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Boxing Fight Results; The Past Week in Action 25 June 2024

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The Past Week in Action 25 June 2024

– Rafael Espinoza retains the WBO featherweight title with stoppage of Sergio Chirino and there are wins for Andres Cortes over Abraham Nova and Troy Isley over Javier Martinez
-Tyler Denny gets unanimous technical decision over Felix Cash in a European middleweight title defence and on the same show Emma Dolan successfully defends the Commonwealth super flyweight title and becomes the first holder of the British female super fly title with a points victory over Shannon Ryan and there are also wins for Lewis Crocker and Cameron Vuong
-Lyndon Arthur outpoints Liam Cameron but the WBA Inter-Continental light heavyweight title remains vacant as Arthur misses the weight
-Ryan Farrag decisions Quaise Khademi to win the vacant Commonwealth Super Flyweight title
-Jeo Santisima and Michael Dasmarinas score wins in the Philippines

Major Shows

June 22

Las Vegas, NV, USA: Feather: Rafael Espinoza (25-0) W TKO 4 Sergio Chirino (22-2). Super Feather: Andres Cortes (22-0) W PTS 10 Abraham Nova (23-3). Middle: Troy Isley (13-0) W PTS 10 Javier Martinez (10-1-1). Bantam: Floyd Diaz (12-0) W PTS 8 Francisco Pedroza (18-12-2,ND). Super Feather: Demier Zamora (13-0) W PTS 8 Jose Meza (9-10 ,1ND).

Espinoza vs. Chirino
Espinoza dismisses an overmatched Chirino in four rounds.

Round 1
The 4” taller Espinoza was immediately forcing Chirino back with his jab and landed a couple of left hooks to Chirino’s body. Chirino landed a quick left hook to Espinoza’s head. Espinoza kept throwing his jab then as Chirino threw a right Espinoza punched inside it with a short left hook to the jaw that dumped Chirino on his rump. Chirino was up at four then moved to clear his head and was firing punches at the bell.
Score: 10-8 Espinoza

Round 2
Espinoza was again using his jab to keep Chirinom retreating with Chirino throwing counters and connecting with an occasional right. Espinoza drove home straight rights then they bothn landed rights. Espinoza hurt Chirinom with body punches.
Score: 10-9 Espinoza Espinoza 20-17

Round 3
Espinoza was working his jab again and throwing long rights. Chirino had no real answer to Espinoza’s jab and was being caught by hooks to the body. Espinoza chased Chirino along the ropes then sent Chirino back across the ring with rights. As Espinoza followed Chirino around the ring he landed a right that brought blood from Chirino’s nose. Under a burst of punches Chirino bent over and put both gloves on the canvas and was given a count and the bell went at the end of the count.
Score:10-9 Espinoza Espinoza 30-26

Round 4
Espinoza landed a series of hooks to the body then a jab and a right to the body that had Chirino backing off. Espinoza was chasing Chirino around the ring until he landed a couple of uppercuts and Chirino bent over double and put his gloves on the floor. The referee started the count but Chirino was obviously in pain from the nose injury and the referee just stopped the count and the fight. Espinoza was making the first defence of the WBO he had won by outpointing Robeisy Ramirez in December. At 6’1” he is tall for a featherweight and with 21v wins by KO/TKO he also has power. Chirino had won his last 13 fights against modest opposition who were nowhere near being rated and his No 12 position with the WBO was laughable but no joke.

