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Catterall vs Linares + Undercard Final Presser Quotes

Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

A selection of quotes from today’s final Jack Catterall vs. Jorge Linares + undercard press conference ahead of Saturday’s (October 21) action at the M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, shown live worldwide on DAZN.

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Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“It’s a thrill to be back in this great city as part of an incredible run of events coming up to the end of 2023.

“Just yesterday we were in San Francisco for the press conference for Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis and the WBC World Super-Lightweight Title, we cannot wait for that fight on December 9, but this week we’re here with what should be the undisputed World Champion against the ‘Brit Destroyer’ Jorge Linares, live on DAZN around the world with an incredible undercard too.”

Jack Catterall:

“The fact that Jorge has been over here a number of times means that fans here are familiar with him, thats helped to sell the fight. When I got the call and was told it was Jorge next, it kicked me into action, it’s an exciting name who has been there and got the t-shirt, he’s had his time in the sun and now it’s my time.

“It excited me that he’s back training with Ismael Salas, that’s made me train extra hard at home. I put pressure on myself, he’s been a three-time World Champion, I would never look past this fight or disrespect Jorge. I think he understands that the winner of this fight puts themselves in the picture for much bigger fights.

“I set out in this sport to be World Champion. We haven’t achieved that yet but I do believe I have the ability to do it. We’ve had conversations about a number of fights in the future but all of that means nothing without beating Jorge on Saturday.”

Jorge Linares:

“I have a lot of beautiful memories of fighting in England, in London with Kevin Mitchell and two times in Manchester with Anthony Crolla. This is a different time and opponent, I feel I am fighting an undefeated fighter, for me, Catterall is a World Champion, he didn’t lose the fight against Josh Taylor.

“So this is a big night for me, I am close to retirement, I’m coming in great shape, better than the other times I’ve come to England, I feel like a 20 year old. I’m excited and super excited to be here. I don’t like talking too much, but I am excited to have a great fight with Jack.

“I’m coming off three losses but I don’t think about that, I know I’m in with a great fighter but I’ve been here before and have had a great camp.”

Peter McGrail:

“I’m made up to be in Liverpool in front of my family and hometown fans on a greta card. Fran is in my way to where I want to go, on paper he’s a step up, but he’s not going to be bringing anything to the table that I haven’t seen before.

“The better the opposition gets the better I will perform. He said he’s coming for war, the more he comes, the more he’ll get punished, so I am looking forward to it and I am ready.

“Over the next year or two I want to be selling out the Arena and winning a World Title there.”

Fran Mendoza:

“Everyone knows what I am coming here to do. I am a strong fighter and I am coming to have a tear-up on Saturday night.

“We come to take victory home with us and it will be a war to the very end.”

Aqib Fiaz:

“Ever since I started boxing I’ve dreamed of being in fights like this. I’m all about excitement as you’ve seen before, I love to have a fight, so does Reece, our styles will gel and it’ll be a good fight for the fans.

“I’ve put in a serious amount of work. Jack and I have trained together for this date, and we’ve been pushing each other in the gym. We’ve worked extremely hard so on Saturday you’ll see the best version of me and the best of Reece too.”

Reece Bellotti:

“It makes a change that I am actually the favourite in a fight for once! I’ve had a great camp, I’ve sparred loads of rounds with Joe Cordina, you can’t get better sparring than that so I’ve well prepared for this fight and I know it’s a big one.

“You need to tick a lot of boxes as a fighter, when you move to 12 rounds you need to do a hard 12 rounds, you’ve done well, adapted and put it towards your next fight.

“I’ve had a very hard camp so I am in very good shape. It’s not always about the power, you can’t always rely on it, it’s something that I’ve learned having these long fights and the experience, I can box and I can punch, and he’s got to deal with that on the night.”

Shabaz Masoud:

“Pressure makes diamonds. To be honest, he’s a good opponent and a step up, but I am treating this as just another fight. Each fight is a World Title for me.

“I’m just coming to do me, and as long as I do that, I know I will get the W.

“We’ve done amazing with tickets and I want to thank everyone that’s showed out, on Saturday, let’s go.”

Jose Sanmartin:

“Thank you for the opportunity, we come here to do what we do, we come here to do our work.

“MasoUd knows what I am coming for, we’re coming for war and the victory. He moves very well in the ring, but I think my experience will be too much for him.”

Khaleel Majid:

“This is the fight that everyone wanted, Tom has had plenty of notice for the fight, my fans want to see me in a step up fight and Tom is a great opponent for that.

“We’re not overlooking Tom, we know he’s a good fighter, the best I’ve been in with to date, so we’re covering all angles and on Saturday night we’ll put a major performance on.”

Tom Farrell:

“I’ve always had good support, especially when I come on these shows. It’s been about four years since I’ve been on one when I fought Masher Dodd, I’ve been a bit unlucky over the years and suffered some defeats, but I’m not finished yet. People are probably looking at me as a good scalp now, I’ve had a bit of an injury in my last fights and I hope that they are looking too much into that and looking past me as a stepping stone, because if they have, it’s a big mistake.

“I’ve done the 10 round and 12 round distance plenty of times, funnily enough, this is my first ever eight rounder, I went straight from sixes to 12’s, Khaleel has only done eight rounds once, so I think it is a big step up for him, and I am more than ready so I hope he is.”

Campbell Hatton:

“It’s another good test and step up in opponent, and I think it’s going to bring the best out of me. I showed a different side of my game last time, used my jab a lot more and had more movement, showing that I can adapt my style. We’ve touched every base in camp and improved in every department so I want to show that again.

“I’ve got confidence in my engine now and I’m a more mature fighter, I’m pacing things better and thinking about what I am doing. So I am ready for the bigger tests, moving onto longer fights and I think it will suit me the way I am starting to box a lot more. I know I can maintain it over the longer distance and I have done the eight rounds already. I’ve done a lot of my learning now, there’s still more to learn but I think we’re in a good position and we can start kicking on.”

Paddy Lacey:

“It’s a big test and step up for me. I’m made up to be on this bill with some of these great fighters around me, I forgive you Eddie for forgetting about me, I really can’t wait for Saturday.

“I’ve had ten fights in two years as a pro and I feel like I’ve been constantly improving as a fighter, going into 2024, I’d love to get the Central Area Title. That’s a ten rounder and Saturday we’ve got an eight rounder so that builds me up perfectly for that goal.”

Muhammad Ali:

“I’m looking forward to fighting in Liverpool and put on another show like I did last time. The more fights I have, the more the fanbase is building.”

William Crolla:

“It’s great to be back in action again. There’s more pictures of Jorge Linares in my Dad’s house than there is of me!

“If I didn’t feel it, there was a lot of pressure on me on my debut, I think it showed in my performance and I wasn’t best pleased with it. Obviously I had to overcome a knockdown in that, but I believe on Saturday I’ll be a different fighter, with the work I’ve been putting in at the gym and sparring some of the best prospects, I think it’s all going to show on Saturday.”

Jack Turner:

“Not many people can sell 1000 tickets, I’m only a young lad but it’s not just me coming on Saturday, it’s me and my team, so I am coning to put on a statement showing and get the KO. I believe I will become a World Champion one day but I am not going to rush, we’ll take it step by step, but I will run through this division and show you all what I am made of.”