Exclusive: Lots of broken bones, problems making weight – Scott Quigg wants Oscar Valdez rematch!

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In his last fight Scott Quigg lost a decision to Oscar Valdez, a fighter he had sparred several times.

It wasn’t the start to 2018 that Quigg would have wanted as he aimed to start the year off as the new WBO champion.

The Bury boxer was feeling great and in top condition until he fractured his foot in the lead up to the fight. The injury affected his game plan and training.

He told

“The first six weeks couldn’t have gone any better. It’s the best I’ve ever felt, it’s the best I’ve been boxing in the gym. I was very sharp, we came up with a great game plan and that was the reason why I didn’t want to pull out of the fight. The first six weeks couldn’t have gone any better.

“Once I fractured my foot that threw a big spanner in the works. I had to change the game plan and I had to be a lot more flat footed. I had to rely on brute strength and my toughness. I did think the fight was going to be toe-to-toe war, like when we sparred. I sparred him about five times and each time we belted ten bells of s**t out of each other. It was good sparring, good to watch and I thought that was how the fight was going to be. I didn’t think I needed much movement to try and get my shots off, but he showed me something different on the night. He picked times when he wanted to fight and he stuck behind his jab and had good lateral movement which caused me problems while closing the distance as my feet was a lot slower due to the injury.”

2.8 pounds overweight, Quigg revealed he plans on staying at featherweight and injury was one of the reasons that prevented him making weight.

“I’d make featherweight, no problem. It was a mistake. I was making weight. I thought better at the time because I brought my weight down early. I was very strict on my nutrition. I brought my nutritionist and chef out earlier once I done my foot as I knew things had to be on point.

“My weight was held too low for a long period of time, that’s why my body wouldn’t shift the last two and a half pounds. I tried everything to shift it, the only thing different was I cut out things earlier than I should of and because I held my weight low for long.

“My body thought it was not being fed and went into shock. It wouldn’t let go of the last bit of fluid that I needed to get out. But no excuses, you make mistakes and I know what I did to try and make the weight. Anyone who thinks I did it on purpose, they can have their opinion, but it’s a load of nonsense. I did everything to try and make the weight on Thursday and Friday morning, but it wasn’t for budging. If I kept trying I probably wouldn’t have been able to fight. “

With lots of broken bones for both opponents – Quigg suffered a broken foot pre-fight and a broken nose during the fight; Valdez suffered a broken jaw which he suffered in round five. Quigg gave an update on his injury and training.

“I am back training. I’ve been back training for about four weeks. When I got back from America I was sat on my arse for eight weeks because I had to let the foot heal. I was just eating junk food and doing nothing – I piled a bit of weight on. The last four weeks now I’ve been back in the gym, lost a load of weight and I’m feeling good and better.”

The 29-year-old loved fighting in America and would like the opportunity to experience fighting in U.S.A again.

“It was good to be honest; it was good. I enjoyed it. It didn’t feel any different. I’ve always said: ‘a ring’s a ring,’ to be honest, I enjoyed it. It was a different experience, but one that I enjoyed – I’d love to fight in America again. The experience was good and with my training over there, it’s not like it was new to me. The area is familiar, I’ve been and watched three or four fights – I’ve been to the Stubhub before. It didn’t feel like I was away from home.”

Quigg didn’t have any complaints with the judges although he thought the fight was closer than the scorecards.

“It is one of them, it depends and I thought it was closer. They could have given him a round, if by if he just nicked a round. The right man won, there are no complaints from me.

“I did think it was a bit closer than that on the cards. There’s no argument I couldn’t say ‘I won the fight,’ it doesn’t really matter. I did think it was closer than what the scorecards suggested, but it doesn’t make much difference. “

With Quigg having a perfect training camp up until his injury there is no doubt his broken foot had an impact on the fight. Quigg wants the chance to avenge the loss.

“I’d be interested in a rematch with Oscar Valdez – I want to avenge both losses [Frampton and Valdez].

“Down the line I’d love to work my way back and get the rematch with Valdez – I do believe I could beat him on another day.”

No love lost between Team Crawford and Team Horn ahead of June 9 world title clash

Anthony Cocks

Australian-based boxing journalist Anthony Cocks has been covering the sport for over 15 years for various print and online publications. He refuses to believe that Roberto Duran ever lost to Tommy Hearns and says that Jeff Fenech would destroy Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali on the same night.