Cortes vs. Nova
Cortes takes a unanimous decision over Nova after ten round of sustained action. In the first Nova was using his height and longer reach to work with his jab and Cortes was occasionally lunging inside to work on Nava’s body. In the second Cortes came out firing punches to the body and Nova chose to punch with him. Cortes scored well early in the round and Nova rallied late. It was the opposite in the third with Nova shooting jabs from hip level doing better early with Cortes getting inside and attacking the body late but Nova finally outworked him with body shots of his own and Cortes was cut over his left eye in a clash of heads. Nova decided to fight fire with fire over the fourth and fifth which suited Cortes. He was scoring with hooks, uppercuts and overhand rights and there were plenty of sustained exchanges in a high-paced, close fight. Nova tried to box more over the sixth and seventh. He was moving more and jabbing more and a little of the fire seemed to have gone out of Cortes’s work. Cortes p[icked up the pace again in the eight and for much of the round it was give-and-take as they just stood and traded body punches with Nova ending a frantic round on top. The ninth was a great round as for three minutes they went head-to-head. Two tired fighters throwing tired punches but plenty of them. Nova piled forward in the last but for a change Cortez boxed on the back foot landing hard, clean counters and he did enough to win the round and the fight. Scores 97-93 twice and 95-94 for Cortes. He wins the WBO NABO belt with his fourth consecutive victory over strong opposition having already beaten 17-2 Luis Melendez, 18-1 Xavier Martinez and 20-1-1 Bryan Chevalier and is No 2 with the WBO. Nova had lost a close decision to O’Shaquie Foster in February and is still very much in the title picture.

Isley vs. Martinez
Isley wins this clash of undefeated fighters as outpoints former amateur foe Martinez. Isley took the fight to Martinez immediately and had Martinez on the back foot. Martinez was looking to counter but Isley was outworking him with Martinez too often willing to go on the defensive. Both had been looking to score with body shots but straying low and the referee warned them bothn in the third round. Islay continued to keep up the pressure and was scoring well to the body. Although finding the target with counters Martinez was not making much use of his longer reach to offset the higher work rate and clever way Islay was switching his attack to head and body. Both boxers had been were warned for going low again in the fifth and Martinez lost a points for that infraction in the seventh. Islay outscored Martinez in the eighth but then lost a point for a low punch in the ninth. Martinez might have just edged the last but that was not enough to overcome the lead Islay had built. Scores 97-91 twice and 96-92 for Islay who wins the vacant NABO title in his first ten round fight. These two had been 2-2 in four fights when amateurs.

Diaz vs. Pedroza
Immensely talented boxer Diaz gets in eight rounds of useful work and slow starter Pedroza comes on strong over the second half of their fight. Diaz was just too quick for Pedroza. He had the Mexican under pressure with his fast hands and slick foot work Pedroza just could not make any impression being kept busy just holding off Diaz. From the fifth Pedroza upped his pace realising he had to take the fight to Diaz. Diaz still outscored Pedroza in the fifth but Pedroza had a good sixth only to have a point deducted for hitting on the break. Diaz was forced onto the back foot for much of the seventh but Pedroza tired from the huge effort he had put in trying to turn the fight his way and a sustained body attack from Diaz in the last saw Pedroza struggling to make it to the bell. Diaz won 78-73 on all three cards

Zamora vs. Meza
Zamora outscores Meza. Southpaw Zamoa had Meza on the retreat with snappy right jabs to head and body and was then stepping in with crosses. Meza launches a good attack in the second and briefly had Zamora against the ropes under fire but Zanora boxed his way out and ended the round strongly. There were some good exchanges in the third but Zamora was in charge in the fourth and although cut on the bridge of his nose by a punch in the fifth he landed some fierce straight lefts. Maza had the longer reach but Zamora’s hand speed allowed him outscore Meza inside and outside Meza. Meza had a good seventh jabbing and moving and scoring with straight rights but Zamora finished strongly to take the eighth. Scores: 80-72 twice and 79-73 for “War Machine” Zamora who showed plenty of skills. He had won nine of his fight by KO/TKO so eight rounds of useful work in this one. Meza has yet to lose inside the distanced.


Bolton, England: Light Heavy: Lyndon Arthur (24-2) DREW 12 Liam Cameron (23-6). Super Feather: Sultan Zaurbek (18-0) W TKO 1 Roman Reynoso (22-5-2). Super Light: Khaleel Majid (13-0) W PTS 8 Alin Ciorceri (17-6).

