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Deontay Wilder plans to make short work of Joseph Parker, expects early night at the office

Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker

Three or four rounds.

That’s how long Joseph Parker 33-3 (23) will last with Deontay Wilder 43-2-1 (42) when they clash over 12 heats at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday night, according to the 38-year-old American.

The former WBC heavyweight champion is confident his supernatural power will come into play during the fight and he is predicting it will be sooner rather than later.

“You already know: knockout,” Wilder told ES News when asked how the fight would end.

“In my head I’m looking at three or four [rounds]. In my head, I see. But you never know. In my head that’s how I got it going. But I’m not going to force anything. I’m just gonna do what I do best. And that fight is going to be a knockout.”

New Zealand’s Parker, 31, has been down three times in his professional career but is still considered to have a solid chin.

He went the 12-round distance with the seek and destroy version of Anthony Joshua in March of 2018 before being dropped in the second and ninth rounds by Dillian Whyte in their fight four months later, losing a close decision.

In September last year he was stopped by Joe Joyce, but it took the heavy-handed Brit all of 11 rounds to accomplish the feat.

Wilder’s power, though, is on a different level again.

He says the former WBO heavyweight champion was supposed to fight him six years ago, but he got cold feet.

“Joseph Parker ran from me because he saw what I did to Gerald Washington [in February 2017]. He saw the performance I had in knocking Gerald Washington out, and he fled,” Wilder said to Fight Hub TV.

“Many times, I was supposed to unify the division many years ago if I had the opportunity, but unfortunately, no one has given me the opportunity like I’ve given other fighters to fight. It’s just sad because I’ve got a blessing and a curse.

“Here we are again. A lot of great things are happening, a lot of doors are opening and a lot of opportunities are looming around and kick this thing off. I’m looking forward to the ‘Day of Reckoning’ against Joseph Parker awhile back, but he ran.

“I don’t know how he built the courage up now, but I’m glad he’s here because I’m going to punish him. I’m looking forward to fighting him. I can’t wait for it to happen. It won’t be long now.”

Despite his plan to put a beating on Parker, Wilder says he actually has a fondness for the affable Kiwi.

“I like Joe,” Wilder said to ES News. “I’m the type of person I don’t have to be mad at you. I don’t have to talk about you and find things to come at you about to make it interesting. I do that naturally.

“If I like you, I like you. If I don’t, I don’t. I’m a zero to 100 guy. I don’t have a medium. You know what I mean? I’m not a pretender. None of that shit. with me I’m even more dangerous like that because people can’t read me.

“I can shake my enemy’s hand. I can give my enemy a hug. I can eat at the table with my enemy to let them know that, you know, I can do those things, but know that we’re still entitled to be — when we separate that’s where we go. There’s a time and place for all things.”