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Breaking down Froch vs Groves II

To the suspense of thousands, Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn finally announced that Wembley stadium will be host to the rematch that England has been waiting for, when IBF and WBA super-middleweight champion Carl Froch wll face George Groves on May 31st. Tickets are set to be released on Monday after the two fighter’s initial press conference where both fighters will highly likely start their usual first dose of trash talking. Opinions on who will win are split right down the middle, usually depending on who supports who, but this article will take an unbiased route in order to dissect each fighter’s attributes to find a winner.

Ringside Report: ‘Reloaded’ Cardiff Undercard

Matchroom Boxing put on a show at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff on February 1st in front of a packed crowd. The night of action provided everything that makes boxing great – drama, tension, action and bucket-loads of heart. The main events grab the headlines though this show had competitive bouts through-out and that is a credit to the promoter, matchmaker and also the boxers for taking the bouts.

Plenty of options still left for Froch

Reigning IBF super middleweight champion Carl Froch is at the peak of his career right now and is at the stage where he will want to cash in on the biggest fights he can get before hanging up his gloves for good. He is fighting George Groves on November 23rd, and providing that the Nottingham fighter wins convincingly and without controversy, the search for more big fights will continue. But who is left? Actually, there are surprisingly still a number of worthy fights as I will tell.

The forgotten boxing World: Asian Boxing

One of the biggest issues with boxing fans today is that they don’t tend to be aware of the busy Asian scene. This is due in part to the US based boxing media which seems to forget about anything east of Germany which is a real shame for fans who are forced to miss out on some of the best fighters on the planet and some of the most promising youngsters in world boxing.

The Wait Before The Fight

“The wait in the dressing room before a professional boxing match would strip a man who never fought before of whatever pride, desire, courage and heart he THOUGHT he had…” – John Scully

The Staredown: Real value or imagined?

It can happen at the Press Conference, it can happen at the weigh-in, it could happen in the ring itself, or all three for that matter, in the case of Bute-Pascal, it even  happened before the puck drop at Montreal Canadians game in March, but when leading up to a fight, it’s usually a pretty good bet that at some point your going to get some form of a staredown.

The Turnaround Punch

Yogi Berra coined the phrase “it’s never over  tell it’s over”  and we’ve all heard the present day opera follow-up that it’s not over  till the fat lady sings, but I don’t know that the famous Yankee pinstriped backup or your most caloric-challenged female  baritone would’ve stuck it out to the end of some of the sweet science’s most famous “reversals of forturne”. It takes a true boxing fan to hold out hope when all appears gone,  or maybe it just takes enough exposure  to the “Turnaround Punch”.

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