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Part 5: Ted Sares Top Twenty-Five Pound-for-Pound Fighters (Since 1945)

My Top Twenty-Five Pound-for-Pound Fighters (Since 1945)

Fifth in a 5-Part Series

Here, then, are the final five:

21. Alexis Arguello: The Explosive Thin Man” (El Flaco Explosivo) used his height and reach to leverage the tremendous one-punch power he possessed in his right hand.  He was able to impose his will on many of his opponents, often in their home country.

Part 1: Ted Sares Top Twenty-Five Pound-for-Pound Fighters (Since 1945)

My Top Twenty-Five Pound-for-Pound Fighters (Since 1945)

First in a 5-Part series

I have never seen a list of great boxers that is the “correct” list; there is no such thing. Attempts can be made to close the gap by quantification, but in the end, the entirely subjective nature of any list comparing fighters across different weight categories and different eras is bound to be the subject of heated debate. Nonetheless, many have had a go at it.

Rabbiting in Vegas: Canelo defeats Lara

I’ll give him a rematch when he learns how to fight.- Canelo    

I’ll fight anyone, whether they move or not, he was the one doing all the talking and in the end no one wants to go to his school”—Canelo

Lara is a fool for fighting that fight thinking he would take it on the cards. He clamed to be a master boxer, who craved stardom and that Canelo didn’t belong, well prove it then?!… If you are going to fight a poster child of boxing, then make sure you leave no doubt at all.—BLH Poster named TommyDanger

“I felt I was totally in control. It didn’t seem like he was doing anything. I know one thing, 100 percent I made him look bad in front of all of his people. Everyone knows I won the fight, no matter what they say.”–Lara

Froch vs Groves II – Who wins?

Referee Howard Foster should be claiming some of the profits from the upcoming rematch.  It was Foster’s premature stoppage of the first fight which has led to so much interest in the second.  No one can be certain how that fight would have ended.  Was Froch coming on with his typical late surge and ready to stop Groves in the next few rounds?  Had Groves saved enough gas in the tank to withstand the coming onslaught?  Sadly, we will never know for sure.  However, mainly due to this controversy, interest in the second fight has reached unprecedented levels.

The Boxing World’s Predictions – Carl Froch vs George Groves 2

Video Preview: By BoxTalk

Breaking Down Froch vs. Groves II – by Lee Skavydis

To the suspense of thousands, Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn finally announced that Wembley stadium will be host to the rematch that England has been waiting for, when IBF and WBA Super-Middleweight Champion Carl Froch will face George Groves on May 31st. Tickets are set to be released on Monday after the two fighters’ initial press conference, where both will likely start their usual first dose of trash talking. Opinions on who will win are split right down the middle – usually depending on who supports who – but this article will take an unbiased route in order to dissect each fighter’s attributes to find a winner.

Greg Pickin on his career, retirement and the temptation to comeback

Greg Pickin was born and raised in Llansamlet, Swansea and works for a bank, is a DJ and until recently a professional boxer. His professional record is 5 Wins, 0 Loses with 2 KOs. 

The 32 year-old former lightweight decided to retire earlier this year, I interviewed Greg on his career and the decision to call it a day and whether he was tempted to comeback.

Full Card Ringside Report: Lee Selby Cruises to Victory, Gavin Rees Victorious, Nathan Cleverly back

A night of comebacks, retirements, cuts, knockdowns, prospects and World title ambitions were all in the mix at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff on Saturday night. ‘The Second Coming’, Matchroom promoted show had something for everyone as they served up a ten fight bill for the Welsh public.

With so many sub-stories, it is difficult, as to where to start – but that must go to one of Wales’ favourite sons; Gavin “The Rock” Rees. The boxing public wanted a rematch with Gary Buckland and the two Warriors obliged. Back in the same venue, on February 1st, Cardiffian Buckland edged a points win in an absolute War. This time it was, Rees who had his hand raised after another compelling twelve rounds.

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