Arthur vs. Cameron
Arthur scores a split decision win over Cameron in their fight for the vacant WBA Inter-Continental but the title remains vacant as Arthur fails to make the weight. Arthur scored well with his jab in the first and started a nose bleed for Cameron. He spoiled that good work by landing a punch after the bell at the end of the second and lost a point. Cameron was taking the fight to Arthur with Arthur using his jab and straight rights to try off-set Cameron’s aggression but was being hustled and outworked and too often allowing himself to be taken to the ropes inviting pressure. It was Cameron’s turn to lose a point being penalised for rabbit punches in the sixth. Arthur’s experience saw him pacing the fight better and as Cameron tired he dominated the closing rounds to win on scores of 97-91 and 95-93 to 95-93 for Cameron. First fight for Athur since losing a wide unanimous decision against Dmitrii Bivol for the IBO and WBA belts in December. Cameron had scored three wins since returning to action in October. He had been inactive since 2018 after testing positive for a banned substance.

Zaurbek vs. Reynoso
Kazakh southpaw Zaurbek stops vastly overmatches Reynosa with three knockdowns in 101 seconds. Reynosa came out head down throwing wild punches and as Zaurbek side-stepped Reynosa swept himself off his and landed on the canvas. He picked himself up and was again slinging ridiculously crude swings. Zaurbek landed a left to the body. Reynosa knelt on the canvas and watched the count then spat out his mouthguard to get a few extra seconds. When the action restarted a left to the body sent Reynosa down to kneel on the canvas again. Whilst the count wash going on Zaurbek had climbed on the ropes in a corner celebrating but Reynosa beat the count. A right to the body put him down again and the referee waived the fight over, This was a farce and it is ridiculous that Zaurbek should win the vacant WBA Continental title in a fight like this. Thirteen wins by KO/TKO for Zaurbek who deserves better opposition

Majid vs. Ciorceri
Majid outscores Romanian Ciorceri. Body punching was the key for Majid. He was landing to the body in every round and Ciorceri deserved credit for not crumbling. Ciorceri was the busier fighter but Majid was more accurate and knocked Ciorceri’s mouthguard out a couple of times. Both the body punches and the pace told on Ciorceri but he was still there after eight rounds. The referee scored it 80-73. Majid was coming off a win over useful Tom Farrell. Spanish-based Ciorceri had been stopped in the first round by unbeaten Pierce O’Leary in his last fight in May last year.

London, England: Super Fly: Ryan Farrag (23-5) W PTS 12 Quaise Khademi (10-4-2).
Farrag gets unanimous decision over Khademi to win the vacant Commonwealth title. Khademi brought some classy skills and Farrag brought plenty of aggression and experience at a higher level. Khademi boxed in the first but was the aggressor for much of the second. Farrag was back on the hunt in the third scoring with rights inside and Khademi was under pressure throughout the fourth.. It was fast-paced with Farrag’s work rate giving him the edge but Khademi putting together some quick combinations when darting forward and showing some fine defensive work. Really there was not much between them making it hard to score. The pressure from Farrag saw Khademi’s work become ragged and Farrag was landing some hurtful body punches. Khademi upped his work rate in the ninth and tenth but a right rocked him at the end of the tenth. Khademi boxed and moved in the eleventh to blunt Farrag attacks but Farrag turned in a strong twelfth to take the decision. Scores 115-113 twice and 117-112 for Farrag. Former European bantamweight champion Farrag had been outpointed by Marcel Braithwaite for this same title in June last year. Afghan-born Londoner Khademi had lost on points against Jackson Chauke for the vacant IBO flyweight title in January.