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With just two weeks to go before WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn 18-0-1 (12) defends his world championship crown against mandatory challenger Terence Crawford 32-0 (23) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, the war of words between the two camps has heated up.

Crawford’s outspoken trainer Brian “BoMac” McIntyre told Brisbane’s Courier Mail this week that his fighter will be the hungrier man in the contest on June 9.

“All my fighters have that attitude of wanting to kill and destroy – seek and destroy because we come from nothing,’’ said McIntyre, a former journeyman heavyweight who once lost a four rounder to Eric “Butterbean” Esch en route to compiling a professional record of 7-14 (2).

Horn’s enigmatic trainer Glenn Rushton – who has been described as a cross between self-help guru Anthony Robbins and martial arts legend Chuck Norris – seems to have gotten under McIntyre’s skin with some of his comments in the lead up to the fight.

“The pressure’s on Horn but I don’t give a damn where the pressure’s at because Horn’s still getting his ass whipped. I’m gonna look right at his coach [Rushton] and say ‘you a*******’. I tried to tell you that we was gonna win – you been talking all that s***, putting all that s*** in the newspaper – all that s*** on social media and you didn’t have a clue what you were going up against,” said McIntyre.

“I think Horn and his coach are scared because they know that Terence Crawford is going to whip Jeff Horn’s butt.’’

Crawford, a former two-division world champion, is more circumspect than his emotional trainer.

“The main thing is Horn’s gonna come in there and try to bully me and be aggressive because he feels he’s the bigger man,’’ said Crawford. “Horn is a decent fighter. I can’t take nothing away from him. He’s made it to where he’s at. Now he’s undefeated, a world champion and he just beat Manny Pacquiao.

“But their little tactics, what they’re doing and what they are saying is not going to get me off my game plan or distract me at all. I feel good I feel strong. I can give Horn all he wants. If he wants to absorb the punishment so be it.’’

The real passion in this contest seems to exist between the trainers, who have sniped at each other in the media from either side of the world.

“He don’t have much skills,’’ McIntyre told Fox Sports. “He bounces around a lot but he comes to fight every single fight. He does come in shape that’s the good part about him – he will come and challenge – he will challenge Terence and that’s great because we need the best out of Terence this fight and Horn will bring the best out of Terence.

“I just can’t wait to shut his coach up and get my hands on that belt.’’

The thinly-veiled threats from the heavyset 47-year-old American coach is a source of great amusement to Rushton, who has come up with his own sobriquet for McIntyre.

“McIntyre’s nickname is ‘BoMac’ but I call him ‘Big Mac’,” said Rushton.

“How dare he challenge me. I’m 60 but having been involved in martial arts for more than four decades I fear no man. I spent years working on doors in Brisbane and I tackled many men much bigger and tougher than Brian McIntyre. He should grow up and act his age.

“Jeff Horn will put him and Terence Crawford in their place next week. Make no mistake we are going to America to knock Crawford out.’’

Eddie Hearn reminds Adrien Broner “you only get one crack at a career”

Anthony Cocks

Australian-based boxing journalist Anthony Cocks has been covering the sport for over 15 years for various print and online publications. He refuses to believe that Roberto Duran ever lost to Tommy Hearns and says that Jeff Fenech would destroy Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali on the same night.

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British promoter Eddie Hearn has questioned how serious Adrien Broner 33-3-1 (24) is about his career after the American leaked details of their contract negotiations on social media last week.

The 28-yer-old Broner posted an image on social media of what appeared to be an email from Hearn offering him $6.75 million for three fights, starting with a purse of $2 million in September and increasing by $250,000 for two subsequent bouts.

The offer comes after Hearn signed a $1 billion deal with streaming company DAZN that calls for 16 fights per year in the United States along with a further 16 shows in the United Kingdom.

“I’m sorry @eddiehearn you a good guy but you tried to give me a worst deal than @rocnation offered me,” Broner posted on Instagram, adding the provocative hashtag #SlaveDeal.

Broner, who was won versions of world titles from super featherweight through to welterweight, has been on Hearn’s radar since defeating Welshman Gavin Rees in five rounds to retain his WBC lightweight title in 2013.

