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Heirlooms and Pawn shops: The story of the American reign as Heavyweight Champion

For almost the entire 20th century the heavyweight champion hailed from somewhere in the United States. It is one of sports statistical anomalies. For 107 years a country outside of America held the title for less than 7 years. It was an iconic symbol of American culture and for some generations a national treasure. Still like family heirlooms and pawn shops, whenever an object no longer provides meaning to its owner or loses its intrinsic value all that is left is luster and shine. Sad as it may seem but when the sparkle fades the item is often discarded. Most times freely.

War and Wealth: A glimpse of one of boxing’s rare conclusions

It is an all too familiar story hearing legends of the ring announcing their return to the squared circle, commonly due to financial issues. In Mike Tyson’s recent autobiography he admitted to owning so many vehicles that he never had driven many of them. Evander Holyfield, who may yet make another comeback later this year in 2014, lost his twenty bathroom mansion due to debts of over $10 million that saw his most treasured possessions used during his boxing career being auctioned off. Rumours are that Manny Pacquiao is in some kind of financial strife which may cause him to fight on longer than his body can hold out.

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