Vigevano, Italy: Welter: Mirko Geografo (18-1-2) DREW Luigi Alfieri (10-3-1).
Geografo and Alfieri end up all square in their fight for the vacant European Silver title. Over the opening rounds Alfieri’s constant aggression had Geografo fighting on the back foot. He was boxing well but Alfieri was switching his attack from head to body and was well in front after five rounds. Geografo gradually worked his way into the fight over the middle rounds and then used his better skills to outbox the fading Alfieri and the judges were unable to split them with all three cards reading 114-114 so they will have to do it all over again.

Tosi vs. Francesca
Home town fighter Tosi wins the vacant European title as she outpoints Spain’s Francesca. The visitor was competitive for the first three rounds but then the pressure and aggression from Tosi put her in control and a big effort from Francesca in the last round came too late. Scores 98-92 twice and 97-93. Third win in a row for Tosi. Francesca had previously been unsuccessful in a shot at the European feather belt.

Detroit, MI, USA: Cruiser: Derick Miller Jr (17-0) W TKO 2 Brian Houston (5-2-1).
Local hope Miller disposes of Houston in two rounds. Miller had Houston down in the first round and again in the second with Houston counted out on the second knockdown. Ninth win by KO/TKO for Miller. He won the vacant American Boxing Federation title. Houston, 43, was having his first fight since February 2022.


Birmingham, England: Middle: Tyler Denny (19-2-3) W TEC DEC 5 Felix Cash (16-1). Welter: Lewis Crocker (20-0) W PTS 10 Conah Walker (13-3-1). Light: Cameron Vuong (5-0) W PTS 10 Jeff Ofori (13-8-2). Super Fly: Emma Dolan (7-0) W PTS 10 Shannon Ryan (7-1).

Denny vs. Cash
Denny retains the European title with a unanimous technical decision over Cash. Both were looking to get on the front foot with Cash landing some good rights with Denny coming in behind a high guard and aiming for the body. Denny began to take over in the second. he was getting through with body punches in close and Cash was unable to stem Denny’s attacks or match him inside. Cash was cut on his right eyelid in a clash of heads. It was Cash exerting pressure in the third as he went on to the front foot and was digging in body punches . Denny had started the round well but Cash finished it strongly. Denny took the fourth. He was marching forward throwing punches forcing Cash back and working him over on the ropes. Denny shook Cash with a couple of lefty hooks tom the head. Cash was looking to hold but Dannyn kept ramming home body punches and Cash looked dispirited. The referee stopped the fight early in the fifth and had the doctor examine the cut on the right eyelid ion Cash and the fight was over. Denny was celebrating but as the cut had been caused by a clash of heads the result would be decided on the cards. The scores were 49-47 twice and 46-49 for Denny, who retains the European title he had won with a stoppage of Matteo Signani in November, Five of Denny’s last seven fights have ended due to cuts suffered by his opponent. Former undefeated British and Commonwealth champion Cash was having his first fight for eighteen months and hopefully he will be more active.

Crocker vs. Walker
Crocker scores a narrow unanimous decision over Walker. No study time in this one as they both went straight to work. Walker rolled forward looking for gaps in Crockers guard and found a few. Crocker had been allowing Walker to set the pace in the first but he let his hands go more in a hard-fought second and it was already apparent that the entertainment level was going to be high. Walker stepped up his attacks in the third as both found the target and by the fourth were both sporting bloody noses. Crocker was just that bit more accurate countering Walker’s pressure and although he landed some powerful shots he could not deter Walker and even seemed to be finding the pace too hot. Crocker landed a series of counters in the eighth but they just bounced off Walker who was now handclapped by an almost closed right eye. Walker lost a point in the ninth for low punches but fought like hell for the rest of the round to make it a 9-9 and not a 10-8 and that kept him in with a chance of victory but Crocker landed the heavier punches in the last to get the win. Scores 96-93v twice and 95-94 for Crocker. He adds the WBA International title to the WBO Inter-Continental title he already holds. Walker was making the second defence of the title and was facing his third unbeaten opponent in a row.

