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Que Sara Sara: The Theme Song of Timothy Bradley Jr

A boxers entrance to the ring can sometimes be as intriguing as the imminent fight ahead. It Is what sets the tone of the evening for the gazing audience. Everything from the members of the entourage to the colors of the robe are carefully planned by the promoter and fighter. Yet, of all the scrutinized aspects, none is more prominent to the spectator than the music played.

The Sad State of Amir Khan

Trying to alleviate an emotional pressure like depression or hopelessness with external objects is very common in society today. Some people will eat, some people will buy clothes, or jewelry. Amir Khan well he likes to buy customized Range Rovers.

Heirlooms and Pawn shops: The story of the American reign as Heavyweight Champion

For almost the entire 20th century the heavyweight champion hailed from somewhere in the United States. It is one of sports statistical anomalies. For 107 years a country outside of America held the title for less than 7 years. It was an iconic symbol of American culture and for some generations a national treasure. Still like family heirlooms and pawn shops, whenever an object no longer provides meaning to its owner or loses its intrinsic value all that is left is luster and shine. Sad as it may seem but when the sparkle fades the item is often discarded. Most times freely.


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