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The Past Week in Action 7th November 2023 – Monaco, Costa Rica, USA & more

Joe Cordina (right) and Edward Vazquez


Joe Cordina takes a majority verdict over Eduardo Vazquez to retain his IBF Super feather title

Adrian Curiel stops champion Sivenathi Nontshinga in two rounds to win the IBF light fly title

-Noel Gevor Mikaeljan halts Ilunga Makabu in the third and wins the vacant WBC cruiser title

-Efe Ajagba crushes Joseph Goodall in four rounds and there are wins for Ray Muratalla, Henry Lebron, and Lindolfo Delgado

-Yokasta Valle outpoints Anibel Ortiz in defence of her IBF and IBO minimumweight titles

– Walid Ouizza beats Charlemagne Metonyekpon on a majority decision in EU super light title defence

World Title/Major Shows


Monte Carlo, Monaco :Super Feather: Joe Cordina (17-0) W PTS 12 Edward Vazquez (15-2.1ND). Light Fly: Adrian Curiel (24-4-1) W TKO 2 Sivenathi Nontshinga (12-0). Super Welter: Souleymane Cissokho (17-0) W PTS 12 Isaias Lucero (16-2). Super Bantam: Ramla Ali (9-1) W PTS 10 Julissa Guzman (13-3-2).

Cordina vs. Vazquez

Cordina makes a successful defence of the IBF title with a majority verdict over Vazquez

Round 1

The action started quick without too much study. Both scored with punches inside with Cordina just getting the better of the exchanges. Cordina was stalking Vazquez and again landed some body punches and a nice right uppercut

Score:10-9 Cordina

Round 2

Cordina landed a couple of lefts then Vazquez drove forward throwing jabs but Cordina slipped them. They both scored with hooks inside. Vazquez was throwing lots of punches but Cordina was blocking them. It was then toe-to-toe as they stood and swapped hooks and uppercuts and Cordina threw less but landed more.

Score: 10-9 Cordina             Cordina 20-18

Round 3

The action was not quite as frantic and Cordin connected with a sharp set of hooks to head and body. When Vazquez flung himself forward he was going for quantity and not accuracy and Cordina impressed with some curving body shots. Vazquez surged forward late in the round and landed a heavy right to the head but Cordina landed a couple of  hooks

Score: 10-9 Cordina             Cordina 30-27

Round 4

Vazquez took the fight to Cordina but was met with accurate counters, Vazquez stayed inside and landed a nice series of hooks. Cordina then connected with an uppercut and fired a cluster of punches driving Vazquez back as he landed to head and body. Vaquez rode out the storm and had Cordina backing off with a burst of hooks.

Score: 10-9 Cordina             Cordina 40-36

Round 5

Vazquez started the round with a furious attack putting Cordina under pressure and then backed off circling Cordina which allowed Cordina some punching room. Vazquez then fired himself up again and scored with a bunch of hooks and uppercuts. Cordina had some success before Vazquez again piled in throwing punches.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez            Cordina 49-46

Round 6

Vazquez was hunting down Cordina and when getting close the sheer volume of his punches was giving him the advantage over the more accurate single shots from Cordina and Cordina lost his mouthguard. Cordina scored better at the end of the round but he had been outworked.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez            Cordina 58-56

Round 7

A calmer start as Vazquez just circled and circled. Cordina was scoring with powerful jabs and rights shots and when Vazquez did dive in Cordina just jabbed and then slid away leaving Vazquez without a target.

Score: 10-9 Cordina             Cordina 68-65

Round 8

Vazquez was looking to make another high volume start but Cordina drove him off with jabs and right hooks. Vazquez kept piling forward and connected with bursts of hooks but Cordina was picking him off with jab then landing the heavier punches and moving leaving Vazquez with no target

Score: 10-9 Cordina             Cordina 78-74

Round 9

Cordina was in control at the start of the round picking Vazquez off and moving away whenever Vazquez looked set to spring forward. Vazquez finished the round strongly managing to get Cordina to stand and swop punches and just did enough to take then round.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez            Cordina 87-84              

Round 10

A good round for Cordina. He was standing off scoring with jabs and straight rights anticipating Vazquez charges and scoring with a couple of quick punches and then gliding away. Over the last minute Cordina was the one coming forward outpunching Vazquez and forcing him back with body punches.

Score: 10-9 Cordina             Cordina 97-93

Round 11

Vazquez chased and chased in this round finally getting Cordina to stand and swap punches. There were some crisp counters from Cordina but again volume was the name of the game for Vazquez and he also landed a left hook and took the round.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez            Cordina 106-103

Round 12

A frenzied finish as Vazquez again tried his high volume approach but the harder and more accurate punches were coming from Cordina and he constantly forced Vazquez back and outfought him on the inside.

Score: 10-9 Cordina             Cordina 116-112

Official Scores: Judge Deon Dwarte 116-112 Cordina, Judge Jean-Robert Laine 116-112 Cordina, Judge Jeremy Hayes 114-114

First defence in his second reign as champion for Cordina. A relentless Vazquez made him fight hard for his win. Vazquez head-down pump out the punches style was eye-catching but between inaccuracy and a solid guard from Cordina the champion was a clear winner. Vazquez felt he was robbed but he spent more time punching Cordina’s gloves than Cordina’s head or body. He lost a split decision to Raymond Fiord in 2020 but was coming off a win over 29-2-1 Bryam De Gracia in July.