Vuong vs. Ofori
Former Elite-level amateur Vuong wins decision over Ofori in his first ten round test. Vuong was content to box on the back foot looking to counter the advancing Ofori. Vuong always had things well in hand but Ofori worked hard to give Vuong a good test. Vuong showcased excellent skills and but also a couple of areas where he will improve with more experience and he won on scores of 98-92 twice and 99-91. Vuong, 21, a former English Elite Championships winner is worth keeping an eye on. Ofori has been matched tough having faced Ohara Davies, Archie Sharp and Mark Chamberlain.

Dolan vs. Ryan
Dolan takes a split decision over Ryan to retain her Commonwealth title and win the vacant British title. Ryan piled forward in the first using aggression tom overcome the height and reach of Dolan and was able to get past the jab to connect with some long rights. In the second Dolan took control with her longer reach and she connected with some right hooks tom the body. At the d of the round Dolan landed a couple of rights and Ryan slid to the canvas. She was up immediately. Dolan continued to use her long reach to score with solid jabs at distance with Ryan still aiming to get inside to work to Dolan’s body. Both had their spells of success with their very different tactics. The hard work Ryan was having to put in slowed her as Dolan had a dominant seventh but Ryan found another gear and took the eighth and ninth only for Dolan to use jabs and straight rights to take the last. Scores 96-93 and 96-94 for Dolan and 95-94 for Ryan. Dolan becomes the first holder of the British super fly female title. Ryan came so close with that knockdown in the second costly

Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina: Super Middle: Lucien Bastida (21-3-1) W TKO 8 Nahuel Gonzalo (16-2).

Bastida stops Gonzalo in the eighth round in Argentinian title defence. Bastida was letting his punches fly from the start. Taller southpaw Gonzalo was using his jab to push Bastida back and was landing heavy lefts to the body. Bastida launched a fierce attack at the start of the second scoring with a series of shots from both hands but was cut over the left eye when their heads banged together. Bastida was outworking Gonzalo getting in close to score with hooks and uppercuts and by the fifth Gonzalo had a nasty bruise undern his right eye. Gonzalo came to life at the end of the seventh and was scoring with sweeping hooks to the body but now had swellings around both eyes. In the eighth blood began to stream down Bastida’s face from the cut over his left eye. He suddenly landed a right uppercut then battered Gonzalo across the ring connecting with lefts and rights until Gonzalo lay against the ropes with his arms down and his head snapping about from Gonzalo’s punches and the fight was stopped. First defence for Bastida. Gonzalo had won his last two fights.

Pepinster, Belgium: Super Feather: Faroukh Kourbanov (21-4) W PTS 10 Diego Lagos (11-3).

Kourbanov shakes of some dust with wide unanimous decision over Lagos. In his first fight for sixteen months Kourbanov won 100-90 on all three cards. The Kyrgyzstan-born Kourbanov dropped a majority decision against Joe Cordina in 2021 but was outpointed by Zelfa Barrett in a European title challenge in 2022. Colombian Lagos had been beaten in five rounds by Spaniard Salvador Jimenez in Aril.

Munich, Germany: Cruiser: Yusuf Sultanoglu (16-1) W TKO 5 Rashad Karimov (37-5). Super Middle; Luka Plantic (9-0) W TKO 1 Almir Skrijelj (20-11). Super Welter: Dilara Yucel (16-0) W KO 1 Sonja Pilipovic (0-15).

Sultanoglu vs. Karimov
Germany’s Sultanoglu wins the vacant WBC International Silver title with stoppage of Karimov. Sultanoglu dropped Karimov three times in the fifth to force the stoppage. Ninth win by KO/TKO for Sultanoglu. Azeri-born German Karimov, 40, was 11-1 in his last 12 fights with the loss against Cuban Mike Perez in October.