“I thought he was an exceptional lightweight. We had Gavin Rees boxing in Atlantic City, I thought he (Broner) was an incredible 135-pound fighter,” said Hearn in an interview with Fighthype.

The British promoter, who handles some of the UK’s hottest properties including heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, questioned the professionalism of Broner after he leaked the details of their negotiations last week.

“Some people, you have to ask people like that ‘how serious are you?’,” said Hearn. “And maybe they are serious. But they don’t come across that serious, do they?

“You only get one crack at a career and I think Adrien Broner might be the one who looks back at it and goes ’I should have got my nut down a little bit’. It’s not like the chances aren’t there or the opportunities.”

Hearn admits that “The Problem” can indeed be a handful for any promoter, but recognises the value outspoken fighters bring to the table.

“It’s a fine line isn’t it?” he said. “It’s getting the attention but also respecting the code of the sport and trying to be a role model as well. It’s hard to be all of them.”

Golden Boy withdraws from Golovkin-Canelo rematch negotiations after Triple G demands 50-50 purse split

Anthony Cocks

Australian-based boxing journalist Anthony Cocks has been covering the sport for over 15 years for various print and online publications. He refuses to believe that Roberto Duran ever lost to Tommy Hearns and says that Jeff Fenech would destroy Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali on the same night.

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Now that middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin 38-0-1 (34) has gotten his May 5 title defence again Vanes Martirosyan 36-4-1 (21) out of the way, thoughts have turned to rescheduling the rematch with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 49-1-1 (34) originally scheduled for Cinco De Mayo before the Mexican hero withdrew after failing two drug tests in February.

But Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya and president Eric Gomez, who represent Alvarez, stated to the media on Friday that they would be moving on from negotiations with Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler after the Kazakh reportedly wanted a 50-50 revenue split for a proposed September 15 bout in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“He wants a more fair split from Canelo than what he agreed to May 5,” Loeffler told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I’d like to still find a way to work it out, but sounds like Golden Boy and Canelo are digging their heels in and saying Triple G doesn’t want to fight him.

“Triple G is not the one who failed the drug tests. He feels out of respect he deserves for it to be even.”

Golovkin scored an easy second round KO of career junior middleweight Martirosyan on May 5 at the StubHub Center in Carson, California after overcoming a range of issues to salvage a fight on that date.

Alvarez would be suspended from boxing for six months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) after testing positive to the banned substance clenbuterol.

Loeffler believe that Golden Boy Promotions is using the purse split as an excuse to avoid the rematch with Golovkin.

“The bottom line, Canelo doesn’t want to fight Triple G coming off a year layoff,” said Loeffler. “I think they’re looking for any excuse not to go through with the fight and go to an easy fight, like (Gary) ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan, and that’s their choice. Can’t force him into this.”

Naoya Inoue… a superstar in the making

Michael Wilson Jr

Michael currently resides in South Carolina, USA. Michael is the host of boxing podcast ‘Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report’. In his spare time he likes listen to music, keep fit and works as an online fitness coach.

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Japanese boxing sensation Naoya Inoue’s is called the Monster. Ever since he made his splash on the international boxing scene winning the WBC Light Flyweight title in only his sixth professional fight just shy 21st birthday on April 6, 2014 (by way of a six round stoppage over Adrian Hernandez), Inoue has been building a reputation as a terror among the smaller weight fighters and a star in the making. In Dec. 2015 Inoue’s reputation increased as me moved up two divisions to win the WBO Jr. Bantamweight title taking apart Omar Narvaez in two rounds.

Among hardcore/serious boxing heads, Inoue was one of THE guys to keep an eye on and one of the more talked about fighters in the world due to not only to his talent, but his rapid rise up the ranks. And the word about Inoue reached the boxing mainstream as last September, Inoue was one of the fighters featured on HBO’s Superfly card at the StubHub Center in Carson, Ca. (Inoue defended his WBO Jr. Bantamweight with a 6th round KO over Antonio Nieves).