Curiel vs. Nontshinga

Curiel wins the IBF title with a dramatic second round kayo of champion Nontshinga.

Round 1

All action from the start. Curiel came out taking the fight to Nontshinga who responded with a nice bunch of punches and a left hook to the head. Curiel continued to come forward with Nontshinga on the back foot stabbing jabs through Curiel’s defence. Curiel landed a couple of sharp hooks to the body as he stalked Nontshinga. They traded inside with both landing hooks with Curiel just getting the better of those exchanges but with Nontshinga’s early work just fiving a slight edge.

Score: 10-9 Nontshinga

Round 2

Curiel continued to hunt down Nontshinga and connected with a pair of hooks to the body. He was doing a better job of cutting the ring off than in the first and got through with a series of hooks to the body. Nontshinga landed a left hook counter then Curiel suddenly unleashed a booming to the head that dropped Nontshinga on his back with his head out under the ropes. The referee came over to start the count but took one look at the dazed Nontshinga and waived the fight over.

Curiel’s punch was devastating and yet it is only his fifth inside the distance win and 16 of his past 17 fights (excluding a four round technical draw) had all gone the distance. Nontshinga was making the second defence of the IBF title and at 24, and with his talent, he can put this behind him and rebuild.

Cissokho vs. Lucero

Cissokho wins a unanimous decision but is made to fight hard all the way by Mexican Lucero.  In the first Lucero was storming forward putting Cissokho on the back foot getting past Cissokho’s jab and scoring with hooks to the body. Lucero started the second round the same way but was floored by a right counter. He made it to his feet. He was a bit shaky but survived Cissokho’s attempts to finish the fight. Lucero put Cissokho under increasing pressure in the fourth and fifth but was paying for his tactics running into some great countering from Cissokho and he had a swelling developing under his right eye. The relentless attacks from Lucero meant the fight was being fought at a frantic pace. Lucero kept up the pressure in the seventh but was cut over his left eye and the paced caught up with him and he began to slow. The doctor examined Lucero’s cut in the ninth and L:ucero found the energy to force the pace in the tenth but Cissokho was controlling the action with his jab and scoring increasingly with counters and swept the last two rounds with Lucero being under pressure at the end. Scores  118-109 twice and 117-110 but it was a far tougher outing for Cissokho than the scores hint at. Cissokho was defending the WBC Silver belt.

Ali vs. Guzman

Ali gets revenge. Guzman had success landing left hooks to the body in the first and continued her aggression into the second only for Ali herself to land a good left hook to the body. Ali was relying mainly on clever movement and following her accurate jabs with right crosses but she was caught by two solid rights in the fourth. Ali continued to box intelligently drawing Guzman’s lead and countering. Guzman scored with a hard right in the sixth but Ali banged back to have a good seventh. Guzman pressed all the way and was always dangerous with her power shots but Ali used her skill, constantly getting through with jabs and slipping Guzman’s attacks to box her way to a close but merited decision. Scores 96-94 from all three judges for Ali. She wins the WBA International title and gains revenge for her only defeat Guzman having scored an eighth round kayo of Ali in June. Guzman lost to Yamileth Mercado for the WBC super-bantam title in 2021 but at 26 has time to return and get another title chance.

Lake Tahoe, NV, USA: Heavy: Efe Ajagba (19-1) W TKO 4 Joseph Goodall (10-2-1)Light: Ray Muratalla (19-0) W TKO 8 Diego Torres (18-1). Super Feather: Henry Lebron (19-0) W PTS 10 William Foster (16-1,1ND).. Super Light: Lindolfo Delgado (19-0) W KO 4 Luis Hernandez (23-4). Middle: Javier Martinez (9-0-1) W KO 1 Isaiah Wise (11-3-2). Heavy: Brandon Moore (13-0) W PTS 8 Robert Simms (12-4-1). Super Light: Angel Rebollar (8-3) W PTS 8 Omar Rosario (11-1).  Heavy: Antonio Mireles (8-0-1) DRAW 6 Skylar Lacy (7-0-1). Super Light: Charlie Sheehy (8-0) W PTS 6 Jesus Vasquez (10-2).

Ajagba vs. Goodall

Ajagba dismantles Goodall in four rounds. In the early action Ajagba jabbed strongly and scored with a couple of sharp rights. Ajagba repeated the sequence throughout the round-and in fact the fight-with Goodman managing to score with a coupled of hooks inside but nothing else. In the second Ajagba was again jabbing strongly and firing rights with the speed and accuracy of Ajagba’s punches giving Goodall problems. Goodall did land one heavy right to the head but Ajagba just shook it off only for Goodall get through with jabs of his own at the bell. Goodall attacked at the start of the third but again was stopped in his advance by a left jab and straight right from Ajagba and then rocked by an uppercut. Goodall connected with a couple of hooks  and a big right  but a jab and a hard right rocked him. In the fourth a left jab followed by a straight right staggered Goodall. He tried to hold but was stumbling and Ajagba drove him back to the ropes under a hail of punches and as shots from Ajagba had Goodall’s head snapping from side to side the referee stopped the fight.  An impressive power show from the 6’6” Nigerian. Since losing on points to Frank Sanchez in 2021 Ajagba has scored three wins with previously unbeaten fighters Stephen Shaw and Zhan Kossobutskiy in that sequence. Highest rating right now is No 7 with the WBC but like all heavyweights he can only keep winning whilst waiting to see how the Fury-Usyk business shakes out. Goodall had lost a wide decision against fellow-Aussie Justis Huni but had bounced back with a victory over Stephan Shaw. Ajagba and Goodall had fought each other before with Goodall winning 3-0 when they clashed in the semifinals at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014. Goodall went on to lose to Joe Joyce in the final.

