Home Boxing News Williams, Martinez Officially Announce Nov. 20 Rematch

Williams, Martinez Officially Announce Nov. 20 Rematch

Williams, Martinez Officially Announce Nov. 20 Rematch

On Thursday afternoon at The Palm restaurant in Times Square, WBC middleweight champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez and former three time world champion Paul “The Punisher” Williams met to announce the rematch of their December 5, 2009 slugfest, set for November 20 from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Goossen Tutor Promotions and DiBella Entertainment in association with Caesars Atlantic City and Corona are presenting this evening of boxing – Martinez vs. Williams II will be broadcast on HBO’s World Championship Boxing beginning at 10:00 PM ET/7:00 PM PT.

Tickets, priced at $400, $200, $100, and $50 go on sale this Friday, September 24 and can be purchased at the Boardwalk Hall box office, or by calling Ticketmaster at (800) 736-1420 or online at ticketmaster.com.

Below are quotes from the two combatants as they spoke before the assembled media.

WBC Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez:

“One more time there will be two great professionals fighting each other.”

“No one wants to fight Paul Williams, and no one wants to fight ‘Maravilla’ Martinez, so we will fight each other.  And everyone that doesn’t want to fight us has a good reason to not want to.  There is a good reason for us to fight again; it is a fight that everyone wants to see.  We will try to do again what we did before. “

“I want to reflect on what is wrong in our society.  Don’t forget that we have violence outside of the ring.  We can never stop trying to stop the violence outside the ring.  I love my mother, and I want to respect women and I want everyone to respect women.  I will fight outside the ring to stop the violence against the women outside the ring.  Every time I have a camera or a microphone in front of me, I will tell the people to stop the violence.”

Three Time World Champion Paul Williams:

“I know that Sergio will come to fight and not make me wait and pull out at the last minute.  He is coming to fight and it’s going to be a great fight for all the fans out there.”

“He’s got something I want.  He’s got those belts on the table.  I want those belts on the table.  It’s my job to go out there and get them.  You are going to see a whole lot of explosives this time. “

I know he is going to bring it and I am going to bring it.  For the whole 12-rounds, or 4, or 5 or 1, however long it goes.  There is going to be a lot of action and I can’t wait to get in the ring to do it again.”

“This is the biggest fight out there except for Mayweather and Pacquiao, and they’re not fighting.  So the next biggest one is me and Martinez.  I am going to be in the best shape of my life like I always am, and I am going to win.  I know there is a lot of stuff out there that he may have won [their first fight in December ‘09], and it was a close fight.  I know it’s my job to make sure everything is all right.”

“Come November 20 I know he is definitely going to be ready, so let’s get it on.”

“You are going to get your money’s worth…you can take that to the bank…and it won’t bounce.”

[On the upcoming Pacquiao-Margarito clash] “I have to go with Pacquiao.  Margarito is not the same guy that I fought in ’07.  He’s been taking some beatings and he starts late, and against Mosley he never had a chance to start late.”

“This time I have better time to prepare myself.  Now I will be in the ring with guys that are left-handed and slick so I can focus on what I need to focus on.  Last time I only had three weeks to prepare for him after Pavlik pulled out.”

“I never go in with a lack of respect for any guy.  I am always thinking they are the top guy and they are coming to get me.  The only thing I knew about Martinez was that he had 49 fights and only lost once to Margarito.  My plan was to keep pressing the gas and keep throwing.  I will keep going to the end, bleeding and all.”

“Banging with him will be bad for me, but it will be good for the fans.”