Given what we have seen yesterday, as Inoue moved up to Bantamweight challenge WBA “regular” Bantamweight champion Jamie McDonnell in Tokyo, Inoue’s stardom is destined to reach new heights. Making the sixth defense of his title McDonnell ran into a buzz saw as Inoue took him apart, stopping him the first round to win the title in just 1 minute and 52 seconds! In arguably the best performance of his career Inoue took the initiative early, hurting McDonnell with a single left hook to the temple :80 seconds in the first round, and a follow-up left hook to the body put McDonnell down. McDonnell got up, but Inoue went on attack mode, swarming McDonnell with a power punches until McDonnell went down for a second time and at that point Ignacio Robles stepped in and called a halt to the contest.

Even though Inoue was the favorite coming in, the calm, ease, precision and swiftness in which he disposed McDonnell was a surprise and only further enhanced his reputation and resume. Moreover, McDonnell reportedly gained 26 lbs between the weigh-in and fight, outweighing Inoue by 13 lbs when the fighters entered the ring, making Inoue’s performance that much more impressive. In short, Naoya Inoue showed today why he’s called the “Monster” with a sensational performance.

Now 25, it’s becoming clear that Naoya Inoue is entering his prime fighting years. Given all that he’s accomplished so early in career, the question becomes where does Inoue go from here? A couple of weeks ago the World Boxing Super Series announced that part of Season 2 will include a Bantamweight tournament and Inoue has announced that he has accepted an offered slot. This is fantastic news as this Bantamweight tournament will now feature all three Bantamweight current world titlists, Inoue as well as WBO champion Zolani Tete, WBA Super Champion Ryan Burnett, and IBF champion Emmanuel Rodriguez. The possibility of an Naoya Inoue – Zolani Tete matchup in particular is mouthwatering. The star of the “Monster” is shining brighter than ever.

Exclusive: Scott Quigg believes he’d beat Josh Warrington comfortably; Ready for Carl Frampton rematch at Windsor Park

James Tonks

I am the owner of Ringnews24 and the KO Boxing Forum. I love watching and talking boxing with fans, and members can find me on Ringnews24’s KO Boxing Forum. I enjoy interviewing boxers and watching old, new and classic fights.

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Josh Warrington went into the Lee Selby fight as an underdog with many boxing experts predicting that Selby was going to box Warrington to a point’s decision.

Warrington rose to the occasion with the rapturous Leeds support behind him to put on a spectacular and dominant performance to win by split decision.

Scott Quigg was surprised at the outcome.

He told

“I was surprised; I was backing Selby to win, I thought he’d win. It was irrelevant who won to me, but one I did see Selby winning. Warrington showed something he’s not shown before. He boxed a very good fight. “

Frank Warren said post-fight that he’d like to bring big boxing nights back to Elland Road and the city of Leeds. Quigg is interested in fighting the new IBF champion, Josh Warrington and predicts it would be comfortable nights work.

“Without a doubt [interested in world title fight], I’d snatch your hand off for that fight. I believe I’d beat him and beat him comfortably. That’s not saying it would be an easy fight. I believe I’ve got the beaten of him. He’s an improving fighter – I’d snatch your hand off for that fight. I definitely believe I’ve got the beaten of him. “

The Bury boxer shared when he would like to return to the ring.

“If they want to offer the Frampton fight, that’s not a problem – I’d be ready for the 18th of August. If not, I’ll probably be back out the back end of September or the middle of September.”

Quigg’s wants to become world champion and he has made that his goal for 2018.

“I want to get back boxing – My ultimate goal is to become world champion. It’s just about getting a good win under my belt and getting them big fights. I’d love to avenge both losses and hopefully if I can get the rematch against Frampton so be it. If not, I’ll fight someone in the top 10 to get myself back up there and make another assault on the top names in the division. “

Frank Warren updates fans on his plans for Tyson Fury

Anthony Cocks

Australian-based boxing journalist Anthony Cocks has been covering the sport for over 15 years for various print and online publications. He refuses to believe that Roberto Duran ever lost to Tommy Hearns and says that Jeff Fenech would destroy Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali on the same night.

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Boxing promoter Frank Warren has revealed his plans for Tyson Fury’s comeback to the ring as he plots a course that will hopefully lead to a big money fight against unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in 2019.

Fury 25-0 (18) is set to return to the ring in a fortnight when he takes on Albanian cruiserweight Sefer Seferi 23-1 (21) at Manchester Arena, Manchester, on June 9.

