs. Rios

Scull shakes some rust as he gets in six rounds of work with a points win over Argentinian Rios. The whole purpose was to get some ring time so it went six rounds with scores of 60-53 from the judges. First fight for Cuban Scull since November. He is a ridiculous No 1 with the IBF so Saul Alvarez’s mandatory challenger. Rios, 40, has won only one of his last eight fights.

Magdeburg, Germany: Super Middle: Osleys Iglesias (9-0) W TKO 4 Artur Reis (11-1). Cruiser: Roman Fress (19-1) W TKO 3 Milosav Savic (9-6-1).

Iglesias vs. Reis

Iglesias has no trouble defending his IBO title as he disposes of Reis in four rounds. Iglesias put Reis down late in the first round. Reis beat the count but fought back well in the second and third although by the end of the third he had a heavy swelling under his right eye. In the fourth Iglesias trapped Reis in a corner and ended the fight with an explosive left uppercut with the referee just waiving the count. The Cuban southpaw was making the first defence of the IBO belt. Reis was a disgraceful challenger. He had only ever fought in four and six round bouts and was No 33 in their own ratings and No 54 with Box Rec

Fress vs. Savic

Fress stops Savic in the third. The 6’3” Fress was opening Savic up with jabs and banging home rights in the first two rounds. Serb Savic landed a couple of punches but Fress brushed them off. In the third Fress landed heavily until the referee came in to save Savic. The Kazakh-born German Fress wins the vacant IBO Inter-Continental belt. He suffered an upset defeat against Armend Xhoxhaj in May 2022 and has rebuilt with four wins against very modest opposition. Second time Savic has failed to go the distance.