Muratalla vs.  Torres

Towering performance from Muratalla as he dazzled Torres with skill before finishing him off with a ferocious three-punch combination. Muratalla broke Torres with constant pressure. He was getting his punches off first dipping in to score with jabs straight rights and left hooks to the body then darting out leaving Torres swishing air. Muratalla was also continually shifting angles and firing bursts of punches from a low guard. Torres was bleeding from his mouth by the sixth flagging and looking ready to go as he was rocked by right hands from Muratalla. The end was in sight late the seventh as Muratalla shook Torres with two rights and then staged a fierce attack driving Torres around the ring connecting with a series of rights that had the referee  taking a close look at the action to see whether he needed to step-in to save Torres. In the eighth Muratalla banged home a quick combination that shook Torres and had him backing up. Torres managed to score with a right counter but then Muratalla exploded with a right uppercut and two left hooks too quick for the eye to follow that dropped Torres. He made it to his feet but the referee made a good decision in stopping the fight. The 26-year-old Californian has won 12 of his last 14 fights inside the distance. Currently his best rating is No 9 with both the WBC and WBO but he is determined he will be fight for a title in 2024. Torres had won 17 of his 18 fights by KO/TKO but his opposition had been mediocre.

Lebron vs. Foster

Lebron continues his run of wins over competitive opposition as he beats Foster on a majority decision. Foster walked Lebron down in round after round but the Puerto Rican southpaw was comfortable on the back foot countering Foster on the way in and sliding away when Foster tried to trap him against the ropes. Lebron picked up the early rounds with Foster having periodic success but mostly being too slow to score effectively. Lebron built a lead by the half way mark but Foster began to have more success over the second half of the fight. He kept walking Lebron down forcing him to stand and trade but Lebron continued to box and counter cleverly and Foster was unbale to overhaul Lebron’s early lead. Two judges had Lebron winning 99-91 and 96-94 and the third official had it 95-95. Both fighters were rated Lebron WBO 8/IBF 10 and Foster WBA 12.

Delgado vs. Hernandez

Delgado puts on a classy performance as he sends Hernandez down and out in the fourth round. An interesting first round as both boxers jabbed well. Hernandez was coming forward and landed a couple of smart punches. Delgado was mostly on the back foot and content to just use his jab until he scored with a couple of body shots late in the round. Hernandez was marching forward in the second and third pressing hard but Delgado showed coolness under fire and when still on the back foot he threaded a series of jabs through Hernandez’s guard and scored with a vicious left to the body. Hernandez was chasing Delgado down in the fourth but getting caught with some classy counters. Hernandez continued to march forward but Delgado exploded hammering Hernandez with a burst of hooks and uppercuts from both hands that saw Hernandez backing up and three uppercuts from Delgado sent him down on his back and the referee immediately stopped the fight. Delgado gets his fourteenth win by KO/TKO. He has underrated skill and showed here he had the patience to work an opening and the power to exploit it to the full. Hernandez proved a very live opponent with some good wins behind him and he suffers his first inside the distance loss.

Martinez vs. Wise

Southpaw Martinez obliterates Wise. A straight left to the head followed by a right hook dropped Wise for the first knockdown. Another straight left accounted for the second and a right to the head that curled around the guard of Wise opened Wise up for yet one more driving left that sent Wise to the canvas for the third time with the referee not bothering  to count. Exciting power show from former US National champion Martinez. Wise was unbeaten in his last seven fights.

Moore vs. Simms

Moore decisions Simms. Moore had a seven inch height advantage over the 5’11” Simms and put that to good use. He kept Simms on the end of his jab and was able to find the target with counters as Simms was forced to come forward to try to get inside. A right from Moore floored Simms in the fourth but Simms beat  the count and Moore missed the chance for an early win. He then went back to his jab controlling the fight over the late rounds with an exhausted Simms making it to the final bell. Scores 80-71 on the three cards. Simms, 39, had outpointed 20-0-2 James Kenzie Witt-Morrison, the son of Tommy Morrison, in  October 2022.

Rebollar vs. Rosario

Rebollar upsets the odds with a points win over unbeaten Rosario. Scores 78-74 for Rebollar on the judge’s cards.

Mireles vs. Lacy

Mireles remains unbeaten but only just. Lacy made the better start moving well and jabbing well with Mireles too static and not throwing enough punches. Lacy scored with a hurtful body punch in the third but was already slowing and although he seemed to take the fourth he was exhausted and had to do lots of holding to stay in contention over the fifth and sixth. Two judges scored this 57-57 with the third seeing Lacy the winner 58-56. The 6’9 Mireles seems to be having trouble settling as a pro and was unimpressive in being floored and only taking a split decision over 6-1 Patrick Mailata in March. Lacy is as big at 6’7” but his record has-been built on the backwoods of boxing against some substandard opposition.