The last time the 29-year-old Fury fought was in November 2015 when he surprised the world be dethroning long-reigning heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitshcko on points in Dusseldorf, Germany. Since then, Fury has battled demons outside the ring including depression and cocaine abuse.

“I made it very clear from the beginning that he wouldn’t be going in with any world-beater to start with,” Warren said in an interview with Boxing News. “He’s got to get the ring rust out of his system.

“Tyson has been out of the ring nearly a thousand days. And it’s not like he’s been in the gym ticking over during that time. He’s had all sorts of other crap going on, some self-inflicted, some not, and that takes its toll.

“He’s had a lot of family stuff going on, but now he’s in a good place and it’s our job to get him a couple of fights under his belt and step him up to fight Anthony Joshua.

“He (Fury) is going in with a guy who went 10 rounds with Manuel Charr (current WBA “regular” heavyweight champion). If he can go 10 rounds with Charr, he must be durable and must have a bit about him. That’s a decent yardstick for Tyson.

“I know he fought at cruiserweight, but so did many heavyweights. He won fights at cruiserweight. He wasn’t losing them. So, he’s a good yardstick at this stage of the game.”

If Fury comes through the Seferi fight unscathed, he is expected back in the ring in September.

“I just want to keep him busy,” said Warren. “I think you suck it and see. You see what happens over the next few fights and then make a decision.”

Exclusive: Scott Quigg wants Carl Frampton showdown at Windsor Park; Frampton beats Warrington!

James Tonks

I am the owner of Ringnews24 and the KO Boxing Forum. I love watching and talking boxing with fans, and members can find me on Ringnews24’s KO Boxing Forum. I enjoy interviewing boxers and watching old, new and classic fights.

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There was no secret before Carl Frampton fought Nonito Donaire that his next fight would be a stadium fight at Windsor Park.

The favourite to share the ring with Frampton had been suggested by the media and Frampton himself, that his Windsor Park opponent may be the winner of Lee Selby-Josh Warrington.

Frank Warren’s post fight interview after Warrington’s victory over Selby suggested both fighters may go their separate ways. Meaning a chance may open up for other opponents such as Scott Quigg to fill the void.

Quigg wants the chance to avenge his loss that he suffered to Carl Frampton in 2016.

He told

“I’ve always said: ‘I’d be interested in a rematch,’ I’d also be interested in a rematch with Oscar Valdez – I want to avenge both losses.

“Frampton’s without an opponent. I’m not an opponent; I’d be going in there in the opposite corner. I wouldn’t be going in there to make the numbers up. I’d jump at that fight, but I doubt I’d get the phone call or the offer.

“I’ve always wanted the rematch with him because I want to avenge the loss.

“Down the line I’d love to work my way back and get the rematch with Valdez – I do believe I could beat him on another day.”

Quigg lost to Frampton by split decision and he admits he got his tactics wrong.

“At the end of the day, I got my tactics wrong. Soon as I started to put the pressure on and do what I do best, the fight turned and it was just too little too late.

“Fair play to him he got the win on the night. He fought well and stuck to his game plan and did what he and his team set out to do.

“I got it wrong on the night. Soon as I started to do what I do best and put the pressure on, the fight turned. If you switch the fight on in round seven and round eight and you’ve not seen the early rounds, you’d think I was winning the fight. There are no excuses – I didn’t deliver on the night and I know next time if I get the opportunity, I know what I need to do to put it right. “

Should Quigg miss out on the opportunity, he shared his prediction for Carl Frampton vs Josh Warrington.

“I think Frampton wins that fight.

“Up until Warrington beating Selby, he’s never shown he was world class. He’s never beaten a world class name. Selby was one too many fights at featherweight for him. I think the weight did hamper him. Taking nothing away from Warrington’s performance, he got his tactics spot on.

“If Frampton-Warrington fought, you’d have to say Frampton would be the favourite and be a pretty comfortable favourite. Warrington could cause him some problems by applying pressure if he can avoid getting hit on the way in. I thought Warrington boxed well against Selby, he picked his moments when to fight, he moved well and tried rushing Selby and it worked. His team did a good job, but I will say Frampton beats Warrington.”

