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Is Wladimir’s Latest Tweet A Hint Of A Return To Boxing? Probably Not, And Here Is Why.

Former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has apparently hinted at a comeback to boxing. At least that is what one of his latest tweets on Twitter has been mainly interpreted as by fight fans.

Klitschko said on the social media site:

‘I’m sending nothing but positivity and prosperity to all of you, especially those tragically impacted, 2020 punched and humbled all of us to the core.

‘You know what people love seeing more than anything in the world? A COMEBACK!
‘I want to see you all comeback strong in 2021!’

Last year the Ukrainian ex boxer, again, raised the idea of a return. And it was much more clearer when he said:

‘I still got it. Can I fight? Yes. Right now I keep my options open.

‘There is going to be no comeback to come back and to break a jaw… it’s a comeback to break a record.

‘Is it appealing? I would say yeah, it’s pretty cool. George Foreman did it. He was 45 I believe when he became champion, and it’s a pretty cool statement.’

Personally, I do not interpret his latest tweet as any kind of suggestion of a comeback to boxing. With almost the entire planet dealing with a pandemic right now caused by the covid-19 virus I think he was just attempting to give people hope that regular life will eventually return for all of us.

But what if?
Well, if Wladimir was making a subliminal message of lacing the gloves up for the professional ring once again then you have to ask yourself how he would fare. And would it be the right time?

I don’t think so.

All of the main titles are held by the two men that conclusively beat him right now. If somebody like Deontay Wilder held a portion of the championship then I would have more hope that a comeback would be more successful, given how raw his technical ability still is. Anthony Joshua is a more rounded fighter than the man that fought Klitschko back in 2017. And Tyson Fury looks to be still just as good as he was back in 2015 when he halted Wladimir’s long reign as champion.

Wladimir Klitschko vs Anthony Joshua
Photo Credit Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

If any versions of the championship change hands any time during the next two years to somebody of a less calibre than Fury and Joshua then I would encourage Klitschko to give a comeback a shot!

But it is probably best that our attention is focused on who IS actually boxing in the division right now.