Sheehy vs. Vasquez

Sheehy wins every round as he outpoints a game but outclassed Vasquez. Sheehy piled on the punishment from the start. Vasquez was under pressure through the whole fight and was rocked a few times but was game and made it to the final bell. Scores 60-54 for Sheehy who it was reported suffered an injury to his right arm. Vasquez had won his last three fights but Sheehy was in a different class.

Miami, FL, USA: Cruiser: Noel Gevor Mikaeljan (27-2) W TKO 3 Ilunga Makabu (29-4). Heavy: Cassius Chaney (23-1) W KO 7 Trevor Bryan (22-2). Heavy: Jonathan Guidry (20-1-2) W KO 2 Jesus Escalera (19-!).

Mikaeljan vs. Makabu

Mikaelian wins the vacant WBC title as he crushes Makabu too easily in three rounds.

Round 1

There was the usual probing with jabs with Makabu short with his right jabs and Mikaeljan circling to his left away from Makabu’s strong left hand. Makabu managed to land one jab late in the round but Mikaeljan did not throw one real punch in the whole three minutes. So, by default a round for Makabu.

Score: 10-9 Makabu

Round 2

Same again from Makabu just backing up and prodding with his jab. Mikaelian was more active scoring with a jab and a pair of hooks. Makabu was painfully slow but he came forward and landed a jab to the head then  missed badly with one. Mikaelian rammed home three straight rights none of which looked particularly heavy but sent Makabu down on his rump. Makabu was up early and after the count Mikaelian battered him along the ropes landing punch after punch with Makabu bobbing and weaving and throwing the occasional punch to prevent the referee from stopping the fight.

Score: 10-8 Mikaelian                 Mikaeljan 19-18

Round 3

The referee was concerned enough about Makabu’s performance to have the doctor examine him before the start of the round. Makabu was coming forward trying to cut the ring off with Mikaelian circling him and then darting in to land a couple of hooks to force Makabu back. Makabu was lunging with his jab leaving himself open to counters and Mikaelian landed a series of lefts and rights that sent Makabu tumbling into the ropes and down. Makabu climbed up straight away but stumbled along the ropes making for a corner. He had turned away from the referee who then just waived his hands to end the fight with Makabu and his corner protesting the stoppage.

Armenian Mikaeljan had lost a split decision against Krzys Wlodarczyk in 2017 and a unanimous decision against Mairis Breidis in 2018 then had only three fights in the last five years. Former champion Ilunga had lost the title to Badou Jack in February and looked a shot fighter here.

Chaney vs. Bryan

Chaney knocks out Bryan in the seventh round. Chaney was just a tad more mobile than Bryan and although Bryan had some success Chaney took the first round. It looked as though an early night was possible when Chaney built on the good first round by flooring Bryan in the second. Bryan made it to his feet but was in a bad way and was saved by the bell.  Chaney tried hard to finish it over the third and fourth but failed and he was already tiring by the fifth. Bryan then took control and looked to have overcome Chaney’s early lead. All of that became irrelevant in the seventh as a more aggressive Chaney exploded with a savage right cross to the head and Bryan fell face first on the canvas. Bryan was out for some time then fitted with a neck brace and stretcher out of the ring on his way to hospital. First fight for Chaney for 15 months. He wins the WBA Continental belt and although unrated before this fight this win and Don King will see him suddenly in a high rating with the WBA. First fight for Bryan since losing his secondary WBA title on a fourth round kayo against Daniel Dubois seventeen months ago. No news on his condition.

Guidry vs. Escalera

This rubbish was over in quick time. A right to the head from Guidry put Escalera down and out after just two minutes of the second round. Guidry had lost a split decision against Trevor Bryan for the secondary WBA title in January 2022 and outpointed Bermane Stiverne in an awful fight in January. That he is 5’11 and weighed 273lbs says it all about his conditioning and he was 20lbs heavier than for the Stiverne fight. Puerto Rican Escalera, 43, had scored his 19 wins in eleven months against carefully selected opposition.

Cartago, Costa Rica: Minimum: Yokasta Valle (30-2) W PTS 10 Anibel Ortiz (33-6). Welter: Santiago Dominguez (26-0) W KO 2 Nolberto Casco (7-2-1)

Valle vs. Ortiz

Valle retains her IBF and WBO titles defeating Ortiz on a wide unanimous decision. Ortiz probably just took a close first round by hustling the more skilful Valle. From the second Valle used a strong jab and faster hands to outbox the ever aggressive Ortiz. Valle was pocketing round after round jabbing with power  then darting in to score with a little burst of punches although too often letting herself be drawn into a maul. Shots from Ortiz had a swelling growing under Valle’s right eye and Ortiz managed to get inside and do some good work in the sixth. Valle was back in control in the seventh and Ortiz went down but it was ruled a slip. Ortiz was now bleeding from the nose and had a swelling under her left eye as Valle continued to score with Jabs at distance and hooks inside. They were two tired fighters in the ninth and tenth with Valle again dominant. Scores 100-90, 99-91 and 99-92 for Valle. The Nicaragua-born Costa Rican was making the tenth defence of her IBF title and fourth of her WBO belt and extended her winning run to 17 fights. Mexican Ortiz, 37, must be nearing the end of her career, a career that has seen her win the WBC minimumweight title and then the WBA title which she went on to defend thirteen times.