Stacey Copeland wins ‘Sporting Role Model’ at the Women’s Sport Trust Awards

Press Release

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The World Cup winning England women’s cricket team, footballer turned professional boxer Stacey Copeland, England and Wales Cricket Board and England Rugby’s Inner Warrior campaign are amongst the winners of the Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards 2018.

Women’s Sport Trust has announced the winners of this year’s Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards, celebrating the visionaries and game changers driving the future of women’s sport.

A range of individuals, organisations and initiatives were honoured at the event which took place last night at Troxy, East London.

The award for Individual Sporting Role Model which shines a light on an elite athlete who has used their influence to drive forward women’s sport was presented to footballer turned professional boxer Stacey Copeland. As one of only six professional female boxers in the UK, she is passionate about both challenging inequality and celebrating success of women in sport.

Team Sporting Role Model was awarded to the World Cup winning England women’s cricket team. Their win, in front of a sell-out crowd and 1.1 million UK TV viewers, was a watershed moment for the sport, inspiring a whole new generation of players and fans.

As well as recognising athletes and teams driving forward women’s sport, the #BeAGameChanger Awards also celebrates other individuals, organisations and initiatives that have had a significant impact. Categories include: Ambassador of Women’s Sport; National Governing Body of the Year; Brand / Sponsor Partnership of the Year; Inspiring Initiative – National and Local; Media Initiative of the Year; and Imagery of the Year.

Ambassador of Women’s Sport was awarded to double Olympian and Commonwealth gold and silver medalist and now the most senior black woman in athletics administration Lorna Boothe.

National Governing Body of the Year was awarded to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). In 2017, the ECB made huge strides to make cricket a sport for all.

The Brand / Sponsor Partnership of the Year award which recognises the vital role of investment in raising the profile and increasing the impact of women’s sport was awarded to Investec’s partnership with GB and England Women’s Hockey.

The Inspiring Initiative categories recognises projects that have had a significant impact on progressing women’s sport at both a national and a local level. This year’s National Inspiring Initiative award was presented to England Rugby’s Inner Warrior campaign which aims to encourage more female players into rugby. The Local Inspiring Initiative was presented to Crawley Old Girls (COGs) which aims to enable older women to learn to play football.

An award for Outstanding Contribution to Women’s Sport, chosen by Women’s Sport Trust, was presented to former England captain and founding member of the Rugby Football Union for Women Carol Isherwood.

Jo Bostock, Co-founder and Joint CEO of the Women’s Sport Trust commented “Why is the Women’s Sport Trust so committed to running the #BeAGameChanger Awards? Because compelling stories about the trailblazers need to be told. They set the pace and show what’s possible. Most importantly they stimulate other brands, sport and the media to step up and take action. Building this momentum will ensure the future of women’s sport.”

The full list of winners is as follows:

Sporting Role Model – Individual

· Stacey Copeland

Sporting Role Model – Team

· England Women’s Cricket Team

Ambassador of Women’s Sport

· Lorna Boothe

National Governing Body of the Year

· England and Wales Cricket Board

Brand / Sponsor Partnership of the Year

· Investec is ‘Principal Partner of GB and England Women’s Hockey’

Inspiring Initiative – National

· England Rugby’s Inner Warrior campaign

Inspiring Initiative – Local

· Crawley Old Girls (COGs)

Media Initiative of the Year

· The Tough Girl Podcast

Imagery of the Year

· Standing in the Light

Outstanding Contribution

· Carol Isherwood

Broadway Boxing series hits Melrose Ballroom, NY

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Celebrating its Fifteen Year Anniversary, DiBella Entertainment’s (DBE) acclaimed Broadway Boxing series returns on Thursday, June 21, at the beautiful Melrose Ballroom in Astoria, NY.

Tickets starting at $50 may be purchased online at or by clicking HERE. The Melrose Ballroom is located at 36-08 33rd Street, Astoria, NY 11106. Doors on the night of the event will open at 6:00 PM with the first bell at 7:00 PM. Broadway Boxing is presented by Nissan of Queens, Azad Watches, OPTYX, Christos Steak House and Gagliardi Insurance.

Boxing fans can also catch all of the action on the new DiBella Entertainment streaming home,, for a cost of $6.95.

