Home Boxing News Ben Shalom fires back after Eddie Hearn accuses his fighters of ducking

Ben Shalom fires back after Eddie Hearn accuses his fighters of ducking

Adam Azim. Photo credit: Sky Sports

Ben Shalom has hit back at rival promoter Eddie Hearn for suggesting he is actively avoiding making the fight that fans want to see the most.

Matchroom Boxing chief Hearn singled out Adam Azim’s decision to vacate his European junior welterweight title rather than defend the belt against Dalton Smith 16-0 (12). Azim 11-0 (8) will now face Harlem Eubank 19-0 (8) instead.

Hearn also put Shalom on blast last year when he withdrew his boxer Frazer Clarke 8-0-1 (6) from a proposed bout against Matchroom Boxing’s Fabio Wardley 17-0-1 (16).

The heavyweights went on to box last weekend in what is being widely touted as the best domestic British dust-up in years. The thrilling 12-round bout ended in a split draw.

BOXXER boss Shalom has refused to take Hearn’s broadsides lying down.

“You can talk about we’re a victim of the game and they don’t want to work with us, it’s absolutely rubbish, you’ve only got to look at the facts,” Hearn said to Matchroom Boxing.

“When we were working on negotiations for the Fabio Wardley-Frazer Clarke purse bid they pulled out of negotiations and they’ve just done it again with Azim and Dalton Smith. It’s hilarious.”

“I think it’s the same people who would say Frazer Clarke was ducking Fabio Wardley, which he clearly wasn’t,” Shalom told Express Sport.

“He clearly took the fight at the right time, or maybe even possibly too early. It created an absolute monster event and both fighters are very glad that it happened and they both earned lots of money for that fight.

“Adam Azim is very early in his career. I’d love to see who Dalton Smith was fighting at 21 years old. I don’t think he was even a professional, and the Eubank name is irresistible from a promotional point of view.

“It’s a huge fight, a huge one for Harlem Eubank and a huge, huge fight for Adam Azim. Weighing up the options, it’s clearly the better option and I think it’s the right move for his career.

“The Dalton Smith fight will happen and both fighters will be very pleased when it happens because they are going to make a lot more money. It’s going to be at the right time for Adam Azim. The issue we have is that these fighters are building.

“They’re not just becoming talented fighters, they’re becoming showmen, superstars, celebrities, and everyone wants a piece of them and everyone wants to catch them early. Eddie is a very skilled promoter to put that pressure on.”

Shalom suggested that the attacks from the Matchroom camp were part of an organised campaign to discredit his promotional outfit.

“We’re constantly under fire from him and his merry men, so to speak, whether that’s in interviews or in any way they can,” Shalom said.

“We’re just building the stars that we believe are the future of British boxing and of course we will have sensible conversations with him and make the best fights we possibly can. That’s our mission.”