The Staredown: Real value or imagined?

It can happen at the Press Conference, it can happen at the weigh-in, it could happen in the ring itself, or all three for that matter, in the case of Bute-Pascal, it even  happened before the puck drop at Montreal Canadians game in March, but when leading up to a fight, it’s usually a pretty good bet that at some point your going to get some form of a staredown.

The Turnaround Punch

Yogi Berra coined the phrase “it’s never over  tell it’s over”  and we’ve all heard the present day opera follow-up that it’s not over  till the fat lady sings, but I don’t know that the famous Yankee pinstriped backup or your most caloric-challenged female  baritone would’ve stuck it out to the end of some of the sweet science’s most famous “reversals of forturne”. It takes a true boxing fan to hold out hope when all appears gone,  or maybe it just takes enough exposure  to the “Turnaround Punch”.


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