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Anthony Joshua will have his hands full with Daniel Dubois, says former sparring partner

Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois. Photo credit: LAPRESSE

Former two-time unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua 28-3 (25) will have to walk through hell to defeat Daniel ‘Dynamite’ Dubois 21-2 (20).

That’s the view of Johnny Fisher, who has been a regular sparring partner for Dubois.

IBF heavyweight champion Dubois, 26, will make the first defence of his belt against fellow Londoner Joshua, 34, at Wembley Stadium in London, England on September 21.

Fisher 11-0 (10), who is about to step in the ring against Alen Babic 12-1 (11) at the Copper Box Arena in Hackney Wick this Saturday, warned Joshua not to underestimate Dubois.

“I think it will be a knockout. I think Dubois is going to bring the heat and put it on Joshua. That’s what he knows, that’s his way. He’s an aggressive fighter but he’s calculating that aggression,” Fisher told Sky Sports.

“I’ve sparred him many, many times. He’s definitely the hardest puncher, Daniel Dubois. He can seriously whack.

“Dubois takes no prisoners in sparring. You’ve got to be on it. It’s a firefight when you go in with Dubois.”

Fisher added that Dubois would have to watch out for one particular punch from Joshua.

“[Joshua] has to be careful but he doesn’t have to be too cautious and too much on the back foot because I think Dubois is open to a counter right hand himself,” he said.

“We’ve seen how good Joshua is with the counter right hand.

“If [Dubois] comes in, if he steps in too much, Joshua’s going to counter him with the right hand, like he did with [Francis] Ngannou.

“I know Ngannou’s not on that level but [Joshua] has got a good straight right hand that’s lethal. Charles Martin he’s done it against. We’ve seen it many times. That’s the danger for Dubois.”

Pushed to pick a winner, Fisher said: “If I am picking a winner out of that fight, I would edge towards Joshua. A little bit more calculated. A little bit more knowhow and nous in his game and I think that could tip it in his favour.

“But if Dubois lands on his chin, that could bring back all them memories [of the Andy Ruiz defeat] for Joshua.”

As for his own fight this weekend, Fisher believes Babic is tailor-made for him and says victory could lead him to a British title fight, or maybe even something bigger.

“I’d expect him to be right there in front of me and that’s not a good place to stand,” he said.

“You win the next fight and the picture becomes a bit clearer. I think people are starting to see that there’s potential there to go beyond just being a ticket seller.

“I’m a prospect and I’ve got the potential to maybe win an English, British title, maybe European title and who knows, I might even fight for a world title.

“That’s what you want to get to. That’s the aim.”