Dominguez vs. Casco

In his first fight for two years Mexican Domiguez knocks out Casco in the second round. Dominguez put Casco down late in the first with a right uppercut. Casco survived but failed to learn his lesson and a perfect right uppercut put him down in the second and he was counted out. Win No 20 by KO/TKO for 32-year-old Dominguez who hopefully will be more active. First inside the distance loss of Nicaraguan Casco.

Zakopane, Poland: Cruiser: Michal Cieslak (25-2,1ND)W TKO 7 Tommy McCarthy (20-5). Cruiser: Krzys Wlodarczyk (64-4-1) W KO 1 Edwin Mosquera (10-3-2). Middle: Kamil Szeremeta (25-2-1) W PTS 8 Omir Rodriguez (13-11-1). Light Heavy: Ihosvany Garcia (11-0) W RTD 1 Orlando de Jesus Estrada (15-16-22). Cruiser: Jan Czerklewicz (12-1) W PTS 10 Omar Garcia (18-11).

Cieslak vs. McCarthy

Cieslak retains the European title with a seventh round stoppage of McCarthy. Penty of aggression from Cieslak in the first as he hunted the circling McCarthy and connected with body punches. McCarthy was in counter punch mode and when he was forced to stand and trade Ciselak just had the edge. Cieslak landed a strong right to the head in the second and McCarthy was cut over his right eye. Ciselak closed the round trapping McCarthy against the ropes and scoring with a series of punches. The cut changed McCarthy’s tactics. He  was taking the fight to Cieslak and landed the better punches although troubled by the blood running down his face and into the corner of his eye hampering his vision. McCarthy jabbed strong in the fourth but attacks from Cieslak forced him to retreat and Cislak connected with a par of left hooks to the body and a right to the head. Cieslak was doing a good job of cutting off the ring and was landing punishing body punches and cracked Mcarthy with two rights to the head. McCarthy took the centre of the ring in the fifth jabbing with accuracy and landing two hooks to the body . There was a fierce exchange of punches that saw Cieslak forced to back off. McCarthy stayed on the front foot but Cieslak landed some heavy counters.  Cielak dominated the sixth banging home jabs and scoring with quick combinations with McCarthy’s punch output dropping and he looked drained. Cieslak jumped on McCarthy in the seventh sending him down to his knees with a series of punches. McCarthy was up at nine and was under fire when then towel flew in from his corner. First defence of the title for Cielak. His losses have come in big fights against Ilunga Makabu for the vacant WBC title and Lawrence Okolie for the WBO title. Obviously his aim is a third title chance but before this fight only the WBC rated him and that was at No 7. Former Champion McCarthy was outpointed and then knocked out by Chris Billiam-Smith and was coming off two low level wins.

Wlodarczyk vs. Mosquera

Wlodarczyk continues his winning run with a first round kayo of Mosquera. Wlodarczyk was aiming to feel his way into the fight but when Mosquera presented him with an opening Wlodarczyk landed a right over a weak jab from Mosquera that put Mosquera down and out after just 84 seconds. Eleventh win in a row for the 42-year-old former IBF and WBC cruiser champion. All three of Mosquera’s losses have come inside the distance two in the first round.

Szeremeta vs. Rodriguez

Frustrating night for Szeremeta as Panamanian Rodriguez turns the fight into a road race. Rodriguez was not interested in fighting so Szeremeta had to chase him for eight rounds. He dropped Rodriguez once and tried all sort of tactics to get Rodriguez to show some fighting spirit but had to settle for winning 80-71 on the three cards. Now 34 the former European champion is talking retirement. His two losses have been in important fights against Gennady Golovkin for the IBF and IBO titles and Jaime Mungia. Rodriguez has a string of eight losses in a row.

Garcia vs. Estrada

Cuban Garcia gets his eighth inside the distance win. This was never going to be a long fight with 39-year-old Colombian Estrada already having eleven inside the distance losses. Garcia floored Estrada in the first and Estrada did not come out for the second.

Czerklewicz vs. Garcia

Czerklewicz makes it ten consecutive wins as he outpoints Venezuelan Garcia. The tall Pole was able to use his longer reach to boss much of the action and set a fast pace but Garcia was competitive enough to make it interesting. Czerklewicz won on scores of 79-73 twice and 80-72


Izegem, Belgium: Light-heavy:  Robin Barbiaux (8-1) W TKO 3 Mohamed El Achi (20-6-4). Super Feather: Delfine Persoon (49-3,1ND) W PTS 6 Augustina Rojas (8-5). Cruiser: Timur Nikarkhoev (27-6) W PTS 6 Levani Lukhutashvili (10-18).