“I’m thrilled to bring the Broadway Boxing series to Melrose Ballroom in Queens, right on the border of Astoria and Long Island City. It has a very intimate atmosphere and is easy to get to from Midtown Manhattan,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment. “I am a strong supporter of women’s boxing and this card will showcase two excellent women’s bouts. Coming off her world title victory and a subsequent PR campaign which included multiple television appearances, Long Island’s WBA world super middleweight champion Alicia Napoleon will return to the ring. San Francisco’s unbeaten Raquel Miller, a Golden Gloves champion who fought Claressa Shields in a hotly contested battle as an amateur, will make her DBE debut. Highly touted Uzbekistan Olympian Bakhodir Jalolov, a massive heavyweight that will be a future threat to the top contenders, will look for another impressive knockout, and his teammate Elnur Abduraimov, also an amateur standout, will make his pro debut. Former lightweight world champion Dejan Zlaticanin, the first Montenegrin to win a world title, continues on the road back to the top of the division. Brooklyn will be well represented with Mikkel LesPierre matched very tough in a welterweight main event, and the popular heavy-hitting Jude Franklin will bring out his legion of fans. Puerto Rican brawler Jose Roman will also make his New York debut.”

In the main event, Brooklyn’s Mikkel “Slikk Mikk” LesPierre will compete in a scheduled 10-round welterweight bout. Sporting an undefeated record of 19-0-1, with eight knockouts, LesPierre won the WBC USNBC Super Lightweight title in his last start, a fantastic 10-round decision against then-undefeated Noel Murphy on February 7, in New York City.

Returning to action in a scheduled 10-round battle is former WBC Lightweight World Champion “Dynamite” Dejan Zlaticanin (23-1, 16 KOs), of Podgorica, Montenegro. Making his New York City debut, the hard-hitting southpaw turned heads with a first-round knockout of Hevinson Herrera on December 14, 2017.

WBA World Female Super Middleweight Champion Alicia “The Empress” Napoleon (9-1, 5 KOs), of Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY, will make her first start since winning her world title, in an eight-round bout. On March 3, at Barclays Center, Napoleon was victorious with a 10-round unanimous decision versus then-undefeated Femke Hermans, who now holds the WBO 168lb. title.

Fighting out of Brooklyn, NY, 23-year-old undefeated junior lightweight Jude “King Czar” Franklin (7-0, 6 KOs) will compete in a six-round bout. The heavy-handed Franklin is coming off his career-best victory; a second-round knockout of Floriano Pagliara on February 7, in New York City.

Newly signed to DiBella Entertainment, massive heavyweight Bakhodir Jalolov (1-0, 1 KO), of Sariosiyo, Uzbekistan, will be featured in a six-round clash. Jalolov represented Uzbekistan at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and compiled an amateur record of 84-13, winning four National Championships from 2013 to 2016. Standing six-and-a-half feet tall, the 23-year-old Jalolov had the distinguished honor of being Uzbekistan’s flag-bearer at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games. He successfully turned pro on May 5, with a stunning third-round knockout of previously undefeated Hugo Trujillo at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Making his professional debut in a four-round lightweight bout is Elnur Abduraimov, of Chirchiq, Uzbekistan. A standout amateur with a record of 195-20, the 23-year-old Abduraimov was a five-time National champion and a gold medalist at the 2015 World Championships.

Both Jalolov and Abduraimov are co-promoted by DiBella Entertainment and Fight Promotions Inc. and are trained by the renowned Pedro Diaz and Ravshan Khodjaev in Miami, FL.

Unbeaten female middleweight prospect Raquel Miller (5-0, 3 KOs), of San Francisco, CA, will make her DBE and New York debut in a scheduled six-round contest. Managed by David McWater’s Split-T Management, Miller turned pro in May 2016. As an amateur, Miller was a 2012 National champion, a silver medalist at the 2012 Women’s World Championships, and an Olympic Team Alternate, having competed in the 2012 Olympic Trials. She also won the Colorado Springs Golden Gloves tournament in 2013 and won gold at the National Police Athletic League tournament in 2014.

Rounding out the exciting card, all-action Puerto Rican native Jose “Cheito” Roman
(5-0, 3 KOs) will make his New York City debut in a scheduled six-round junior middleweight bout. The 24-year-old hits the ring following a six-round decision against Jonathan Garcia on March 3, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Further details on these bouts will be announced shortly.


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