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Anthony Cacace says he is ready for Joe Cordina as rival promoter claims he may freeze in the spotlight

Anthony Cacace

After 12 years in the pros Anthony ‘The Apache’ Cacace 21-1 (7) will finally get his first world title shot when he challenges IBF super featherweight champion Joe Cordina 17-0 (9) at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday night.

“To me, Joe’s the best 130-pound fighter in the world,” the 35-year-old Irish southpaw told Queensberry Promotions. “For me to get this opportunity against the best, it’s dreamy. It’s gonna propel me right to the very top and if I can win here it changes my life and my children’s lives.

“There’s not one bit of pressure on me. I’m not the two-time world champion. I’ve got nothing to lose here and everything to gain. Joe’s the main man.

“Let’s not beat around the bush here. He’s the IBF world champion and I’m coming in and everyone thinks he’s gonna blow me away. We’ll have to see. There’s no pressure on me. Not one bit.

“I’m fighting a two-time world champion. Joe Cordina is a very good, special fighter but I’m here to do the job. I’m not here to mess about.

“It’s a world title shot. This is what I’ve worked my whole life for. I’ve sacrificed so much to get here so I’m just ready to take over and do the job.

“[I’m bringing] Power and determination. Joe’s a very good fighter so I’m not gonna give away any game plans but I’m here for a fight and that’s it.

“I’m gonna win. I’m gonna try my very best to win anyway. By any means necessary. It does not matter. I can make it ugly, pretty, whichever way you want it to be. As long as my hand is getting raised, that’s all that matters.”

The fight will serve as something of a precursor to next month’s ‘5v5’ card in Saudi Arabia that pits boxing from the Queensberry stable against pugs represented by rival outfit Matchroom Boxing.

“It’s a beautiful warm-up for the Matchroom versus Queensberry in the five v five,” said Matchroom Boxing boss Eddie Hearn to Irish Boxing.

“Psychologically, we want to deliver this blow, right to the heart, and see Joe Cordina come through.

“The struggle for Joe at the minute is doing the weight, so that extra time in camp has been brilliant for him. He looks in great shape.

“He’s been out here for two weeks, running in that heat with Tony Sims and I think you are going to get a brilliant performance from Joe Cordina.

“It’s a tough fight but I think we’ll see a real statement performance from Joe on Saturday night.

“Joe Cordina made a good point recently, he’s no stranger to the big stage. He will not freeze on Saturday night, Cacace is more likely to freeze out there. You will get the best Joe Cordina.”