Barbiaux vs. El Achi

Belgian Barbiaux stops El Achi in three rounds. After a cautious start from both boxers Barbiaux shook Achi with a right in the second. El Achi came out for the third but a body punch dropped him and the fight was stopped. Fourth win in a row for Barbiaux. The BeNeLux title is a long standing title for boxers from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. Third defeat in a row for fellow-Belgian El Achi.

Persoon vs. Rojas

Persoon gets six rounds of work against Rojas but little else. Persoon was six inches taller than the Argentinian and all three judges scored it 60-54 for Persoon. Now 38, Persoon lost her WBC light title to Katie Taylor in her tenth defence. Her aim is one last shot at the big time with Alycia Baumgardner her target but that depends on what happens over Baumgardner’s positive test. Third consecutive defeat for Rojas.

Plant City, FL, USA: Welter: Alberto Palmetta (19-2) W PTS 10 Janelson Figueroa (17-2-1). Feather: Angelo Leo (22-1) W TKO 9 Nicolas Polanco (20-5-1,1ND).

Palmetta vs. Figueroa

Palmetta uses a strong finish to win a very close unanimous decision over Figueroa. Over the opening rounds Figueroa used his height and longer reach to control the bout at distance. Palmetta was trying to duck under Figueroa’s  jab to get inside but had very little success. Figueroa looked to have built a good lead by the end of the fifth and he had strong sixth landing a series of right hands. Palmetta upped the pressure from there. He had  good spells in the seventh and eighth pinning Figueroa against the ropes late in each round and landing well to the body. He outworked Figueroa over the ninth and tenth. It was questionable whether he had done enough to claw back Figueroa’s early lead but the judges carded it 96-94 twice and 97-93 all for Argentinian Palmetta, He competed at the Pan American Games, World Championships and  the 2016 Olympic Games and had put together a twelve-bout winning sequence before losing to Jamal James in February. Figueroa had drawn with Shinard Bunch and lost to Roiman Villa but he will rebound.

Leo vs. Polanco

Former WBO super bantamweight champion Leo returns to action with a stoppage of Polanco. The opening round had Leo fighting out of a crouch shooting jabs up to Polanco’s head and digging in left hooks to the body and overhand rights. Polanco backed Leo up with a series of hooks and then knocked Leo of balance with a right to the head. Leo jabbed strongly in the second and third and kept Polanco on the back foot as he scored with body punches from both hands and again with overhand rights. The fourth and fifth saw more of the same with Leo hounding Piolanco who landed some good counters but he lacked the power to keep Leo out and he was trapped against the ropes under an onslaught from Leo at the end of the fifth. In the sixth Leo drove Polanco around the ring scoring with hooks and uppercuts and it was noticeable that Polanco used his left very little and it became clear he had a problem. With Polanco unable to use his left arm for defence or attack Leo was able to connect with big over hand rights throughout the seventh and eighth. With Polanco against the ropes and Leo unloading punches in the ninth the referee stopped the fight and asked the doctor to examine Polanco. The doctor advised the fight be stopped and despite strong protests from Poland it was over. After losing his title to Stephen Fulton in January 2021 Leo had a win in June 2021 and this was his first fight in the 28 months since then but he looked sharp. Polanco is 0-4-1 in his last five fights.


Gatton, Australia : Cruiser: David Nyika (8-0) W TKO 3 Robert Berridge (30-11-1).

Nyika crushes Berridge in three rounds; The 6’6” Nyika used his ten inch height edge and longer reach to bully the smaller and lighter Berridge around the ring for the first two rounds and the referee came in to save Berridge in the third. Nyika, 28, has excellent amateur credentials including a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics and gold at both the 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth Games plus wins over Jason Whateley, Cheavon Clarke and David Light. He will be looking to break through in a big way in 2024. Berridge, 38, came in as a late replacement. He had his better days as a light heavy but has now lost six of h1s last  seven bouts.

Aguascalientes, Mexico: Light Fly: Luis Castillo (21-0-1) W PTS 10 Miguel Herrera 22-7-5). Light: Karla Zamora (11-10-1) W TKO 5 Erica Farias (27-8). Welter: Jose Borrego (20-4) W TKO 2 Diego Perez (1-4-1). Super Welter: Roniel Iglesias (4-0) W RTD 4 Hector Gonzalez (3-7).

Castillo vs. Perez

Castillo takes unanimous decision over Herrera. Southpaw Castillo went ahead at the start. He had a big edges in skill and speed and outboxed Hererra over the first four rounds, A determined Herrera upped his aggression and edged the fifth. Castillo was working well with powerful jabs and was back in control in the sixth and seventh but Herrera’s punches had started a swelling under the right eye of Castillo. The eighth was close but Castillo looked to be tiring and was under pressure and holding as Herrera attacked hard in the ninth and tenth. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94 for Castillo. Now 15 consecutive victories for Castillo who is trained by Miguel Montiel snr. the doyen of the Montiel dynasty from Los Mochis. Fourth loss in a row for Herrera.

Zamora vs. Farias

No explanation for this result except perhaps age as home town boxer Zamora beats 39-year-old former two-division champion Farias. The first saw Farias scoring with accurate shots on the aggressive Zamora. The second had Zamora attacking and outworking Farias and putting her under pressure. There was more pressing from Zamor in the third  with Farias forced to hold after Zamora landed a cracking combination. Farias started to come apart under the relentless attacks of Zamora in the fourth and with Farias against the ropes and absorbing a beating in the fifth the referee stopped the fight. Only the third inside the distance win for Zamora who was coming off  a loss. Argentinian Farias, a former WBC light and super light champion, is 1-6 in her last 7 bouts.

