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Oscar De La Hoya names world titleholder he wants “future superstar” William Zepeda to target

William Zepeda. Photo credit: Golden Boy Promotions

The promoter of William ‘El Camarón’ Zepeda 31-0 (27) has a firm idea who the lightweight contender should challenge for a world title.

Mexico’s Zepeda, 28, is spoiled for choice right now. He is the number one contender in all four major sanctioning bodies at 135-pounds, essentially giving him a choice between WBA champion Gervonta Davis 30-0 (28), IBF boss Vasiliy Lomachenko 18-3 (12), WBC kingpin Shakur Stevenson 22-0 (10) and WBO titleholder Denis Berinchyk 19-0 (9).

Zepeda consolidated his position at the top of the table with a third-round body shot knockout of Giovanni ‘El Cabron’ Cabrera 22-2 (7) at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California on Saturday night.

“I knew my preparation was going to push me forward,” said southpaw Zepeda after the fight. “I know I’ve been working. My discipline will always overcome anything. I was concentrated throughout the fight.

“People say that I just throw punches and that’s all, but once they get in the ring with me it’s a different story. We made a game plan that worked for me.

“I can’t compare myself to other fighters. [Isaac] Pitbull [Cruz] can’t say that he’s better than me and I can’t say I’m better than Pitbull. The only way we can determine that is when we’re in the ring.

“I’ve fought some great opposition and I feel I’m one the top of the division. We’re going to look for the opportunity to become world champion.”

Zepeda’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya says he would prefer his boxer to go after the WBO title currently held by 36-year-old Ukrainian Berinchyk.

“I think I would go the WBO route against Berinchyk. I think that’s a great fight,” the Golden Boy Promotions boss said to the media after Zepeda’s most recent win.

“I think it’ll be a fan-friendly fight. We will take William Zepeda to the next level and then we will go after the unification. It [Berinchyk] might be the easiest fight to make, but it wouldn’t be the easiest fight for Zepeda.”

The idea, says De La Hoya, is to get Zepeda a belt and then unify.

“I would love for William Zepeda to be a world champion when he faces Shakur Stevenson and when he fights all the other guys,” he said.

“If it were up to me, I’d have him fight again this year. He went a few rounds. He’s clean and didn’t get cut. He’s back in the gym on Monday, so I think we have a future superstar on our hands.”

Zepeda could well be the future of the lightweight division. His high-punch output and explosive power make for a fan-friendly style.

Whether or not he can hang with the elites of the division remains to be seen, but as things stand right now, it will be fun to find out.