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Francis Ngannou continues to insist he was robbed against Tyson Fury, former world champ says he didn’t do enough

Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury. Photo credit: Sky Sports

Boxing debutant Francis Ngannou 0-1 believes he was never destined to defeat WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury 34-0-1 (24) in their 10-round non-title bout at Boulevard Hall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 28.

The 37-year-old former UFC heavyweight champion, who had Fury on the canvas in the third round only to lose a split decision by scores of 95-94, 94-95 and 93-96, says everyone knows the result was a robbery.

“Yes, I had the same feelings [as fans]—Definitely, I was robbed,” Ngannou said on I Am Athlete. “But, also, I have an understanding that you can’t just walk in and disrupt a system like that. I think it was a very bad look for boxing, for everything, and there was a lot of business involved.

“So some judges just sacrificed themselves and take the hit, and save the face. But they know that that was a dirty job. There wasn’t even a judging, they wasn’t even judging those fights. There was just, like, ‘Okay, we are not going to lose.’

“I think even if there was a knockout, they would have found a way to make me [lose] that fight. Because I should have won that fight. The guy gave me elbow… and the referee didn’t even say anything because if that elbow had hurt me, I’m sure they would have count that as a punch and give him a decision, right?

“But I was prepared. I knew what I was stepping into. I wasn’t going to let them get in my mind or to get me frustrated. I was just going there to fight… It seems like at the end even they were getting frustrated because even that elbow was out of frustration.

“I don’t care, I was just about [getting] the big fight, fight the big guy, and go there and prove people wrong. And I did, and I think I’m very happy with my performance and what I did. Yes, the result wasn’t there. But for some guy that is out there building his record and working hard, to get out there and have those kind of outcomes that might have a huge impact in his career—is not fair at all.

“It doesn’t represent boxing very well, because boxing is not known as a noble art. But it seems like the people behind it are not noble at all. They have nothing noble.

“When I saw one of those calls, there’s nothing noble here. This is like fucking robbery. You’re not even ashamed of it. Somebody scored 93-96 and I’m like okay, what fight are we scoring? But I think we got to the point where we don’t care.”

But retired former welterweight champion turned pundit Shawn Porter says it was Ngannou’s decision making in the ring that cost him the win.

“Unfortunately, even though Ngannou showed himself, again, to be very strong, showed himself to be prepared for this fight, he also showed he does not have enough boxing mechanics to win enough rounds to beat Tyson Fury,” Porter said to TMZ.

“His lack of experience showed because there were rounds where he essentially did zero to win those rounds.

“If he’s able to find a pace, he’s gonna get some heavyweight fighters some trouble because he’s big enough to fight there, he showed he’s strong enough to fight there and the guy is athletic. He got skills!”