Borrego vs. Perez

Borrego dismisses late substitute Perea. Local fighter Borrego scored with solid body punches in the first. Perez made a valiant effort to match Borrego in the second but was sent down and out. Southpaw Borrego levels his recent form to 2-2 with his seventeenth inside the distance finish. Perez in way over his head.

Iglesias vs. Gonzalez

Ridiculous mismatch sees Cuban star Iglesias beat novice Gonzalez on a fourth round retirement. Iglesias floored Gonzalez in the first but then eased up. Iglesias just boxed his way through the second and then busted Gonzalez nose in the third. The doctor examined Gonzalez before the start of the fourth but the fight continued with Iglesias landing heavily and with Gonzlez bleeding profusely from the nose his team pulled him out of the fight at the end of the round. Allowing fighters such as Iglesia to fight as a professional and then putting him in with such abysmal opposition is a farce.


Charleville-Mezieres, France: Super Light: Walid Ouizza (18-2) W PTS 12 Charlemagne Metonyekpon (13-1).Super Feather: Yoni Valverde (12-0) W PTS 10 Luis Ruelas (14-3-2). Middle: Bilel Jkitou (17-2) W PTS 8 Nicolas Veron (11-11-1).

Ouizza vs. Metonyekpon

Metonyekpon came out with all guns firing from the start. Ouizza used plenty of jabs and plenty of movement to frustrate  Metonyekpon who was marching forward and loading up on  every punch. Ouizza coped with the pressure well. It helped that Metonyekpon’s tactics were predictable but knowing what Metonyekpon’s tactics would be and coping them are two different things. Ouizza was quicker than Metonyekpon with better mobility  and a better defence but Metonyekpon was always dangerous and had plenty of success with his aggression connecting with two heavy rights in the tenth that rocked Ouizza. The fight was close all the way and Ouizza took chances as he stood and exchanged punches with Metonyekpon over the closing rounds to try to open a  points gap over the challenger but this decision could have gone either way. Scores 116-112 and 115-114 for Ouizza and 114-114 with the last score looking about right. This fight was announced as a defence of the EU title for Ouizza but the EBU are phasing out EU title fights and replacing them with a Silver title. That will allow British fighters to get out from the EE-EU titles and back into the mainstream of European boxing across the board.

Valverde vs. Ruelas

Unbeaten local Valverde wins the vacant IBO Youth belt as he takes a unanimous decision over Mexican Ruelas. It was an entertaining close fight with Valverde taking the decision on scores of 99-91, 97-93 and 96-94 with the middle score looking the most accurate.

Jkitou vs. Veron

Jkitou  too strong for Argentinian Veron and wins the decision on scores of 79-73 on the judge’s cards. Second win this year for the former professional footballer as he works his way back after consecutive losses against Sam Eggington and David Papot. Vern no real threat at any time.

Jarvenpaa, Finland: Cruiser: Kevin Melhus (11-0) W PTS 10 Samuli Karkkainen (18-2).

Norwegian Melhus sprang a mild surprise as he took a split verdict over Karkkainen. Melhus scored well early and built a useful lead as he held off the attacks of Melhus. That constant pressure saw Karkkainen take over in the middle rounds to edge ahead. Melhus rebounded strongly and the ninth and tenth were close and could have been scored either way as could the whole fight but Melhu took the win on scores of 97-93 and 96-94 and 97-93 for Karkkainen. A return would make  a good fight.

Tagbilaran City, Philippines: Light Fly: Regie Suganob (14-1) W PTS 12 Ronald Chacon (30-3-1).

Filipino Suganob wins the vacant WBO Global belt as he floors and outpoints Venezuelan Chacon. Apart from a left hook in the second that stopped Suganob in his tracks the visitor hardly threatened as he was outboxed and outscored by Suganob.  A right from Suganob floored Chacon in  the fourth and although Suganob was cut over his left eye he controlled the fight. Chacon was down on his knees from a body punch in the seventh but the referee decreed it was a slip but it made no difference as Suganob rode to victory on scores 119-108 twice and 120-107. Good rebound by Suganob who had lost on points against Sivenathi Nontshinga in a challenge for the IBF light fly title in July. Chacon’s record has more padding than a whole NFL football team.

Alcala de Guadaira, Spain: Super Welter: Oscar Diaz (12-0) W TKO 8 Ezequiel Gurria (18-3). Light: Rafael Acosta (10-1) W PTS 10 Antonio Collado (12-1).

Diaz vs. Gurria

Local hope Diaz wins the vacant EU title with an eighth round victory over Gurria. Diaz suffered an early shock when a left hook sent him down in the second round. He recovered and the fight was then close with Gurria looking to fight at distance and Diaz trying to get inside and work. He succeeded in that by taking Gurria to the ropes in the fifth and hurting Gurria with a body punch. That seemed to take a lot of the fight out of Gurria. Diaz had Gurria on the ropes in the eighth and was unloading when the referee stopped the fight. Strong protests from Gurria’s team but the fight was over. Sixth inside the distance win for 22-year-old Diaz  who will be hoping to move on to fight for the European title. Gurria, a former Spanish champion, had been stopped in five rounds by Hamzah Sheeraz in 2021 but came in on the back of three wins.