Plantic vs. Skrijelj
If Plantic was hoping to get in some ring time then this was a waste of time as he stopped Montenegrin Skrijelj mid-way through the first round. Plantic had halted Jack Cullen in April. Tenth inside the distance defeat for Skrijelj.

Yucel vs. Pilipovic
Turkish “She Wolf” Yucel knocks out Bosnian Pilipovic in a disgraceful match. WBF titleholder gets his eleventh win by KO/TKO. Pilipovic, a substitute, has lost 14 of her 15 fights by KO/TYKO including 7 in the first round

Arenzano, Italy: Super Welter: Federico Schinina (11-3) W PTS 10 Mohammed Graich (8-3).

Local fighter Schinina wins the vacant Italian title with points victory over Graich in an entertaining match. Schinina had the edge in skill and speed and outboxed the aggressive Graich to build an early lead. Graich just kept coming and kept pressing and even with his clever defensive work Schinina often found himself pinned against the ropes and Graich looked to have closed the points gap. Schinina then took over in the ninth and tenth and emerged a good winner on scores of 96-94 twice and 97-93. Argentinian-born Schinina had lost in a shot at the national super lightweight title in August last but moved up to super welter and had scored two-wins. Moroccan-born Graich had won his last three fights.

Catuingang, Philippines: Super Feather: Jeo Santisima (24-7) W KO 4 Arnon Yupang (14-5). Feather: Michael Dasmarinas (35-3-2) W RTD 9 Jon Jon Estrada (18-13-1). Fly: Esneth Domingo (20-2) W KO 2 Enrique Magsalin (10-6-2). Super Bantam: Alex Santisima (9-1) W KO 3 Justine Darap (11-6). Super Fly: Alvin Camique (9-2) KO 2 Ben Ligas 16-4-2).

Santisima vs. Yupang
Santisima beats Thai Yupang in the fourth round. Santisima was in charge from the start landing with heavy punches to head and body. Yupang tried to punch with Santisima but was weakened by body punches and when yet another body punch dropped him in the fourth he was counted out. Santisima wins the WBA Asian Continental title. He put together a 17-bout winning streak before losing to Emanuele Navarrete for the WBO title in 2020 but a subsequent run of four losses in five fights derailed him completely. Yupang was making the first defence of the title.

Dasmarinas vs. Estrada
Dasmarinas wins the Philippines title on a ninth round retirement by Estrada. Dasmarinas was far too good for Estrada. He was landing long lefts and easily evading then wild swinging attacks from Estrada, A left staggered Estrada in the second but Estrada took the punishment and kept plodding forward and at times managed to drag Dasmarinas into brawling. Dasmarinas handed out a beating to Estrada in round after round but he could not stop Estrada who just put his head down and absorbed everything Dasmarinas threw at him until there seemed a danger Dasmarinas would get exhausted. Dasmarinas eventually gave up and pretence of boxing but was just standing leaning Estrada pushing out punches. At the end of the ninth Estrada’s corner did the humane thing and retired their fighter. Just one loss in his last twenty-six fights for Dasmarinas and the loss was against Naoya Inoue for the IBF and WBA belts in 2021.

Domingo vs. Magsalin
Domingo lives up to his “Hard Hitter” nickname as he knocks out Magsalin in the first round to win the vacant WBC Asian Silver title. He already holds the WBO Global title. Magsalin had won 4 of his last 5 fights.

Santisima vs. Darap
Santisima makes it a family double as he follows older brother Jeo with a win knocking out Darap to in a fight for the vacant WBF Australasian title. Santisima had his unbeaten record ruined by a seventh round kayo loss against unbeaten Japanese hope Subaru

Murata in March.
Camique vs. Ligas
Camique continued his run of good form with a win over Ligas. A left jab to the body sent Ligas down in the first and another body shot put him down for the count in the second. Fifth win in his last six fights for Camique who collects the WBFoundation International title. Only second inside the distance defeat for more experienced Ligas.

