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Liam Davies: I keep proving them all wrong

Liam Davies is something of a quiet achiever who is starting to make a big noise in the sport of boxing.

The 13-0 Telford native has already had five championship belts fastened around his waist and he intends to make it six when he takes on Jason Cunningham on Saturday when he defends his British, European and WBC International super bantamweight titles, with Cunningham bringing his WBO International strap to the party.

The 27-year-old Davies has previously won the English and WBC International Silver titles.

It has been some going for the largely unheralded man about Telford town since turning professional just five years ago. From good fighting stock, with his father and grandfather both having sported the gloves, Davies is beginning to scale the heights and is finally beginning to make himself noticed.

Despite his obvious accomplishments, he is not receiving widespread recognition and he suspects he will be in the business of proving doubters wrong for some time yet.

However, it is not something that overly bothers him, he uses lack of acclaim as a motivation and has no plans to play the fame game in any case.

In a deep and moving interview on the Unibet Lowdown: One-on-One, released tonight on the Queensberry YouTube Channel at 6pm, Davies tells his story from childhood, revealing his inspirations, ambitions, speaks on potential future opponents and, of course, his forthcoming fight with Cunningham.

“It does fuel me,” considered Davies on his doubters before revealing his own outlook on what success looks like. “I know plenty of people in life who have got nothing and plenty of people who have got a lot. I still put myself in the category of having nothing.

“People who have got nothing, but a good heart and I am still in that category. I am doing everything I can to make sure, by the time I’m done, that I have got something to make sure all this hard work, sacrifice, hardship all worth it in the end.

“Followers and that doesn’t interest me, I am not chasing fame. I am chasing a little bit of fortune, then I’m off! I am happy with my life, I just want repaying for all the hard work I’ve put in.

“When you are on about people getting bigged up more who have not done as much as me, yeah, 100%, I could name a few. People are getting made to be this, that or the other and everyone’s face fits in something though. Maybe mine doesn’t.

“How are they going to stop me when I keep winning? I keep proving them all wrong and there are only so many times they can shut the gate until it opens. I am then the first one there in the queue.

“So I think it will all come and it would be nice to get a bit more respect. No-one really knows me because I am not out there as much and I don’t live a life on social media to make out I am this or that.

“Everyone has got an opinion and, in life, there are going to be doubters. I just soak it up and we will see what happens in the end because I believe I will come out good.

“As long as people who mean most to me see that I’m alright I will sleep well at night.”

Some tickets remain for the Telford blockbuster headlined by Liam Davies vs Jason Cunningham on Saturday, 29th July at the Telford International Centre available from ticketmaster.co.uk.