Acosta vs. Collado

Acosta wins the Spanish title with a decision over defending champion Collado. Acosta forced the fight from the start putting lots of pressure on Collado who lacked the punch to keep Acosta out. Collado was hampered by a hand injury in the second round as Acosta won on scores of 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92. Fifth consecutive win for Acosta. Collado was defending the national title for the first time.

Long Beach,, CA, USA: Super Bantam: Eros Correa (14-1) W KO 2 Robin Ellis (6-1). Middle: Alejandro Silva (21-0-1) W KO 2 Janer Gonzalez (21-6-1).

Correa vs. Ellis

Correa bombs out Ellis in the second round. Ellis showed some slick movement in the first circling the ring and dodging Correa’s punches. In the second Correa came forward quickly forcing Ellis to the ropes and as Ellis tried to duck and move Corres drove home two rights to the head sending Ellis down and he was counted out. Ninth KO/TKO victory for Correa and his fourth win on the spin. Ellis had nothing to keep Correa out with.

Silva vs. Gonzalez

Silva was landing heavy punches in the first rocking Gonzalez a couple of times. Gonzalez scored with a couple of body punches at the start of the second but Silva banged back hard and landed a three punch combination that had Gonzalez backing off and going down on one knee. He was up at eight but dropped again and counted out. Former Argentinian super welter champion Silva moves to 16 wins by KO/TKO. Fifth inside the distance defeat for Colombian Gonzalez

Washington DC, USA: Super Feather: Jordan White (16-1) W TKO 1 Jose Garcia (13-6-3).

Local fighter White delights his fans with a first round kayo of Garcia. As southpaw Garcia moved in he might have been expecting the traditional right hand counter from White. What happened instead was a beautiful short left hook to the chin that sent Garcia crashing to the canvas on his back and it was some time before he recovered. Twelfth victory by KO/TKO for White and he will never land a sweeter left hook. Honduran-born Garcia falls-literally-to 0-6-2 in his last eight fights.

Fight of the week: (Significance): Two new champions Gevor and Curiel could spark some interesting action at cruiser and light fly.

Fight of the week: (Entertainment): Souleymane Cissokho vs. Isaias Lucero was a nice mix of styles and hard fought to the end

Fighter of the week: Adrian Curiel for his kayo of unbeaten Nontshinga

Punch of the week: So many to choose from. Muratalla’s lightning quick left hook, Delgado’s perfectly executed uppercut, Wlodarczyk’s thunderous right and White’s explosive left hook but the right from Curiel that sent Nontshinga down and out gets my vote.

Upset of the week: Curiel’s win  over Nontshinga

Prospect watch: None stood out who I have not already listed.


Rosette: Just a busy week but nothing extraordinary

Red Card: To Don King with the heavyweight fights on his Miami show bringing back memories of the bad old days when his undercards were stuffed with rubbish.


-The Usyk vs. Dubois show is casting a shadow. At ever big fight at the weekend every referee made it absolutely clear about what constituted a low blow.

-Boxing continues to expand into more countries. Recently  there was Vietnam entering the ranks and at the weekend was a show in Greenland and the first ever show in Andorra. But what happened to the explosion once forecast for China and India?

-If you don’t fight for an extended period you get relegated or dropped from the ratings-sometimes! Certainly not if your name is Noel Gevor Mikaeljan. He went into his fight with Ilunga Makabu  as No 1 in the WBC ratings. He had one fight in 2018, one fight in 2019, one fight in 2020 was inactive in 2021 and one fight in 2022 in January that year. So, 5 fights in 6 years before he face Makabu and inactive for almost 23 months and yet somehow the WBC No 1. Not sure how that could be justified on any measure of the word inactive.

-It has been time for old time over the past couple of weeks with various boxers either retired or no longer with us having their achievements recognised and rewarded:

Outside the ring careers honoured.

-The 5th annual Italian Hall of Fame dinner was held at the old palace of Forli organised by Flavio Dell’Amore, Founder and Editor of boxering.net the excellent Italian boxing site. The evening saw Salvatore Burruni, Alessandro Duran, Silvio Branco and Stefano Zoff inducted into the Hallof Fame as well as former referee and judge Angelo Poletti, aged 90. There is no physical Hall but a roll of honour marking the achievements of the inductees.

– In Budapest the Hungarian Olympic and Sports Museum have put on a temporary exhibition in memory of the three-time Olympic champion and undefeated European champion László Papp, who died 20 years ago in October 2003.

– Last week saw the annual amateur boxing tournament in Poland instituted to honour the achievements of Zbigniew Pietrzykowski. He is one of the most decorated boxers in amateur competitions. He won a silver and two bronze medals at the Olympic Games and four golds and a bronze at the  European championships. His record was 351 wins, 14 losses and 2 draws. Great record and eight championship medals but unfortunately he will be most remember for his Olympic silver medal when he lost to an 18-year-old Cassius Clay at the Rome Olympics in 1960.