Manchester, NH, USA: Super Welter: Emeka Nwokolo (13-1) W PTS 12 Jeovanis Barraza (23-4).

Nigerian Nwokolo outpoints Colombian Barraza and picks up two titles. Nwokolo boxed cleverly against the taller Colombian. He scored well with counters and when Barraza tried working on the back foot Nwokolo was quick enough to score and get out before Barraza could respond. Nwokolo set a fast pace and outworked Barraza in round after round to emerge a comfortable winner on scores of 120-108 twice and 118-110. Nwokolo has done much of his fighting in Colombia and Mexico. He wins the vacant NABA and Universal Boxing Organisation titles. Barraza was 20-0 against some very modest opposition but a move up to face much higher quality has seen him turn in less impressive figures of 3-4.

Philadelphia, PA, USA: Super Welter: Oluwafemi Oyeleye (16-0) W TKO 4 Leonardo Di Stefano (13-4).

Nigerian-born southpaw Oyeleye puts Di Stefano down and out in the fourth. Oyeleye had been boxing on the retreat using his longer reach to pile up the points. Di Stefano kept moving forward jabbing to the body but without much success. As Di Stefano came forward again in the fourth a short left hook had him staggering then tumbling to his hands and knees and continuing to fining face first on the canvas with the referee immediately stopping the fight. Tenth victory by KO/TKO for Oyeleye.

Fight of the week: (Significance): Rafael Espinoza’s win means he will hopefully move on to some big fights in a division that lacks star quality right now.
Fight of the week: (Entertainment): Andres Cortes vs. Abraham Nova provided action all the way. Honorary mention to Lewis Crocker vs. Conah Walker .
Fighter of the week: Rafael Espinoza as he retained his WBO title
Punch of the week: Oluwafemi Oyeleye
Upset of the week: None this week.
Prospect watch: Lightweight Cameron Vuong who went up to ten round level and improved his record to 5-0 in beating Jeff Ofori.


Rosette: Top Rank for putting on a world title show on an otherwise slow week
Red Card: To the WBO ratings Committee (see below) and whichever body is responsible for licensing Sonja Pilipovic. Bosnia Pilipovic has a 0-15 record with 14 losses by KO/TKO with 7 of those losses coming in the first round. She needs protection from herself and whoever licences her. Duty of care-forget it.

Somehow the WBO had Sergio Chirino rated No2 in their featherweight ratings. Firstly, a minor point, they rate him as Sergio Sanchez. His name is Sergio Chirino Sanchez and in Spanish/Latin American nomenclature the father’s name precedes the family name of the mother so he is Sergio Chirino and that’s how Top Rank, Box Rec and all previews and reports have him but the WBO ( based in Puerto Rico) don’t seem to know that. Rating Chirino No 2 id a disgrace and an insult to those fighters who will take risks and face tough opposition hoping to get a rating. Let’s look at Chirino.

October 2022
-Suddenly appears at No 11 not having fought since beating Eduardo Marquez in August. Marquez had a 16-11-1 record and had lost his last 7 fights

December 2022
-Up to No 10 although had not fought since beating Marquez in August

March 2023
-Up to No 5 depending on the date on which they complied the ratings he either had not fought since August 2022 or he was promoted into the top 5 for a win on the 18 of March over Ally Mwerangi who had a 12-5 record and had lost his lasts three fights!

April 2023
No 4 Up a place either without fighting or for beating Mwerranhgi in March

May 2023
No 3 Without having fought

September 2023
No 2 Without having fought since beating poor Mwerangi in March
So, from unrated in September 2022 to 2 for beating 12-5 Mwerangi. He had retained his No 2 position by wins over Sebastian Tinoco 5-6-2 and Dennis Contreras 24-13-1 who had lost his last 3 fights.

Sometimes a rating can be inflated by a boxer winning some sanctioning body minor title but Chirino has never won any title. The only honest explanation for the above is……………….you know I can’t think of one!!